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9 signs of a lack of iodine of an organism

Iodine – one of thirty most important microelements in our organism. The main role of iodine consists in synthesis of thyroid hormones of a thyroid gland – the substances which are responsible for the majority of exchange processes of an organism. It is known that thyroid hormones consist of iodine more than for 65%. The lack of iodine leads to decrease in production of hormones and, as a result, development of a hypothyroidism. The long condition of deficit can become a source of problems of cardiovascular, bone, digestive systems, obesity, neurologic disturbances, and also lags in physical and intellectual development.

According to statistical data, more than 35% of Russians suffer from a yododefitsit of this or that degree, and in northern regions this indicator reaches 80%. Despite prevalence, a disease often comes to light with delay as the changes caused by shortage of iodine often confuse to overfatigue, other diseases, pregnancy. Expressiveness of symptoms of iodic insufficiency depends on many factors, however it is possible to find its main signs already at a moderate yododefitsit. Let's talk about them slightly below.

1. Chronic fatigue

Slackness, drowsiness, breakdown – the first what people at decrease in concentration of hormones of a thyroid gland pay attention to, one of problems of which – to provide an organism with energy. Feature is that these signs can arise without any premises, and do not pass after rest. The chronic fatigue is observed in 99% of cases of a yododefitsit and often is followed by muscular fatigue without the reasons. The state is the first warning bell inducing to see a doctor and to make the test on the level of thyritropic hormones in blood.

Хроническая усталость

2. Weakness of immunity

Weakness of immune system is shown in the form of frequent and recurrent catarrhal, viral, parasitic, fungal diseases, slow healing of wounds. Use of general measures of strengthening of an organism (adjustment of a day regimen, a hardening, reception of immunomodulators) in this case, as a rule, helps badly. It is possible to get rid of an immunodeficiency in this case only elimination of its prime cause – reception of the means containing iodine (Yodomarin, Potassium iodide, etc.) or tireodiny drugs.

Слабость иммунитета

3. Hypostases

Hypostases – a symptom of a yododefitsit which can be noticed with the naked eye. The most frequent localization of hypostases at this state – under eyes, hypostases of legs, hands can be also observed. The use of diuretics for elimination of hypostases in this case not only is useless, but also it is dangerous as from an organism useful substances, including microelements are washed away, and the water-salt balance is broken.


4. Disturbances of a menstrual cycle

The unstable menstrual cycle is a symptom of a yododefitsit of an initial stage as shortage of iodine exerts a direct impact on work of hormonal system. The condition of a yododefitsit at women can be fraught with infertility and premature approach of a climax. The lack of iodine is not less dangerous and at the occurred pregnancy: lack of a vital element can harmful affect pre-natal fetation and lead to a misbirth, a still birth, inborn pathologies.

Нарушения менструального цикла

5. Anemia

In connection with decrease in metabolic activity the yododefitsit is often accompanied by an iron deficiency anemia – the disease connected with insufficiency of iron in blood. In this case anemia usually has not expressed character and is, as a rule, shown already in a mature stage of a hypothyroidism. The main symptoms of an iron deficiency anemia are the sonitus, dizzinesses, weakness, pallor of skin.


6. Excess weight

Uncontrollable increase in body weight – one of symptoms of serious shortage of iodine in an organism. Excess weight in this case is caused more not by existence of fatty weight, and the hypostasis caused by disbolism. Connecting fabric becomes more susceptible to liquid, and except excess weight, yododefitsit is shown by a skin thickening, puffiness of the person, extremities, the swelled-up language and lips. Because of extensive hypostasis in a heavy stage of a hypothyroidism there can be a decrease in hearing, difficulty with nasal breath, hoarseness of a voice.

Избыточный вес

7. Hypotonia

Disturbance of work of cardiovascular system – a sign of the hypothyroidism which developed against the background of a yododefitsit, and considerable degree. At people with a hypothyroidism the complication in the form of hypotonia – a lowering of arterial pressure can result from disturbance of blood circulation. This state is often characterized by weakness right after awakening, dizziness, a headache, short wind, tachycardia, perspiration and fatigue. It is important to remember that hypotonia often is the accompanying state and other endocrine diseases, and also can become result of a stress, uncontrolled reception of medicines, a slow-moving way of life, having nothing in common with an iodine deficiency.


8. Decrease in intelligence

The problems in work of a brain which are shown in the form of decrease in attention, a memory impairment weak ability to intellectual activity can also signal about a lack of iodine of an organism. As a result of reduced metabolism of cells of a brain of people gradually loses ability to remember dates, events, faces, an opportunity to solve complex problems, to be engaged in creativity. If not to eliminate yododefitsit at this stage, the state can pass into the following stage – a deep depression.

Снижение интеллекта

9. Bad mood and depression

The disturbances which did not take place completely serve as a starting point for development of psychological problems in work of a brain. The person has a deterioration in an emotional background, there are an apathy, passivity, despondency, a negative view of events which in 5-12% of cases pass into a heavy depression. A distinguishing character of this state at a yododefitsita are the bezvolnost, lack of any desire to improve the state what the patient's relatives have to know about, helping it, inducing to ask for the help and treatment.

Плохое настроение и депрессия

It is important to remember that to warn yododefitsit always more simply, than to treat him. Average standard daily rate of iodine for the adult – 120-150 mkg. It can be received preferential from sea fish, seaweed, fish oil, iodized salt, meat, fruit and dairy products.

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