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10 main reasons for a laktostaz

Feeding by a breast - the integral part of ideal motherhood allowing to come into contact with the kid and to create to it healthy immunity since early years. Nevertheless, this important process in life of mother and child can be saddened laktostazy - a milk delay in a mammary gland. What main reasons for a laktostaz? How not to allow problems with breastfeeding? Let's consider 10 premises resulting in stagnation of milk at the nursing mother.

1. Feeding according to the schedule

In spite of the fact that the system of feeding according to the schedule became outdated, today still it is possible to meet the young mothers maintaining an interval between applyings to a breast at 4 o'clock. Nevertheless, doctors consider that it is harmful both to the child, and to mother. According to specialists, gland emptying less than more than in 40% cases leads each 2 hours to developments of stagnation in a breast. To warn лактостаз and to make a diet more comfortable for the kid feeding on demand will help. The flexible hours of applying to a breast will allow to empty timely gland, without allowing milk to stagnate and lead to its inflammation.

Кормление по расписанию

2. Wrong applying

Despite variety of the existing poses for feeding, young mothers often put the child to a breast one, the most convenient for them in the way. To act this way means to empty only one share of a breast whereas the others still remain full. Alternation of poses for feeding will allow "to get" milk from the most hardly accessible sites, having avoided thereby developments of stagnation in iron.

Specialists recommend to change situation each 1-2 feedings, paying special attention to a pose "from an armpit". Feeding sitting, having laid the kid on a hand and having provided it a support sideways (pillow) it is approved also from the point of view of advantage for the child: the pose provides outflow of milk from an axillary share of a breast, the richest with the fats and enzymes activating digestive processes of the kid.

Неправильное прикладывание

3. Decantations after feeding

Decantations "to a last straw" how the kid left a breast − the next premises to development of such unpleasant phenomenon as лактостаз. Being urgent for feeding on the mode, in a power supply system upon the demand of decantation not only are not necessary, but also are dangerous. Additional stimulation of gland during flexible hours of feedings when milk outflow is also so rather frequent, will lead to development of additional portions with which the child will not cope any more. Stagnation of "excess" milk can become the reason of the first symptoms of a laktostaz (morbidity, consolidation of tissues of breast), and further if the balance of development and absorption of milk is not recovered − mastitis.

Сцеживания после кормления

4. Unreasonable exercise stresses

Sports activities, stresses and even intensive homework − frequent premises of a laktostaz. The uniform movements with load of a shoulder girdle (movement with the vacuum cleaner, hanging of curtains) provoking an overstrain of tissues of breast, and, therefore, and obstruction of its channels are especially dangerous. Doctors recommend to young mothers to refuse during breastfeeding any sports activities, to learn to delegate heavy homework to the husband or other members of household, and also not to allow overfatigue.

Необоснованные физические нагрузки

5. Wearing close linen

The first what once young mother takes care of, practicing breastfeeding − the choice of a special bra. If linen is not intended for these purposes or does not correspond to the breast size, crossclamping of certain sites of a mammary gland can lead to their incomplete and wrong emptying, serving as premises for formation of congestive processes in body. For prevention of a disease specialists advise to choose the elastic bra without stones made of natural fabrics.

Ношение тесного белья

6. Wrong mode of meal and drink

What is eaten and drunk by the nursing mother, defines not only advantage of milk for the child, but also health of her mammary gland. If the woman eats products with the high content of refractory fats (animal fats, margarine), milk becomes more dense and easier forms the clots corking chest channels. Nutritionists recommend to nursing mothers to enrich the diet with unsaturated fatty acids (fish, vegetable oils), and also milk products, fruit and vegetables, having excluded from it artificial products.

The amount of the milk emitted by a breast is influenced by not only food, but also drinks: excess of liquid (more than three liters a day), and also hot drink for dinner will serve as the stimulating factor for its strengthened development at night that, in the conditions of less frequent feedings, will become the stagnation reason.

Неправильный режим приема пищи и питья

7. A dream on a stomach

The dream on a stomach is not so harmless: according to many young mothers, this pose is the reason of formation of congestive processes in a breast at an unripe lactation when gland is poured especially strongly. During night rest the woman does not control the body and can allow strong mechanical crossclamping of chest channels. Nursing mothers are recommended to refuse a dream on a stomach at least for 2-3 months after the delivery − further the lactation will be established, and the breast will stop being such filled as earlier.

Сон на животе

8. Overcooling

Specialists consider that "it is impossible to chill a breast" as well as any other separate part of a body (a hand or a leg): the inflammation in a mammary gland occurs along with the chilled organism, only in the form which was more expressed on feelings. Cases of a laktostaz and the related unpleasant feelings during overcooling are frequent therefore nursing mothers against the background of reduced immunity are recommended to treat the health seriously: not to be on a draft, to put on on weather, and also not to take a cold shower.


9. Bruises and injuries of a breast

In a breast can lead accidental bruises (the child pushed with a leg), and also injuries, various on weight, to formation of congestive processes. Unfortunately, from accidents nobody is insured, however the feeding mother should pay to the safety not less attention, than during pregnancy, having refused visit of too crowded and injury-causing places.

Ушибы и травмы груди

10. Early completion of breastfeeding

The premature refusal of breastfeeding is rather a norm, than an exception to the rules today: so, many parents prefer to replace breast milk with artificial nutrition, using a small bottle. The reasons for that can be various, however transition should not be sharp: otherwise chest gland will be not prepared for sharp decrease in volumes of the consumed milk, continuing its development. If the refusal happened, specialists do not recommend to take "grandmother's" advices, tying up a breast: it can serve as the reason of a bigger inflammation of gland. It is better to stop a lactation medicamentally or to use national methods, having used broth of leaves of a sage until the lactation decreases in more natural way.

Раннее завершение грудного вскармливания

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