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10 myths about an organism hardening by a winter swimming method

The winter swimming in open reservoirs called in our country by "winter swimming" – officially recognized sport and one of the most extreme ways of a hardening of an organism. This occupation has an old story and adherents in many countries. The international competitions in winter heats on open water, and every two years – the World Cup are annually held. Despite huge popularity and the proved advantage for health, winter swimming is still surrounded with hardy delusions. We want to dispel the most widespread of them in this article.

Моржевание: самые распространенные мифы

1. During bathing at "walrus" temperature of internals sharply increases

At immersion in cold water heat loses an organism, and the feelings of internal heat bathing too are not felt. From this, however, does not follow that to "walrus" to float cold. On the contrary, during winter bathing of people plunges into water which is significantly warmer than frosty air (in an ice-hole water has temperature from 0 to + 4 degrees). The procedure provokes the strongest emission of adrenaline and glucose in blood, promotes mobilization of the hidden reserves of an organism, but no overheating of internals at the same time happens.

2. It is possible to be engaged in winter swimming only in the winter

It's not true. Winter swimming requires existence of a reservoir with cold water, and on a considerable part of the territory of our country such conditions remain from fall to spring. It is possible to be engaged in a similar hardening and all the year round, in those places where there are underground sources with ice water or the mountain rivers flowing from glaciers.

3. Winter swimming is available to everyone without preparation

The dangerous delusion capable to lead to the most sad effects. First, winter swimming has a number of medical contraindications. Among them there are chronic pathologies of cardiovascular system and a respiratory organs, gynecologic problems, damages of kidneys and urinary tract, heavy degree of an idiopathic hypertensia, some types of an allergy. Secondly, even rather healthy person should not jump in an ice-hole without preliminary preparation. An organism it is necessary to accustom to low temperatures gradually. Usually recommend to begin with douches with cold water, immersions in a bathtub or the indoor pool, rubdowns of a body snow. The first bathing on open water should not continue longer than several seconds, with obligatory subsequent transition to the warm room, grinding of a body and disguise to dry clothes. At the correct approach to an immersion hardening in a reservoir are carried out regularly, with gradual increase in duration of procedures and strict control of health.

4. By means of winter swimming it is possible to cure cold

Contrary to popular belief, "walruses" sometimes catch a cold, though much less than the people who are not engaged in a hardening. However to plunge into cold water at an indisposition (with the increased body temperature or the catarral phenomena) it is inadmissible. Winter swimming is not the therapeutic procedure, it is only a method of prevention of catarrhal diseases and strengthening of immunity.

5. "Walruses" receive dependence on cold water

In this statement there is a grain of truth: the people who are regularly engaged in winter swimming get used to procedures, and feel some discomfort when it is necessary to refuse immersions. This state is very similar to constant thirst for dangerous occupations of which some athletes thrill-seekers are fond. Really, something turns out like dependence, but not from cold water, and from hormonal splashes which arise during bathing. If the person ceases to control similar feelings and begins to carry out procedures too often, he can do harm to the health.

Pilot "walruses" claim that an optimal variant are bathings two times a week.

6. All "walruses" have excess weight

And this is absolutely incorrect. Winter swimming well affects a metabolism and helps to normalize body weight. It is proved that full "walruses" as a result of regular trainings gradually grow thin, and too thin – gain missing weight.

7. To plunge into an ice-hole it is deadly

At immersion in cold water there is a sharp vasospasm which can provoke a loss of consciousness. Therefore it is really undesirable to be dipped with the head. Pilot "walruses" which organism already got used to differences of temperatures do it seldom, depending on extent of tempering. It is better for beginner to bathe in a rubber hat and not to hang the head in water. For the same reason it is not recommended to plunge alone: nearby there shall be people capable to give help in emergency situation.

8. "Walruses" accept alcohol before bathing

It is categorically forbidden to accept alcohol before immersion. Its influence on vessels can be combined with impact of cold and lead to unpredictable effects. Besides, the drunk person loses ability to soberly estimate surrounding reality and begins to behave too self-confidently. Immersion in such state is fraught with overcooling of an organism and even death.

As for libations after bathing, the people who are seriously engaged in winter swimming claim that alcohol does not help to be warmed. On the contrary, reception of any cold drinks after immersion can lead to overcooling of respiratory tracts. But, having left water and having changed clothes, it is useful to drink a glass of sweet warm tea to compensate the energy spent by an organism.

Принимают ли моржи алкоголь до и после купания?

9. Winter swimming develops muscles

The statement has nothing in common with reality. Power and motive exercises are necessary for accumulation of muscle bulk and development of muscles. Short-term immersion in cold water and winter swimming of loadings such is not created.

10. Are engaged in winter swimming only in Russia

In spite of the fact that winter bathings in our country have very old roots, winter swimming is not exclusively Russian invention. The clubs combining supporters of this method of a hardening exist in the majority of the European countries (the most known – in Finland, Belgium and Poland), the USA, Canada and China.

Winter swimming in open reservoirs – a remarkable way of strengthening of protective forces of an organism, activation of work of all systems and bodies. At competent approach it helps to avoid many problems with health, for a long time to keep youth, physical and intellectual activity, interest in life.

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