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How to keep health of a pancreas: 5 councils

The pancreas performs two functions in a human body: release of enzymes without which digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and a producing hormones is impossible. The most important of them – insulin, is the main participant of carbohydrate metabolism normalizing processes of education and utilization of glucose, the main energy source for an organism.

Pancreas pathologies (acute or chronic pancreatitis, abscesses, tsistoadenom, etc.) are shown by girdle pains in the field of hypochondrium, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, unpleasant smack in a mouth. Diseases often proceed is reserved, becoming aggravated after an alcohol abuse, and also greasy, spicy and fried food.

Failures in work of a pancreas are fraught with development of a diabetes mellitus and various disturbances of digestion. The person caring for the health can avoid troubles, following several advice which is directed to maintenance of functions of this body.

1. Include cabbage in a diet

All species of cabbage (especially color, Bruxelles and broccoli) contain the substances which are well influencing a pancreas and reducing risk of development of malignant new growths in its fabrics. The most preferable product for dietary food the broccoli steamed or boiled in slightly added some salt water is considered. Broccoli can be used and in the raw, including it in structure of vegetable salads.

For normalization of work of a pancreas it is recommended to eat cabbage at least two weekly.

Капуста - овощ, нормализующий работу поджелудочной железы

2. Leave off smoking

It is established that the substances which are a part of tobacco smoke not only destroy lungs, nasty influence a condition of vessels, spoil outward of skin, teeth and hair. Products of combustion of tobacco provoke development of a pancreatic cancer: for usual smokers the risk of developing of this illness increases by two-three times.

Курение - фактор риска развития рака поджелудочной железы

3. Refuse harmful products

Failures in work of a pancreas most often arise at people who regularly take alcohol, the fast food, products fried in hot fan, fat meat, canned food and other heavy food. Not in the best way also excessive hobby for sweets, especially high-calorific confectionery products of industrial production which, along with a large amount of sugar, includes fats affects a condition of gland.

Such dishes can be used in a small amount and infrequently. It is necessary to include vegetables, fruit, dietary types of meat, sea fish, the fermented milk products and grain containing cellulose and slowly acquired carbohydrates in a daily diet.

Фаст-фуд негативно влияет на работу поджелудочной железы

4. Periodically you carry out a detoxication

Maintenance of health of a pancreas is extremely promoted by the periodic cleanings helping to remove toxins. One of the easiest and efficient ways of such clarification is as follows:

  • Reception of 10 glasses of pure drinking water. It can be replaced with infusions of medicinal plants partially. Teas from hips, a grass of a camomile, a calendula, mint, a sage, a train, leaves of a plantain, inula roots are especially useful;
  • Evening heat baths with the subsequent grinding of skin in a stomach a rough towel or a mitten from terry fabric. Such procedure strengthens blood circulation and increases temperature of fabrics, speeding up work of a pancreas;
  • Inclusion in a diet of shock portions of fresh fruit (especially kiwi and citrus), and also berries (strawberry and currant). These products are especially vitamin-rich also antioxidants which disinfect and strengthen pancreas tissues.

The scheme is expected three days. In the presence of any chronic diseases it is necessary to consult with the attending physician before the procedures.

Периодическая детоксикация поддержит здоровье поджелудочной железы

5. Drink vegetable cocktails

The pancreas positively reacts to the use of fresh vegetable juice. The following mixes are especially useful:

  • The cocktail made from a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, a half of a glass of water, one stalk of a celery and a glass of the Brussels sprout welded on couple. Vegetables crush to a kasheobrazny state by means of the blender and mix with liquid. It is necessary to drink cocktail small drinks, slowly. Drink is taken slightly warm. It is possible to include it in one of day meals (a lunch or a lunch);
  • The drink made from large (about 100 g) of a piece of a ripe papaya, three almonds and a tablespoon of seeds of flax well will be suitable for morning reception. Ingredients crush in the blender and dilute the received gruel with a half of a glass of drinking water. Except beneficial influence on a pancreas, cocktail has pleasant taste, well tones up, increases physical and intellectual activity.

Овощные коктейли положительно влияют на состояние поджелудочной железы

Daily care about health of a pancreas is easy. It is only necessary to observe a healthy diet, to periodically carry out the clearing procedures and to refuse addictions. At emergence of unpleasant feelings, pain or problems with digestion it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Such approach allows to keep for a long time working capacity and to avoid development of heavy illnesses.

Whether you know that:

Four segments of dark chocolate contain about two hundred calories. So if you do not want to recover, better not to eat it is more than two segments in days.