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7 effective methods of a relaxation

All diseases from nerves – in this joke a big element of truth, are said by doctors. Constant stresses lead to decrease in protective forces of an organism, and it becomes vulnerable for a set of diseases. It is wrong to think that the stress is a problem of the present. Life of people and hundred, and one thousand years ago also abounded with problems therefore need of a relaxation understood in ancient times – to some techniques more than one thousand years. The person needs knowledge of how it is possible to relax, this knowledge is useful in life more than once. We bring to your attention 7 effective and simple ways to reboot a nervous system.

1. Massage

The weakening massage – art which needs to study and to practice then several years to achieve perfection. But the simple weakening massage to make everyone, moreover, itself can make it. The quiet massing movements to walk on each finger of a hand in turn, at first one, then another, and then on lobes of ears. Small pillows of fingers roundabouts to massage a face, a little more rigid movements – head skin. It is very simple and will take several minutes.


2. Hydrotherapeutic procedures

Water the best, most powerful antistress tool, and almost all hydrotherapeutic procedures have the running-down property. When the person tests strong psychoemotional tension, to it allow to drink waters, and is had a rest best of all on the seashore or the rivers. Not always there is an opportunity to go to the sea, but it is almost always possible to take a shower. To achieve the weakening effect, water has to be warm. If the shower removable is also equipped with the switch of the modes of water supply, it is possible to make water massage – it combines all advantages of usual massage and hydrotherapeutic procedures. It is possible to relax in a heat bath even better, and it is not obligatory that it was the jacuzzi.

If there is no opportunity to take a shower or a bath, it is possible just to wash cool water or several minutes to take in hand water up to an elbow.

Водные процедуры

3. Aromatherapy

We attach more significance to aromas, and we care for that from us pleasantly smelled. Smells are very powerful, they can make a situation intolerable, or on the contrary, extremely pleasant. You should not underestimate relaxation opportunities of aromas. But there is a nuance – identity. It is worth spending some time to find out what aromas help to relax to you. It can be perfumery means, essential oils, flowers, etc. Interesting fact: scientists made an attempt to find at least one smell which would be pleasant to everything and found it – aroma of svezhevypechenny bread. If you want to introduce the atmosphere of soft goodwill, rest and a cosiness to the house, then bake bread or pie.


4. Respiratory technicians

Yogis claim that respiratory practicians – the most effective remedy of achievement of a relaxation. The western researchers were engaged to these questions too, and agreed with yogas. It is enough to remember special respiratory technicians who recommend to women in labor. The simplest breathing exercise for a relaxation – breath calculation. It is necessary to count how many respiratory movements you make in one minute, concentrating on each movement. One more exercise – to take four short breaths, and the fifth longer within several minutes.

Дыхательные техники

5. Art therapy

Many usual things, having received the unusual name, are perceived as something difficult and hardly accessible. So happened also to art therapy. Art therapy it is not obligatory occupations with the psychologist, all this that belongs to art, but becomes not with the purpose to achieve result, in with the purpose to relax in process. Art терпия this drawing, a molding from clay and plasticine, coloring of pictures according to numbers, cutting by a fret saw, participation in amateur statements – all "art" (art) approaches. The condition one, has to you what you do, and that it is impossible is pleasant, should not cause irritations.


6. Dream

The best equipment of a relaxation at all times. Full-fledged dream the best medicine, hard reset of a nervous system, necessary condition of nervous balance. Around a dream exists many myths, for example the myth that it is necessary to sleep eight hours or what to sleep it is unhealthy in the afternoon. It is necessary to sleep when there is a wish, the need for a dream at all different.

Having adjusted a night dream, it is possible to achieve serious increase in resistance to stress. Stresses will not become less, but they will be perceived in a different way, much less sharply.


7. Medicinal relaxation

Sometimes happens so what it is impossible to relax by those methods which are listed above, and the need for a relaxation is extremely high. So happens at excessively strong mental tension with which the nervous system does not cope. If critical situation, it is necessary to ask for medical assistance. If there is nothing critical, it is possible to try efficient OTC medicines, the best-known of which – valerian extract, that "valerian" which fed a liquid still mothers of our grandmothers. Motherwort extract, valocordin, glycine, the drugs "Novopassit", "Notta", etc. will approach.

It is necessary to remember that drugs are the method suitable only for emergencies.

Лекарственная релаксация

Whether you know that:

If to smile all twice a day – it is possible to lower blood pressure and to reduce risk of developing of heart attacks and strokes.