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10 delusions about osteoporosis

Osteoporosis this general disease which main sign is decrease in density of a bone tissue. On distribution width it takes the fourth place among noninfectious diseases. The illness develops at mature age more often: in our country about a third of women and a quarter of men suffers from it 50 years are more senior.

The disease affects all parts of a skeleton. At the same time the risk of the changes caused by low-traumatic situations increases: bones can be injured at small loadings or very weak concussions. Accretion of changes happens slowly and difficult.

Many myths and the delusions interfering the correct relation to prevention and treatment of an illness are connected with osteoporosis. Let's consider the most known of them.

1. Only elderly people have osteoporosis

In most cases development of a disease is connected with the age changes of a hormonal background promoting washing away of calcium from an organism. However you should not forget also that in 80% of cases osteoporosis is genetically caused. It means that in the presence of a disease in the family anamnesis the risk of its emergence at young age increases.

At reception of some medicines the probability of development of so-called secondary osteoporosis regardless of age is not excluded. In risk group there are patients who are treated by glucocorticosteroids (for example, a hydrocortisone, Prednisolonum, dexamethasone), barbiturates, anticonvulsant drugs and hormones of a thyroid gland. Besides, secondary osteoporosis can be a consequence of such illnesses as a diabetes mellitus of the first type, cirrhosis, pathologies of epithelial bodies, diseases of kidneys and a liver.

Остеопорозом болеют только пожилые люди

2. The illness is shown by severe pains

The initial stage of a disease, as a rule, proceeds absolutely imperceptibly. The person does not feel any signs of increase in fragility of bones until gets into a traumatic situation. In process of progressing the illness can be shown by negative changes of a bearing (stoop) and reduction of growth. The people having osteoporosis within several years have stupid, aching pains in a waist amplifying at the movement.

Недуг проявляется сильными болями

3. Prevention of osteoporosis is difficult and costs much

The preventive actions reducing losses by a calcium organism need to be held from 25-30 age, and they are available to any person. Rather properly to eat, limit consumption of coffee and table salt, to lead active lifestyle, reasonably dosing exercise stresses. It is important to acquire a tan periodically: ultraviolet rays promote education in an organism of vitamin D without which normal digestion of calcium is impossible. It is necessary to refuse smoking as consumption of nicotine is risk factor of development of osteoporosis.

Профилактика остеопороза сложна и дорого стоит

4. Men have no osteoporosis

Men really have osteoporosis less than women, and decrease in durability of bones at men happens not so quickly. However nobody is guaranteed against development of an illness. Along with heredity, risk factors existence of chronic diseases and unhealthy habits, a hypodynamia, inadequate diet are considered (especially refusal of fermented milk products, fish and dried fruits).

Мужчины остеопорозом не болеют

5. Osteoporosis does not pose threat for life

To some extent it is the truth: directly still nobody died of osteoporosis. However fragility of bones – extremely dangerous state. There is enough of fact that badly beginning to live change is fraught with essential decline in quality of life, constant pains, restriction of mobility and falling of interest in life that at the elderly person can lead to fatal effects. Statistically, from the people of old age who had a fracture of a hip, only 15% are possible to recover the lost mobility. Most of such patients dies within a year after an injury.

Остеопороз не несет угрозы жизни

6. The risk of development of osteoporosis is identical to all people

It's not true. At women the probability of development of osteoporosis is connected with specifics of age changes of a hormonal background: the early climax increases risk of developing of an illness. It is proved that those women at whom with a high growth body weight is disproportionately small risk more. Besides, the disease has also an ethnic binding: at white-skinned Europeans osteoporosis is observed more often than at representatives of Mongoloid or negroid races.

Риск развития остеопороза для всех людей одинаков

7. Loss of a bone tissue cannot be stopped and turned back

Today this statement can be considered outdated. There are medicines which reception helps to adjust exchange of calcium and to improve quality of a bone tissue, having to some extent reduced fragility of bones and having braked development of osteoporosis.

Certainly, treatment has to be appointed by the specialist as the majority of drugs have contraindications. Besides, the patient should reside under medical control.

Утрату костной ткани невозможно остановить и обратить вспять

8. Diagnosis of osteoporosis is very difficult

Pathological changes of a bone tissue happen slowly, in any way without influencing health. Assessment of perspective of development of an illness in the specific patient can be made by means of the special program – FRAX. For this purpose personal risk factors are entered into the computer, and the calculator expects probability of developing of osteoporosis the next 10 years.

Besides, there is an osteodensitometry – the diagnostic procedure allowing to measure quantitatively the mineral density of bones. It should be passed periodically to the patients belonging to risk group or accepting drugs against osteoporosis (for control of efficiency of treatment). The research represents the soft, sparing option of x-ray raying, absolutely safe and painless.

Диагностика остеопороза очень сложна

9. Osteoporosis medicine is dangerous

Therapy consists in reception of the specific means helping an organism to create a bone tissue, and also the drugs containing the raised doses of calcium and vitamin D. By clinical trials it is established that osteoporosis medicine can provoke allergic reactions. Sometimes there are damages of skin (eczema including an infectious origin).

Danger of treatment of osteoporosis is connected, first of all, with its duration. Specific drugs need to be accepted, as a rule, within 5-7 years (sometimes with a break for 1-2 years). Therefore patients have to be under constant medical control and strictly observe a dosage of the appointed drugs.

Лекарства от остеопороза опасны

10. Exercise stresses at osteoporosis are contraindicated

It is incorrect. The dosed exercise stresses promote building of an upper layer of a bone tissue and strengthening of a skeleton. Certainly, the experienced specialist considering specific features of each patient and being in contact with his attending physician has to select a set of exercises. However, occupations in the gym can be replaced with success usual walking: it is proved that foot walks on half an hour in day not only do not harm sick osteoporosis, but significantly improve their state and reduce risk of changes.

Физические нагрузки при остеопорозе противопоказаны

Osteoporosis – very widespread disease. Decrease in personal risk of development of an illness is simple and available. It is necessary to eat properly since youth, not to give in to addictions and to lead active lifestyle, and in mature years – to watch the state, periodically visiting doctors and undergoing diagnostic procedures.

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