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11 products promoting clarification of a liver

With age in a human body harmful substances collect. We receive them with food and water, at inhalation of the contaminated air, reception of medicines, use of household chemicals and cosmetics. A considerable part of toxins accumulates in a liver which main function is continuous purification of blood. This body begins to knock as any got littered filter, and efficiency of its work decreases.

Usually the general deterioration in health turns out to be consequence of a contamination of a liver. Immunity decreases, the sleep is interrupted, there are a feeling of constant fatigue and apathy. Not in the best way intoxication also affects appearance: there are dark circles under eyes, skin gets an unhealthy grayish-yellow shade. Hair become dim, nails – fragile. There is a loss of activity and interest in life.

It is obvious that the liver needs to be saved from the collected toxins periodically. The idea of activation of process of bile secretion and removal of the collected toxins is the cornerstone of all methods of cleaning. However implementation of this principle can be different. The aggressive procedures connected with one-time reception of big portions of castor or olive oil, enemas, etc. not only demand preliminary preparation of an organism and a quantity of free time, but also have quite wide list of contraindications. Besides, efficiency of most of them raises great doubts at specialists.

Constant inclusion in a diet of the products promoting clarification of a liver does not provide bystry effect. But this method is available, soft and quite we accept even in the presence of chronic illnesses. The list of such products we bring to attention readers.

1. Walnuts

Contain arginine which helps a liver to weaken harmful effect of ammonia. Besides, glutathione is a part of walnuts. This substance participates in processes of neutralization of many toxins. Normal it is produced by a liver. At a strong zashlakovannost it is enough to eat daily 2-3 nuts to provide an organism with necessary amount of glutathione.

Грецкие орехи

2. Grapefruit

The majority of techniques of clarification of a liver assume reception of lemon juice or other source of acid which works as cholagogue means. Grapefruit contains a large amount of organic acids too, but its main advantage not in it. Is a part of fruit нарингенин, stimulating processes of destruction of the fats which are saved up by a liver and the normalizing glucose exchange.

Inconvenience is that the flavonoid contains generally not in grapefruit pulp, and in bitterish on taste the plenochka covering segments. The organism needs very small amount of a naringenin so crude it is enough to eat one-two segments from each fruit.

The people having hypotonia have to use grapefruits with care: fruits possess the expressed hypotensive action.


3. Onions and garlic

A peculiar taste and smell of these vegetables is connected with existence of an allitsin in them. This compound of sulfur makes exclusively salutary impact on a liver, helps it to cope with intoxication, has bactericidal effect.

Onions contain аллицин in the form of essential oil which is quickly acquired by an organism. In garlic this substance is formed only at destruction of cell walls. Therefore those dishes in which segments of garlic join in rubbed, the cut or crushed look are useful to a liver.

Лук и чеснок

4. Green tea

The use of green tea promotes activation of process of combustion of fats. The product contains catechins – the natural antioxidants helping to destroy and bring harmful substances out of an organism.

Зеленый чай

5. Turmeric

The yellow pigment the curcumine which is a part of spice has anticarcinogenic activity, promotes regeneration of the damaged liver cells, strengthens production of bile and digestive enzymes.


6. Avocado

Avocado contains the natural stimulators activating development by a glutathione liver. Besides, this fruit is one of the means helping an organism to get rid of excess calories.

Many do not love some avocado, but it is desirable to include it in a diet. Specific taste of a fruit can be neutralized, having made from it spicy snack or sauce.


7. Whole grain of oats

The crude oats contain the substances possessing powerful cholagogue and detoksikatsionny action. One of two ways can use a product: to drink mucous broth from dry grains or to eat crude germinated oats (for example, in the form of the salad filled with lemon juice and vegetable oil). In the second case except the connections improving a condition of a liver, the organism receives a solid dose of the vitamins and biologically active agents raising the general tone and activating immunity.

The use of whole oats has one more essential plus: lack of contraindications (except individual intolerance).

Цельное зерно овса

8. Pumpkin

Possesses the expressed cholagogue and diuretic action, promotes regeneration of the injured hepatocytes (liver cells), prevents their death at cirrhosis and hepatitises of various origin.

For preparation of the drug clearing a liver from pumpkin cut off a top, take out sunflower seeds and fill in fresh honey in a fruit. After ten-day endurance in the warm place liquid is merged and removed in the refrigerator. Accept within three weeks on one tablespoon three times a day.

Pumpkin should not be applied to clarification of a liver to the people suffering from a diabetes mellitus, gastritis or a peptic ulcer (in an aggravation stage).


9. Apples

Removal of toxins from a liver in this case is explained by a combination of cholagogue effect of organic acids and influence of the pectin helping to connect decomposition products and to bring them out of an organism. Apples are very available, inexpensive. Treatment has practically no contraindications. Most effectively the liver is affected by the baked apples (especially, acid grades) made with honey, a cranberry, cowberry or nuts.


10. Olive oil

The method of cleaning of a liver by means of olive oil and lemon juice is considered classical. Unfortunately, not everyone easily postpones a procedure. However it is optional to use shock doses of oil at all. Soft, gradual clarification is provided even by one tablespoon of a product accepted daily on an empty stomach.

Many people use this way continuously within several years, supporting a liver in a healthy state. Side effects of such treatment are not recorded.

Оливковое масло

11. Cauliflower and broccoli

Both species of cabbage contain a rich set of vitamins and other biologically active components, useful cellulose. Possess cholagogue action, improve a condition of cells of a liver and optimize metabolism. Nutritionists advise to use these vegetables 3-4 times a week in a boiled look. Besides, broccolis recommend to eat periodically crude: the surface of its heads is covered with peculiar "pollen" which part substances which make the powerful activating impact on the majority of exchange processes in an organism are.

Цветная капуста и брокколи

Clarification of a liver assumes refusal of alcohol intake, fried, hot and fat dishes, and also fast food and canned food. During a detoxication recommend to eat fractionally, eating food in the small portions of 5-6 times a day. It is impossible to fall asleep with feeling of hunger, to actively play sports, to experience serious exercise and emotional stresses. At such mode process of cleaning of a liver will bring the maximum benefit and will promote comprehensive improvement of an organism.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.