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How to warn cold: for those who in risk group

Each person supports all life a SARS about 200 times. The peak of incidence falls on cold season, but it is possible to get sick with a temperature and a pharyngalgia, and sometimes and very possibly, even during a heat.

When the risk to catch a cold – the highest?
The reasons for development of catarrhal diseases there is a set: from the weakened immunity till an excess portion of ice cream. Let's consider the most widespread and we will tell what to do not to ache.

Situation 1. Contact with the sick person

"To face" the activator the easiest in crowded places. We risk to catch every day if near us in the bus or on the street the chilled person sneezes. Our children risk not less, communicating at school or in kindergarten with the child whom mother brought, despite of cold.

Контакт с больным человеком - одна из причин ОРВИ

Everything begins with tiny droplets of a phlegm which get to air at cough, sneezing or breath of the sick person. We inhale air and together with it – viruses and bacteria which settle on mucous our nose – in so-called entrance infection atriums. In several hours they get deep into respiratory tracts and begin to breed.

To prevent a disease at this stage the easiest. For this purpose enough essential oils. Evaporating, they do two things at once:

  1. Disinfect air, destroying in it bacteria and viruses.
  2. Get into respiratory tracts in the natural way (with inhaled) air and disinfect them.

The complex of essential oils was developed for prevention of catarrhal diseases and for fight against the first attacks of viruses Breathe. In its structure – natural oils which have antiviral and antibacterial effect have a pleasant smell and increase mood.

Эфирное масло Дыши - эффективное средство для профилактики простудных заболеваний

2-3 drops of oil are enough to drip Breathe on clothes, on a scarf to the child or on curtains in the room or to spray a little spray in air, and viruses and bacteria will practically not have chances.

To save from cold of the child, drip oil Breathe on clothes and quietly send it to a garden or school. At office or at work you can put near yourself a napkin with oil Breathe. Essential oils will gradually evaporate, protecting the child and you all day.

Situation 2. Overcooling

To catch a cold, often happens to sit enough on a draft or under the conditioner, to put on too easily or to have wet feet. If something similar happened also to you, do not ignore these small troubles. They can cause a disease and infection of your house.

When you come to the warm room, take off wet clothes and pound a body the warming gel. Pounding certain sites, you improve blood circulation in bodies which are connected with them. So, influencing gel hands and legs, it is possible to strengthen inflow of blood to a nasopharynx. For improvement of a blood-groove to lungs pound a thorax.

Good means for grinding – the warming gel-cream Breathe. It contains composition of essential oils with antiseptic and tonic action, and also extract of red pepper. Gel not only warms a body and improves blood circulation. It kills muscle pain and reduces risk of development of a SARS.

Спрей и гель для растирания Дыши

Cold at children very often begins with overcooling. They like to walk without caps and in unbuttoned jackets, to them pools and the got wet footwear at all. As a result – cold and temperature, perspective of a bed rest and concerned mother.

To prevent an onset of the illness at the child, pound it the children's warming gel Breathe. Badger fat, composition of essential oils and left menthol are its part. Components work in a complex: recover thermal control after overcooling, reduce hypostasis in respiratory tracts, improve exchange processes in a nose and in a throat, increase local immunity.

Situation 3. Irritation of a throat

At first sight this situation seems rare. But remember the feelings after the emotional discussions with colleagues or friends or hours-long negotiations. And whether you had to read at least the half-hour paper? Or just to communicate with somebody in cold weather? And as pleasantly happens to drink a glass of ice water after the training or during a summer heat!

And as often cold comes then! The angry and damaged mucous is vulnerable before disease-producing viruses and bacteria. The slight discomfort in a throat quickly turns into cold or an inflammation. Not to bring itself to such state when each word and each drink hurt, it is necessary to work quickly. Rinsings, sprays for a throat – all of them are good means, but too inconvenient to use them at office or always to hold near at hand.

Пастилки Дыши - средство для устранения дискомфорта в горле

People who lead active lifestyle will suit pastils Breathe, intended for elimination of discomfort in a throat. In their structure vitamin C and natural components: essential oils, honey and raspberry or cinnamon. Pastils soften and disinfect a throat, promote the fastest recovery of the damaged mucous and normalize a condition of a throat and nasopharynx. But also, they are just tasty! The blister with pastils can always be carried in a handbag or even in a pocket – to use at once as soon as it is required.

Situation 4. Borderline case

Strictly speaking, it is not a separate situation. But often we do not manage to trace that moment when there was infection and an organism is in transition state. You do not feel completely healthy and vigorous forces any more, but for the present there are no accurate symptoms with which it is possible to go to the doctor. Irritation in a throat, begins to bung up a nose slightly, the general slackness. And children in such situation also unjustly are capricious. What to do?

Пластырь Дыши - средство от насморка

When puffing or a bunged-up nose – use a plaster Breathe. In its structure essential oils and left menthol which facilitate breath and remove the cause for a nose congestion – disease-producing viruses and bacteria. Kids can apply a plaster even from 2 years. And the plaster of the whole 8 hours works.

The following step is plentiful warm drink. It will wash away harmful microorganisms from walls of a throat and will help an organism to get rid of toxins. In family Breathe tasty drinks which conveniently and just to prepare are produced. For children – with a linden, a camomile, vitamin C and zinc, and for adults – with propolis, a thyme, a sage and ginger. Vitamin C and useful plants will also increase immunity and will help an organism to cope with an inflammation.

Нипиток Дыши - обильное питье при простуде

By the way, drinks Breathe it is possible to apply also that who was not saved from cold. Drinks Breathe there correspond recommendations "plentiful warm drink".

Remember that it is possible to ache as in the winter, and in any other season. And that it did not happen – do not postpone until fall purchase of means which will help to cope quickly with a situation and to warn cold.

Профилактика - лучшее средство от простудных заболеваний
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