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6 products with doubtful reputation which you should not exclude from a diet

The dietology, as well as other sciences, does not stand still. Food stuffs are exposed to comprehensive study, and scientists obtain new information on their properties and influence on a human body. Unfortunately, this reasonable and natural process gives unpleasant side effect from time to time: some types of food periodically declare "harmful" or even "deadly" without the bases, sufficient on that.

In spite of the fact that similar statements most often are result of incorrectly understood scientific data, many consumers completely exclude quite suitable and even useful products from the diet. We will tell about some of them today.

1. Eggs

The adverse effect of eggs on a human body is connected preferential with the fact that this product contains cholesterol. Supporters of an exception of eggs of a daily diet claim that such measures are necessary for decrease in probability of development of atherosclerosis of vessels.

Actually, the main responsible for pathological changes of vascular walls and increases in concentration of "bad" cholesterol in blood are saturated fatty acids and trans-fats. At the moderate use (no more than two pieces a day) eggs not only are not harmful, but are necessary for normal life activity of an organism. They contain irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins and microelements. The proteins which are a part of eggs easily are acquired. Eggs are rich with sincaline which participates in processes of formation of cellular membranes. Chronic deficit of this substance is fraught with development of pathologies of a liver and kidneys, and also delay of transfer of nervous impulses that leads to disturbances of work of the central nervous system.

The use of eggs demands care as at insufficiently careful thermal treatment they can become a source of infection with a salmonellosis. It is the safest to cook them hard-boiled. However, quail eggs are deprived of this shortcoming, and their inclusion in the daily menu does not bear risk of infection. Cause allergic reactions in some people of egg. Therefore at the first introduction of this product to a diet of kids it is necessary to trace possible side effects attentively.


2. Bread

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle, as a rule, cease to use bread, referring to need of reduction of amount of carbohydrates for a diet. Nutritionists consider similar actions too radical. The matter is that to the modern consumer is what to choose from. There are bakery products which, keep all useful properties of bread and almost do not contain bystry carbohydrates. But such substances, necessary for an organism, as antioxidants, microelements and cellulose are their part. The use of this bread reduces probability of development of a diabetes mellitus of the second type, obesity, heart troubles and even some types of malignant new growths.

Whole-grain bread and those products which contain bran is considered the most preferable. Dry small loafs which choice is also extremely broad today in most cases cannot replace bread. Various additives, sugar and preservatives which do it rather harmful, than useful often are a part of similar products. Taking any kind of bakery products, it is worth studying its structure and caloric content.


3. Chocolate

All types of chocolate are very caloric, but from this does not follow that they are harmful. The bitter chocolate (containing not less than 70% of cocoa) is useful so that several pieces are recommended to be eaten daily. It contains flavonoids – the natural antioxidants helping to support health of vessels and heart. Besides, the use of chocolate promotes decrease in level of cortisol and increases resistance of an organism to stressful situations.

Nutritionists consider that the use of 50-100 g of bitter chocolate in day is not harmful to the healthy person.


4. Coffee

Danger of consumption of coffee is connected with its exciting influence. Really, the people who are excessively fond of fragrant drink can have sleep disorders caused by a large amount of caffeine. However It should be noted that there are types of coffee containing caffeine in low concentration. Their use does without harmful effects for a nervous system.

Coffee is rich with the substances reducing probability of development of diabetes, age failures in work of a nervous system and some types of cancer. As a result of researches it is established that for obtaining positive effect it is enough to use 2-3 cups of natural coffee a day.


5. Corn

This cereal is usually accused of the content of excess carbohydrates (in the form of starch), and uselessness for an organism. The similar opinion is not true at all.

Corn grains are rich with antioxidants, necessary for health (zeaxanthin and Luteinum), vitamins and the cellulose extremely useful to digestion. But the content of natural bystry sugars in them is four times lower, than in apples. Among foodstuff corn possesses one of the most balanced structures. It is regularly desirable to include in the menu mixed vegetables with corn: it promotes maintenance of health without increase in caloric content of dishes.


6. Nuts

All nuts are caloric because of the high content of fats. It's true. However the fats which are a part of nuts represent unsaturated an omega-3 fatty acids without which normal functioning of a human body is impossible.

Besides, nuts contain a large amount of cellulose, useful proteins, vitamins and minerals. Their use helps to improve composition of blood, reduces probability of emergence of blood clots, reduces cholesterol level. All types of nuts promote maintenance of protective forces of an organism, increase vitality and resilience to infections. They are useful and to improvement of a condition of a nervous system, including to activation of work of a brain.


Products about which we told contain substances, useful and necessary for the person, they are tasty and successfully supplement a diet. Danger of their use is, as a rule, connected with non-compliance with rules of preparation or immoderation. At reasonable approach all of them are quite worthy inclusions in the daily menu.

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