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Divorce in Russian: "I died of jealousy, but business was simpler – prostatitis"

More than a half of the married couples which faced prostatitis – leave. The new broadcast "Female View of Prostatitis" will help to learn – whether you have or your relatives problems.

Простатит: причины, симптомы

"Fell, stumbled, gypsum". The well-known phrase from the movie "Diamond Hand" can be paraphrased easily if to speak not about a banal change, and difficult and very delicate male disease: "It was chilled, chronic prostatitis did not go to the doctor,".

Statistically – only 2 of 10 men – never faced prostatitis. The others – 80% – are sick. Neither the residence, nor age matter. In the USA, for example, prostatitis – the most common cause of primary address to the doctor. Unfortunately, we have a visit of policlinic – rather an entertainment for pensioners, than for adult men – they watch over the health not so strictly. And prostatitis effects – not only pain, problems with an urination, disturbance of a potentiality. It also family quarrels, jealousy, stains. That is why especially men's medical issue even more often disturbs women.

The new program "Female View of Prostatitis" discloses all nuances of this unpleasant disease. A cycle of medical transfers – the joint project of the All-Russian movement "The Woman to the Woman about Prostatitis" and the Healthy Family program of Medicobiological Scientific-industrial complex "Tsitomed". The Tsitomed company is engaged not one decade in searches of "panacea" from this disease. Her specialists developed one of the most effective complex drugs for treatment and prevention of prostatitis – Prostatilen. He removes an inflammation, reduces a pain syndrome, recovers the usual frequency of an urination and even raises a potentiality. Prostatilen improves microcirculation in vessels and fabrics, increases activity of spermatozoa, possesses antimicrobic and antiinflammatory action. This drug is capable to save from problems of the men entering into risk groups on urological diseases, however the doctor has to appoint it.

Episodes of the broadcast "A female view of prostatitis" also allow to receive answers to a set of questions. Why the disease to which more than a half of adult male population is subject is so unpopular in media? What its symptoms? As well as why the infection which is concealed in an organism for years can pass into a chronic form? Eventually, than the disease of the husband is fraught for the woman? However, "A female look" - not a horror story and not the horror film. This quiet narration which allows the viewer to realize than is fraught ignorance and neglect with own health.

Простатит: возможные последствия, лечение

The family can tell the same who started a disease: "Good-bye". The researches conducted by the Tsitomed company among the Russian patients having prostatitis showed – more than a half of the married couples which faced a chronic form of this disease, as a result, leave. And all because most often the male part of the population, does not wish to worry. In the first series of the program reaction of men to a question of prostatitis is quite precisely shown. Those who are younger – it is quiet, having only slightly been confused, say that their this problem does not concern. People are more senior – try to leave from the answer, to escape literally from it. The set of cases when decrease in sexual activity owing to disorder of a prostate, together with unwillingness to admit available to a disease, is led to quarrels in a family, unreasonable jealousy is known. What, eventually, comes to an end with tragedies and the broken destinies.

However, chronic prostatitis is the greatest evil which can be avoided. In an initial stage this disease is far more slight and is transferred, and will respond to treatment. You feel healthy, or symptoms of prostatitis disturb? Anyway – carry out simple rules of prevention and regularly visit doctors. And for a start – look at the "Female View of Prostatitis" broadcast. Women neither from you, nor from themselves will not begin to hide anything.

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