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6 simple exercises for face lifting

The fatigue, sleep debt, disturbances of food, bad mood, vagaries of the weather – all these circumstances badly affect our appearance. Especially the person suffers: skin becomes flabby, loses healthy color, becomes covered by wrinkles, zones of hypostases and dark circles under eyes appear. It is not always possible to be saved from influence of aggressive factors, but we are quite able to minimize its effects. For this purpose usually apply the cosmetics and procedures helping to moisten skin, to saturate it with useful substances, to increase elasticity and elasticity. Unfortunately, often such leaving happens insufficiently: superficial procedures do not give the expected effect because of decrease in a tone of face muscles. However you should not despair. There is a complex of simple exercises, regularly carrying out which any woman can independently bring up the person.

Подтяжка лица с помощью упражнений

Circular massage of eyes

Squeeze hands in fists so that thumbs were from above. Close eyes and mass eyelids fists roundabouts (several times clockwise, then several times in the opposite direction). Touches by centuries have to be very careful, without pressing.

Exercise promotes strengthening of a blood-groove and increase in a tone of okologlazny muscles. As a result skin is tightened, dark circles and baggies lower eyelids disappear.


Try as it is possible to open more widely eyes and even to make buldge out them for several seconds. Then strong blink. Alternate these movements at bystry speed within 2-3 minutes. After the termination relax face muscles and sit 3-4 minutes, having quietly closed eyes.

Exercise helps to tone up muscles of an upper half of the face and an eye takes off fatigue.

Inflation of cheeks

Deeply inhale through a mouth and hold the breath, having inflated cheeks. Slowly let out the air from a mouth through half-closed lips. Repeat 10-12 times.

Thus face muscles work for the musicians playing wind instruments. By the nature of activity they are forced to strain muscles of cheeks constantly. At such training the face form keeps accurate contours even at very solid age, cheeks do not droop and do not become covered by wrinkles.


Smile as it is possible more widely, and then quickly extend lips "tubule". Repeat the movements of 20-25 times.

The purpose of exercise is increase in a tone of the muscles managing the movements of lips. But it is not all: according to scientists, there is not only a direct dependence between production of so-called hormones of happiness and a look, but also feedback. The movements of lips creating a smile provoke emission of serotonin and really promote improvement of mood.

Эффективные упражнения, помогающие подтянуть кожу лица

Pulling of ears

Clamp lobes of ears fingers and pull down within 30 seconds. Then 30 seconds tighten lobes up and on a half of minute you twist them clockwise and back.

Impact on lobes of ears causes rush of blood to a brain, invigorates, increases physical and intellectual activity. The procedure is useful also to appearance improvement: at its regular carrying out it is possible to slow down significantly formation of wrinkles which very much spoil skin under ears and in an upper part of a neck.


Press index, long and ring fingers of hands to superciliary arches. Within 3-4 minutes softly stretch eyebrows to the opposite sides.

Exercise helps to strengthen the hypodermic muscles located on a forehead and to reduce vertical wrinkles between eyebrows. In this case dependence between a look and emotions also works: the procedure promotes relaxation, stress coping and disposal of gloomy thoughts.

The complex is good the fact that its daily performance requires no specially prepared place, big time expenditure. It is possible to be engaged in exercises at home or at work during small breaks. Such gymnastics for mimic muscles not only improves a condition of the person, but also refreshes, lightens the mood, helps to concentrate attention, to increase working capacity and resistance to stresses.

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