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8 major factors of an overeating

According to World Health Organization, every third inhabitant of Earth has excess weight, and every tenth has obesity. The reason of this phenomenon, according to specialists, roots in one not very comforting fact: most of people consume much more calories, than it is necessary. How it turns out what we overeat? Why it is so difficult to refuse an excess portion tasty or additives? Let's try to find out what factors prevent us to eat food with reasonable moderation.

1. Viewing of telecasts during a meal

You are accustomed to have supper after day of work, comfortably having settled in front of the TV? During a breakfast you glance over the newspaper or messages which came to e-mail? Risk to lose symmetry of a figure for you it is very high. It is established that combining meal with any occupation connected with obtaining information, the person eats much more, than it is necessary for it (and even more, than gathered initially).

It is interesting that degree of an overeating is in direct dependence on contents of works of art, with viewing (or reading) which people it is busy during food. Fans of comedies still have a chance to keep in a reasonable framework, but adherents of melodramas are not protected from absorption of excess calories in any way: the movie plot is "more sensitive", the more food is absorbed at its viewing.

Просмотр телепередач во время трапезы

2. Availability of food

It is not about the cost of products, and about too easy access when they are already bought and brought to the house. The it is simpler to reach food, the more often we use it.

Certainly, nobody says that products should be hidden. However somewhat it is possible to affect this factor, having created the small obstacles which are not allowing it is too easy to reach food. For this purpose it is enough:

  • Not to buy fast food. In those families where food is cooked, overeat less;
  • To store products in packagings (containers, the closed packages, food wrap);
  • To try to be located at meal far away from the refrigerator;
  • To buy nuts and sunflower seeds crude; to get other products in small packaging;
  • Not to keep candies, cookies and other "yum-yum" in open vases on a table.

Доступность еды

3. Big portions

Many people have a habit which took roots since the childhood to eat up everything that lies on a plate. It is difficult to fight against it and it is not necessary. But it is possible to reduce portions of the consumed products without problems, using ware of the small size. Besides, there is a sense to replace soup plates and bowls with special cups for soup: it will allow to control amount of the eaten food better.

Statistically, in those countries where it is accepted to eat with the help of sticks (for example, in Japan or in China), there is not a lot of fat men, as in Europe or America. It speaks very simply: it is more difficult to take food sticks, than a spoon or a fork. Having replaced traditional tableware with sticks, you will reduce probability of an overeating.

Большие порции

4. Hasty meal

When filling a stomach the feeling of satiety arises not at once. It means that the person who tries to spend less time for a meal easily can eat too much. Therefore it is very harmful to have a snack and to have dinner daily in fast-food establishments. Detailed and slow meal guarantees not only moderation, but also more careful assessment of quality of products.

Торопливый прием пищи

5. Possibility of the choice

Sometimes the overeating is connected with what food are in the house. Scientists established that the person absorbs 25% more than that products which can be chosen from several options. That is, if in the refrigerator, for example, two-three kinds of sausages lie, they will be eaten much quicker, than in that case when owners were limited to purchase of sausage of one look.

Возможность выбора

6. Insufficient illumination

It is proved that the better the room intended for meal is lit, the less person needs to eat to feel full. Therefore it is important to install bright lamps in kitchen and in the dining room. At visit of catering establishment it is the best of all to occupy the little table located at a window.

Недостаточная освещенность

7. Emotional discomfort

That many are inclined to jam bad mood, all know. It is connected with the fact that the tasty food is associated since childhood at the person with a sense of security. Physical activity will help to cope with such phenomenon: sports activities activate development by an organism of "joy the hormones" neutralizing stress effects.

On a case when you after all at the heavy moment stretch to food, it is worth keeping fresh fruit, berries or vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes) in the refrigerator. Their use will not load you with a large number of calories, but will add to an organism of vitamins in which it is in great need.

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8. Collective meal

Eating in the company, many transfer. It is connected with two circumstances. First, at the person participating in a conversation, the feeling of satiety comes later, and he manages to eat more. Secondly, having come together to cafe or restaurant, people usually order identical dishes (it is a fact in evidence). Means, the woman who visited such institution together with friends will eat rather a piece of fat cake, than vegetable chicken breast salad which it would order, eating alone.

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The problem of an overeating is solved only in one way: it is necessary to control carefully the volume and structure of the products included in each meal. It is not so difficult to make it as it seems. It is enough to watch within several weeks himself, and the habit which will help to eat so much how many it is necessary for your organism is formed.

Whether you know that:

If to smile all twice a day – it is possible to lower blood pressure and to reduce risk of developing of heart attacks and strokes.