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Deep vein thrombosis: 8 symptoms signaling about danger

The varicosity has familiarly many, statistically, this disease more than a half of all adult population. As a rule, the varicosis affects preferential superficial vessels, and is shown by characteristic cosmetic defects. The deep vein thrombosis as this illness at the initial stages can imperceptibly proceed is represented much more dangerous, and in the started cases threatens with serious danger – thrombosis. This state when the blood clot formed in a vessel comes off and begins to move, reaching any body. The risk of obstruction of a large vessel with very sad effects increases in such situation.

Тромбоз глубоких вен: распространенные симптомы

We will tell about not always noticeable, but very important signs of a deep vein thrombosis in this article.


At a deep vein thrombosis one of the lower extremities often swells. The liquid which accumulated in fabrics owing to the broken blood circulation does not find outflow and is distributed on all length of a leg. The patient can feel discomfort when walking: feeling of a raspiraniye or stiffness of skin, weight, small constraint when bending a leg in a knee. Sometimes hypostasis is so poorly expressed that becomes noticeable only when comparing of the affected extremity with healthy.

Vypiraniye of veins

Externally this symptom at a deep vein thrombosis is shown less clearly, than at a varicosis. The picture of so-called spidery veins can demonstrate already happened obstruction of a vessel: the dense venous grid which is accurately shown under skin located not only on a shin, but also on all other surface of an extremity.


Dangerous sign is the severe, throbbing pain in a leg arising suddenly and amplifying when walking or long standing. If such feelings arise regularly, it is impossible to ignore this signal, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently.

Heat in an extremity

The deep vein thrombosis sometimes provokes feeling of "burning" of an extremity. This feeling is not similar to discomfort in ступнях, arising, for example, when wearing incorrectly picked up footwear at all. "Burning" is shown by strong heat on the small site of a leg which is felt even on two-three centimeters over the surface of skin.


Increased fatigue, block and drowsiness are observed at the most different diseases. In combination with other signs these symptoms can testify also to a deep vein thrombosis.


The patients having thrombosis quite often complain of suddenly arising dizziness which is followed by instant loss of balance and unpleasant visual effects (image sharpness loss, "front sights" before eyes). It is the alarming sign quite often testimonial of the fact that blood clot corks the vital vessels.

Головокружение - один из возможных симптомов тромбоза глубоких вен

Cough with blood

One of the heaviest complications of a deep vein thrombosis is the pulmonary embolism (obstruction of one of the vessels supplying with blood lungs). Suddenly arisen severe cough with blood streaks in a phlegm can be a sign of such state. The situation demands urgent intervention of physicians.


Asthma also testifies to possibility of a pulmonary embolism if it appears not against the background of an exercise stress or sharp movements, and in a quiet state. It is necessary to draw a close attention to this sign, especially if the patient has neither chronic problems with a respiratory organs, nor excess weight.

Until recently the deep vein thrombosis was considered as an illness of advanced age. However today the disease is quite often diagnosed also for absolutely young people. The risk factors provoking development of a disease are addictions (first of all, smoking), a slow-moving way of life, frequent and long air flights. The people suffering from a diabetes mellitus, obesity, disturbances of composition of blood enter into risk group. They have to be especially attentive to the state, and in the presence of at least two of the described symptoms urgently to see a doctor.

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