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How to avoid cystitis: 7 rules of conduct for women

Cystitis, or inflammation of a mucous membrane of a bladder, this very widespread disease which, owing to some features of a structure of bodies of urinogenital system, women have approximately four times more often than men. Women aged from 20 up to 45 years enter into the main risk group. Cystitis is an illness of a bacterial origin. It can have an acute or chronic current. The second option is dangerous not only by the frequent recurrence which is seriously reducing quality of life but also a possibility of development of heavy pathologies of kidneys and urinary tract.

It is difficult to mix symptoms of cystitis with something: at women it is followed by severe gripes at the beginning and the end of an urination, pain in the field of a pubis and in a crotch, frequent desires to an urination (especially at night), temperature increase, deterioration in the general state. Urine becomes muddy, in it pus and traces of blood appear. At the timely address to the specialist the disease successfully recovers, but when easing immunity can recrudesce also extremely unpleasant complications.

From such disease as cystitis, nobody can be insured, but it is quite possible to minimize risk of its development.

1. Personal hygiene – first of all

About 80% of cases of cystitis arise because of penetration into an urethra, and then and a bladder, colibacillus (other 20% fall on staphylococcus, pyocyanic and other bacteria). The female body is arranged in such a way that outlet opening of an urethra is near an entrance to a vagina and an anus. Therefore the probability of hit of pathogenic microflora from a rectum or a genital tract in an urethra is high. Besides, the urethra, wide and short, for disease-producing bacteria is an easy way for penetration into a bladder.

Safety degree in this case directly depends on that, how correctly, regularly and carefully the woman makes a toilet of external genitals and a zone of a crotch. It is necessary to be washed away surely in the direction in front back. It is good to use for this purpose the special soap for intimate zones having antibacterial effect, solution of potassium permanganate or broths of the curative herbs (a calendula, a camomile, the tributary etc.) possessing antiseptic action.

Личная гигиена - прежде всего

Separately It is necessary to tell about underwear which wearing can provoke development of cystitis. These are shorts thongs (their thin crossing point promotes hit of bacteria from an anus in an urethra), and also too close shorts made of synthetic materials. At their use the greenhouse effect favoring to reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms is created.

2. Exclude a possibility of overcooling

The considerable share of primary attacks of cystitis is provoked by overcooling: not without reason this illness sometimes in a popular speech is called "bladder cold". It is enough to woman to sit on a cold bench, a stone parapet or the crude, not in time to get warm spring earth, and unpleasant symptoms are provided. Also the very young women of fashion at the height of winter sporting in short short skirts and thin tights risk to be chilled. Such behavior is extremely irresponsible and dangerous: effects can not be limited to cystitis. If to it inflammatory process in bodies of reproductive system increases (for example, in appendages), it will spoil health of the woman for many years and will call an opportunity to become mother into question.

Исключить возможность переохлаждения

3. The main attention – to health of kidneys

Emergence of cystitis is not always connected with hit of pathogenic microflora in an urethra. Also the so-called "descending" way of a course of a disease when the disease of kidneys (most often – an urolithiasis or pyelonephritis) becomes the reason of an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a bladder is possible. Therefore it is extremely important to trace a condition of kidneys. At emergence of signs of disturbance of their function (puffiness, pains in a waist, change of a type of urine etc.) should see urgently a doctor and to undergo the inspection appointed by it.

Основное внимание - здоровью почек

4. You do not suffer desires

Normal the person urinates 4-6 times a day. Attempts to reduce the number of visits to a toilet (because of employment or for other reasons) can lead to development of an inflammation as urine will stagnate and will become the favorable environment for reproduction of bacteria. At the patient with cystitis desires appear much more often: sometimes each 15-20 minutes. The amount of the emitted urine at the same time is not enough (at an urination it is even necessary to make an effort), but to try to endure desires it is impossible at all: it will worsen a state and will complicate the course of an illness.

Не терпеть позывы к мочеиспусканию

5. Move more actively

The slow-moving way of life nasty is reflected not only in a condition of a figure. Continuous sitting in office chair leads to weakening of a tone of muscles of a small pelvis including those which are involved at reduction of a bladder. Stagnation of liquid which is capable to provoke development of cystitis can become result.

The women having preferential sedentary work should not forget about periodic warm-up five-minutes, and also about an opportunity to go outside from office and to walk in a lunch break. Also foot walks on the weekend, games with children in the fresh air, country trips are very useful.

Активно двигаться

6. Eat properly

Some products can render irritant action on a mucous membrane of a bladder. Not without reason the women suffering from a chronic form of cystitis note that a recurrence quite often happens after festive feasts. Such patients need to limit consumption of salty, fried, spicy and smoked food, canned food, some seasonings and alcohol.

Attacks of cystitis can be provoked also by chronic locks. To avoid this trouble, each woman has to include in the diet the vegetables and fruit rich with cellulose, and also the prunes, red beet and other products contributing to normalization of work of intestines.

Правильно питаться

7. Be careful during sex

Sometimes cystitis develops owing to traumatizing mucous membranes during sexual contacts. Certainly, you should not refuse sex because of it, but there is a sense to be protected from surprises, using the moisturizing lubricant at decrease in its development by an organism.

In other cases risk factor of development of an illness is existence of pathologies of generative organs (a vaginosis, the milkwoman, etc.) or infections, sexually transmitted. The woman has to be careful in a question of the choice of the sexual partner. Besides, it is necessary to limit sexual contacts if it has not cured diseases of pelvic bodies.

Быть осторожной во время секса

Prevention of cystitis is not too burdensome, and each woman can be saved from a disease. If trouble happened, it is necessary to see urgently a doctor and to follow all his instructions. It is the only way to quickly recover and avoid development of complications.

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