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10 myths about coffee

Coffee – favourite drink of many. For the last decades it more than once already declared very harmful, extremely useful and even necessary for normal life activity. In spite of the fact that this product became for us usual for a long time, there are many myths about properties of coffee and its impact on a human body. Readers can get acquainted with the most widespread of similar delusions today.

Любители кофе рискуют заболеть подагрой, так ли это?

1. Fans of coffee risk to get sick with gout

Long enough there was a statement that the daily use of coffee leads to such changes of exchange processes which involve growth of deposits of salts of uric acid in joints.

In practice the opposite situation takes place. The substances which are contained in coffee help to reduce concentration of uric acid in an organism. Therefore, the regular use of drink reduces risk of development of gout.

2. Coffee does harm to a liver

Researches with participation of volunteers showed that coffee does not provoke developing of cancer of liver and cirrhosis. Also statements that this drink can become the reason of development of malignant new growths in other bodies were not confirmed.

3. The use of coffee provokes a course of a disease of Parkinson

Emergence of this delusion, apparently, is connected with ideas of influence of coffee on a nervous system and excitement which arises at its overconsumption.

The real situation is as follows: caffeine really possesses tonic action, but at reasonable consumption it is absolutely safe for the healthy person. Besides, this substance slows down process of dying off of the cells of a brain responsible for release of dopamine.

The use of coffee differently is reflected on health of men and women. For the men who are daily taking fragrant drink, the risk of a course of a disease of Parkinson decreases several times. Positive influence of coffee on a female body is expressed more weakly. Besides, intensity of protective action of coffee strongly decreases at administration of drugs, intended for correction of a hormonal background.

4. Hobby of coffee leads to developing of diabetes

Contains in coffee тригоннелин. It is the reason of the characteristic aroma appearing when roasting grains. Besides, coffee is rich with chlorogenic acid (the truth its maximum concentration is observed in a cover of grains which do not go to food). Both substances optimize carbohydrate metabolism, interfere with a set of excess weight.

Therefore all types of coffee (even those from them which are saved from caffeine) positively influence processes of digestion of glucose and reduce risk of development of a diabetes mellitus of the second type.

Certainly, this is not about those cases when fans of coffee drink it with a large amount of sugar. Abuses such are always dangerous, and merits of drink cannot reduce the harm done by sugar.

5. Coffee is very caloric

Actually black coffee can quite be considered a dietary product. It not only contains the minimum quantity of calories (for different grades from 2 to 8 on 100 g), but also promotes a bystry expenditure of the received energy (due to exciting impact on a nervous system). Besides, drink has quite strong diuretic effect; its use helps to struggle with hypostases.

It is established that the caloric content of instant coffee is almost twice lower, than natural. This indicator strongly increases when drink is taken with sugar, milk or cream (without speaking about cookies, chocolate, candies and cakes).

6. Pregnant women can have coffee without restrictions

The doctors observing pregnant women unanimously advise future mothers absolutely to refuse the use of coffee or to minimize it (no more than one cup one-two times a week). Really, during incubation of a fruit the majority of positive properties of drink turn into shortcomings:

  • Exciting influence of coffee is not necessary for future mother at all. Its nervous system already experiences serious strain. The use of coffee can cause sleep disorders, the increased nervousness, the strengthened heartbeat and vasospasms that will nasty affect health of the woman;
  • On early terms of incubation even a small amount of coffee can quite cause increase in a tone of smooth muscles, and even to become the abortion reason;
  • Coffee has diuretic effect. Strengthening of a diuresis at the pregnant woman leads to washing away from her organism of the calcium necessary for formation of a skeleton of a fruit, and also other microelements important for its correct development;
  • The use of strong coffee is fraught with emergence of vascular spasms. Sharp narrowing of gleams of the vessels feeding a placenta limits intake of oxygen and can cause a fruit hypoxia.

7. Coffee does not make impact on vessels

Is a part of coffee кафестол – the substance promoting increase in content of cholesterol in an organism. For fans of fragrant drink the probability of negative changes of walls of vessels is quite high. In combination with exciting effect of caffeine this circumstance bears serious risk of emergence of cardiovascular problems and the related illnesses.

In this sense the regular use of instant coffee is represented to safer: in it the kafestola contains many times less, than in natural grains.

8. Instant coffee is more harmful than ground

We already spoke about some properties of natural and soluble options of a product: instant coffee contains less caffeine and calories, it is less harmful to vessels and heart. Besides, such drink is extremely rich with niacin (PP vitamin). But natural coffee contains a large number of microelements which collapse in the course of raw materials processing.

Idea that instant coffee is much more harmful than natural is connected, most likely, with the use of the cheap products made of low-quality raw materials and saturated with fragrances, amplifiers of taste and other additives hazardous to health. Options of instant coffee in small one-time packaging are especially unpleasant in this sense ("three in one", etc.).

Действительно ли растворимый кофе вреднее молотого?

9. Coffee removes a hangover

The diuretic effect of coffee really promotes the accelerated removal from an organism of decomposition products of alcohol. However it is very dangerous to use coffee as hangover medicine: after the excessive use of alcohol the organism already is in bad condition. Increase in load of nervous and cardiovascular system in combination with dehydration can lead to the most sad effects.

But, having drunk a cup of strong coffee approximately in 20 minutes prior to a feast, it is possible to activate production of the enzymes of a liver responsible for alcohol processing. In this case alcohol will decay more intensively, and the risk of strong intoxication will decrease. The way works within one or one and a half hours, but only if reception of coffee is single: you should not drink it alternately with alcoholic drinks. It will result in converse effect (to bystry intoxication with serious consequences for an organism).

10. Coffee causes dependence, similar to narcotic

Coffee (more true, its stimulating impact on a nervous system) causes accustoming which, however, has nothing in common with physical or psychological dependence on drugs. The sharp refusal of it can cause in constant consumers of drink disturbances of concentration of attention, absent-mindedness, a headache, drowsiness. Unpleasant feelings are almost not shown or quickly disappear if to reduce amount of the coffee drunk daily gradually.

Coffee is much less harmful, than is considered to be. Nevertheless, it is necessary to refuse it in the presence of a hypertension, heart troubles and vessels, diseases of nervous and secretory system. Coffee should not give to children. Future mothers should refuse fragrant drink too or to reduce its use.

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