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Contraception: who is responsible for protection?

Sometimes it seems that modern society was divided into two camps: representatives of the first are sure that only the woman has to be responsible for contraception, representatives of the second, respectively, are sure that it is destiny of men. Meanwhile the question of contraception has very many aspects – both psychological, and legal and, of course, medical.

Кто должен отвечать за безопасность секса: мужчина или женщина?

From the point of view of such widespread result of the unprotected sexual intercourse as pregnancy, effects for the man and the woman will be different, but not too pleasant if the child unwanted. For the man this paternity proof and payment of the alimony, for the woman – cultivation of the child and all accompanying life delights.

But abortions in our country are not prohibited – advanced modern people will tell, and will be absolutely right. Only on official statistics annually in Russia about 2 million abortions are performed. Many doctors consider that this figure is underestimated at least in 2, and even by 3 times. It is worth thinking how many people actually are not anxious with a question of contraception if these figures are so big?

Abortion – not the trifling procedure as still consider some. Unfortunately, effects at abortions the set, and the most sad of them is infertility. Besides, men should know that to abortions – as well as to all surgeries – there are contraindications. Even to the sparing medicamentous.

Surgical contraception

To keep health of the woman, it is necessary to use available methods of contraception. There is a lot of them, and scientists develop all new and new ways of protection from undesirable pregnancy. Meanwhile, 100% protection give only two ways, and they obviously to very few people will be pleasant. It is men's or women's sterilization – a so-called surgical way of contraception. However, the method of full abstention yields 100% result too.

Just in case it is worth specifying that sterilization at men – a vasectomy – in the theory is considered reversible operation, but only within 5 years. There is no exact statistics on this question in Russia. The decision on a vasectomy has to be weighed: or the man already has children, or he is the carrier of genetic diseases.

Women's sterilization consists in creation of artificial impassability of fallopian pipes by method of their bandaging, installation of clips, or excisions. Voluntary sterilization is allowed women who are more than 35 years old which have two or more children.

Surgical contraception does not influence a hormonal background and a libido. It does not protect from diseases, sexually transmitted.

Men's contraception

The vast majority of men use only two methods of protection – condoms and the interrupted sexual intercourse (ISI). About the mythical level of protection of the last thousands of articles are written, and just more than a half (and according to some information and to 75%) undesirable pregnancies falls to its share. You should not be surprised: its efficiency does not exceed 80%. A quantity of sperm can be allocated at the very beginning of sexual intercourse. It is possible to allow such method of contraception only in combination with method of calculation of safe days at the woman, but also then reliability will increase not much more.

Efficiency of contraception by means of condoms has higher rates – to 98%. Nevertheless, punctures happen and here. First, condoms are torn, secondly, their quality to decrease under the wrong storage conditions, thirdly, it can is possible to use only certain lubricant on a water basis. Nevertheless, condom is most effective in respect of protection against sexually transmitted infections, and this its huge advantage.

However, there are also less known methods of protection developed for men – for example, the hormonal tablets or hypodermic implants operating 3-5 months.

It is very dangerous to use some national methods - for example, daily hot bathtubs. Really, at an overheat of testicles development of spermatozoa is broken, but here only and the risk of oncological diseases sharply increases.

A wide choice for women

It seems that women with contraceptives were lucky incomparably more. If the woman is completely healthy in respect of gynecology, then this is true. Efficiency of hormonal contraceptives and an intrauterine spiral reaches 99%. However, contrary to opinion of men, not each woman can use these types of contraception.

Выбор контрацептивов для женщин

The spiral cannot be established to not giving birth women, and also in the presence of malformations of generative organs, inflammatory diseases, tumors. It is much more contraindications to reception of the oral contraceptives (OC):

  • Risk of development of thrombosis and thromboembolism;
  • Coronary heart disease, stroke;
  • Hypertension (higher than 160/100);
  • The increased coagulability of blood;
  • The undergone surgeries with a long bed rest.

As risk factors of developing of cardiovascular diseases against the background of reception OK also serve diseases of a liver and endocrine system, smoking, age of the woman is more senior than 35 years and many others. It is necessary to consider that not always even the healthy woman easily transfers OK – she can have side effects, and reception of a contraceptive will need to be stopped.

All other methods of contraception by the efficiency are far from listed. For example, spermitsida – creams, pastes and candles – according to doctors are effective for only 60-70%. Diaphragms – for 70-80%. The method of safe days can be quite effective only at a classical cycle in 28 days so you should not be fond of it.

Good news: special female condoms which are comparable by efficiency with men's were already available for sale. However in Russia they were not widely adopted yet.

Emergency contraception

Each woman – however, as well as each man – have to remember that at the unprotected sexual intercourse nevertheless there are ways not to allow undesirable pregnancy. And the speech, certainly, not about syringing with a lemon. The first way assumes reception of post-coital hormonal contraceptives, but it is necessary to make it within 24-72 hours after sexual intercourse, and the earlier, the their efficiency will be higher. Similar drugs cannot be used more often than 2 times a year – they contain very high dose of hormones.

The second way will be an installation of an intrauterine spiral in the first 5-7 days after the unprotected sexual intercourse. This method prevents implantation of an oospore. But in some cases, about which we told above, the spiral can be contraindicated.

Approach of pregnancy requires participation both men, and women. Therefore only the correct decision will be to discuss jointly questions of contraception and to remember that any way, except surgical does not give 100% of a guarantee. So, and responsibility for pregnancy is always born by both partners.

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