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How to keep health during a foreign trip?

Summer in the heat. Many are going to spend vacation abroad. Travelers the tender seas, rest on beaches wait, for sightseeing, campaigns on natural and cultural reserves. But, unfortunately, on vacation also problems with health can wait for us.

Как подготовиться к зарубежной поездке?

On a foreign trip it is possible to face also diseases which not only will spoil long-awaited issue, but also will force to be treated within long months after its termination. Completely it is impossible to be insured from troubles such, but it is capable to minimize probability of a meeting with them everyone.

The health hazards trapping vacationers

According to specialists, the first place in the list of illnesses which wait for us on foreign trips is occupied by various poisonings. Temptation to try exotic dishes it is big, and not all vacationers observe at the same time reasonable moderation. Some owners of points of food (especially in popular budget resorts), in turn, not too honestly treat respect for sanitary and hygienic norms. Numerous episodes of gastrointestinal tract diseases, from banal food poisoning before infection with dysentery and other serious illness become result. Vacationers often buy various drinks, fruit and berries on beaches. During a heat all these delicacies quickly spoil, becoming the reason of poisonings. Children quite often get gastrointestinal infections, swallowing water during bathing; adult fans of drinks are trapped by similar danger: ice for cocktails is usually done of tap water which quality can be low.

Every summer the considerable number of supporters of beach rest sees doctors with complaints to sunblisters and heatstrokes. Everyone dreams to get magnificent southern suntan, but the attempt to receive it in two-three days is come to a bad end. For mountain resorts the injuries got by inexperienced skiers on descents are considered as usual.

Of tourists contacts with representatives of exotic fauna are extremely hazardous to health. It is not about acquaintance to a boa or a crocodile: sting or the inhabitant of a coral reef in case of development of allergic reaction can lead to very sad effects. The diseases caused by some parasites widespread in the countries with tropical climate and living in fresh reservoirs or in sand of beaches are not less unpleasant. Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses which development they cause can be very difficult and long.

For the travelers inclined to an allergy, danger is constituted by exotic amphibians and reptiles, and even plants, especially magnificently and beautifully blossoming. Unfamiliar dishes and drinks, fruit, spices, vegetable paints which are used for production of fabrics can provoke painful reaction of an organism. It is necessary to remember it upon purchase of souvenirs and visit of local markets.

The tourists spending vacation in one of the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa or South America risk to catch malaria, yellow fever and cholera. The probability of infection with a salmonellosis in these regions is very high too, in comparison with more civilized vacation spots.

Preparation for a trip and rules of conduct on vacation

In most cases, the traveler who got into trouble abroad is guilty of it. The reasons are quite obvious: on vacation there is a wish to relax, forget about problems and just to enjoy new impressions. However in this case carelessness is inadmissible. To secure itself and to spend vacation without problems, it is necessary to take the following preliminary steps:

  • In advance to learn about the diseases extended in that region which you intend to visit. Except information provided by the staff of travel agency it is worth using other sources (the guides, impressions of other travelers which are posted online etc.);
  • To consult with the attending physician concerning a possibility of performing preventive vaccination. Many heavy illnesses it is possible to warn, having done vaccination. It is necessary to be engaged in this business long before issue as not each vaccine works at once (some of them enter in two-three months prior to a trip to others country). By the way, sometimes the states prohibit not vaccinated tourists entrance on the territory, and too it is useful to learn about it in advance. Vaccination against exotic infections is done on a paid basis, but if state of your health it allows, it should be carried out as treatment in case of infection will be much more expensive;
  • To assemble the road first-aid kit. Chronic diseases medicine, diarrhea medicine and other gastrointestinal frustration (enzymes, absorbent carbon etc.), a lung febrifugal, anesthetics (analgetics and spasmolysants), antihistaminic drugs have to enter it. There is a sense to take with itself pills or lollipops for cough and antiherpetic ointment (at many people at change of climate herpes symptoms are shown). Besides, in baggage of the tourist there shall be dressing means (bandage, a plaster), the antiseptic spray, drops which are taking off fatigue of eyes, drug from stings of insects, cream from hypostases and an onychalgia and also means from sunblisters. Choosing necessary drugs, it is necessary to take an interest whether everything they are allowed for import to the country of future stay.

Правила поведения на отдыхе за рубежом

On vacation does not follow:

  • To be fond of exotic food and drinks;
  • To drink unboiled water;
  • To eat in unchecked places and to buy food from accidental sellers;
  • To bathe in fresh-water reservoirs;
  • To go barefoot on the beach;
  • To sunbathe at the hottest one o'clock in the afternoon and to sleep in the open sun;
  • To touch exotic animals and insects;
  • To touch and smell local flowers;
  • To do extreme sports (mountain skiing, surfing, diving) without the assistance of the experienced instructor.

Separately It is necessary to tell about life insurance and health of the persons who are going abroad. The travel companies realizing foreign permits include in them expenses on rendering the minimum package of medical services. Most of travelers consider even such insurance excessive, and it is vain. In the most popular Egyptian, Turkish, Indian and Asian resorts of a disease and accidents among vacationers happen very often, and the insurance guarantees assistance by local physicians. At a responsible attitude to own health there is a sense not only to buy the minimum insurance, but also to expand the list of the options entering it, proceeding from specifics of future rest (beach, tourist, alpine skiing etc.).

For entry into the countries of the Schengen area the policy needs to be made out along with the visa, otherwise the tourist can be detained on border. To the traveler who is going to the USA, the health insurance is not obligatory, but in a case he has to be ready to spend very solid sum for treatment. All these nuances should begin to be found out long before a trip not to face unpleasant surprises at the latest moment.

Going abroad, the person has to understand that only responsibility and care will help it to avoid troubles. Therefore you should not relax completely on vacation. Competent preparation and reasonable behavior substantially guarantee to the traveler lack of problems with health, and only positive impressions of a trip.

Whether you know that:

In the aspiration to pull out the patient, doctors often go too far. So, for example, a certain Charles Janszen during the period from 1954 to 1994 endured more than 900 operations on removal of new growths.