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What is a naturopathy?

The naturopathy sometimes moves as the new direction of medicine, something like fashionable hobby, and there is nothing farther from the truth. This most ancient direction, the word "naturopathy" is translated as "treatment by the nature", and, no doubt, treatment by natural gifts was the first and only, available to the person in ancient times. Despite modern achievements of medicine, the naturopathy remains urgent and today, anyway the person – a part of the nature, and natural methods of influence on health are the most natural to it.

Принципы натуропатии

Principles of a naturopathy

The main principle of a naturopathy says: the healthy organism is capable to resist with success to overwhelming number of the injuring factors, including an infection. Therefore for recovery of the reeled health it is necessary to direct efforts to strengthening of an organism, immunity strengthening, recovery of natural balance, and having become strong, the organism will be capable to fight back a disease.

Naturopathy methods

Methods which carry out naturopathic influence differ in almost total absence of side effects and the minimum quantity of contraindications – certainly, at their correct use. As well as all other directions of medicine, a naturopathy demands thoughtfulness, the systematized knowledge, experience and individual approach.

  1. Healthy nutrition. It is a cornerstone in health of an organism as from food everything depends even more than on gene pattern. "You what you eat" are an ancient statement not that eating plants, the person becomes a plant, and eating animal meat – an animal. It says that only healthy food is capable to make the person healthy and to support him in this state.
  2. Massage and manual therapy. Sensitive, skillful hands can work wonders, literally lifting up heavy patients.
  3. Gymnastics. Correctly calculated dosed movements help to recover not only muscles and joints, but also to adjust blood circulation, and it, in turn, is a powerful medical factor. Youth of the person in east medicine is defined by a condition of his joints. Joint gymnastics of Alexey Mamatov ( – a fine example of the author's naturopathic technique helping to recover joints and to support them in perfect tune.
  4. Balneotherapy. Effectively in therapy of a set of diseases, from nervous breakdowns to musculoskeletal system diseases. It is widely applied also in official medicine.
  5. Travolecheniye. Officinal herbs allow to reduce a pill burden by an organism and provide softer, but not less effective influence, than synthetic medicines.
  6. Medical starvation. The word "starvation" frightens many, however it is necessary to remember that medical starvation and forced hunger not so same. The one-day starvation which is correctly carried out even possesses the powerful stimulating impact on protective forces of an organism.

Лечебное голодание - один из методов натуропатии

Healthy lifestyle

Medicine of the future call preventive medicine though it was known in age-old times – any disease easier to warn, than to treat. People should not open anything new, naturopathic techniques of maintenance of health it and are the preventive medicine defining rules of a healthy lifestyle. It is reasonable to eat, to be mobile, to use natural gifts and to limit all that can lead to a disease – it is so simple and so natural to the person that he just cannot but come to it sooner or later. So, behind a naturopathy the future.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.