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Dialogue with a body

Almost each of us during life faced dissatisfaction with own body. At such moments, as a rule, we begin to shame ourselves, urgently we go on the most rigid diet promising minus of 10 kg in a week, or we exhaust ourselves in the gym to almost death. As a rule, similar attempts come to an end with a campaign to the refrigerator for jamming of the next stress. Further history repeats itself with individual frequency.

Причины неудовлетворенности собственным телом

Similar methods are called not for nothing methods of "fight" against excess weight. Only, often, it is forgotten that this excess weight, a part of our own body with which this merciless fight begins. Until we do not refuse this war, the body will show resistance.

What to do?

The most important is finding of balance between our requirements and requirements of our body. Dialogue will be only in that case possible. Establishment of dialogue with a body will demand some steps:

1. Healthy nutrition
"To lose weight, it is necessary to stick a mouth with an adhesive tape and to close the refrigerator on the lock" - such motivators we often see in replies to the requests how to lose weight. In practice everything is slightly more difficult. Our organism at any cost aims at survival. For this reason in a condition of deficit it passes into the mode of conservation of energy and begins to stock.

To lose excess weight, it is necessary to make the individual plan of food which will consider your schedule of life, flavoring preferences, physiological features of an organism. Then, instead of a wearisome diet, you receive food which will be ideal for you and your body.

2. Sport
The sport can and has to bring pleasure! For this purpose it is necessary to approach the choice of the exercise stress suitable you consciously. The choice is huge: fitness, run, yoga, dances, pool … With the professional coach it is necessary to make the individual plan of trainings which will not be extremely wearisome for your organism, but will give it necessary loading for maintenance of muscles in a tone and good health.

3. Psychological aspect
The reasons of excess weight there can be a huge number. Not the last place is taken by the reasons of psychological character. All of us know that the food is one of means for stress coping, fatigue, jamming of the offenses, rage and dissatisfaction with.

Also there are also more difficult mechanisms. For example, to the person can be favorable to have excess weight. Yes! It is favorable! Even if the person at the same time infinitely tries to lose weight, deeply inside he can fatally be afraid to lose the weight. So, for example, the woman who is afraid of contact with men can keep excess weight not to be attractive to an opposite sex. Such reasons and benefits there can be a set. Psychological aspect sometimes does not allow the person to lose weight, despite constantly broadcast desire and infinite attempts.

4. Rest
Stresses and fatigue prevent your body to feel healthy, and to you – happy with themselves and happy. For this reason it is important to give itself the chance to have a rest well. Tasty and healthy food, a healthy sleep, the pool, a bath, massage, cosmetology procedures and just communication in a circle of interesting people – all this can help you to feel attractive, harmonious and successful, namely the best changes in life begin with it.

Неудовлетворенность собственным телом: что делать?

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Неудовлетворенность собственным телом: что делать?

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