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Curative weed: 5 recipes with use of a wood louse

Wood louse – the ordinary-looking unpretentious plant extended in all territory of our country. It quickly expands, and sometimes fills sites, bringing a lot of chagrin to gardeners. Perhaps, they would be upset less if knew that the wood louse is valuable medicinal raw materials. A, C and E vitamins, organic acids, tannins, wax, saponins, lipids, mineral salts and essential oils are its part.

Полезные свойства мокрицы

The grass of a wood louse possesses diuretic, soothing, cholagogue and expectorant action, is a strong antiseptic agent. Administration of drugs of this plant helps to normalize arterial pressure, to remove nervous tension, to improve cardiac performance and to increase vitality. Today we will talk about routes of administration of a wood louse as medicine.

Water infusion

Drug is prepared from a tablespoon of vegetable raw materials and one glass of boiled water. Mix is infused within an hour, without shaking up, then filter. The received liquid is dug in in eyes on 1-2 drops by 4 times a day. It is considered that it helps to suspend process of opacification of a cornea and to partially recover the lost sight.

The same infusion is capable to strengthen a lactation that is very important for young mothers. For this purpose it is necessary to accept on a half of a glass of means 3 times a day. At puffiness of mammary glands the compress with water infusion of a wood louse is put to a breast for 20 minutes.

Reception of a half of a glass of infusion not less than 4 times a day helps at nervous breakdowns, disturbances of composition of blood and failures of cordial activity.

Spirit tincture

For preparation of spirit tincture the tablespoon of the crushed grass of a wood louse is filled in by 300 ml of vodka. Mix is infused in the dark place within two weeks, filtered and stored in the refrigerator. Use for treatment of chronic gastritis and diseases of intestines. Accept 1-2 times a day, dissolving 20 drops of means in a glass of boiled water.

There is information that reception of spirit tincture of a wood louse contributes to normalization of work of digestive tract after food poisonings, kills stomach aches and intestines, and also helps to improve appetite.

Juice with honey

Svezheotzhaty juice of a wood louse is one of the best remedies for pathologies of a thyroid gland and liver. It is connected to bee honey in equal shares and accepted on a teaspoon of mix of 4-5 times a day before food.

Свежеотжатый сок мокрицы - одно из лучших средств лечения патологий щитовидной железы и печени


The concentrated broth of a grass of a wood louse is added to water for bathtubs at various damages of skin, and also used for impregnation of compresses which impose on the inflamed or diapyetic wounds.

Means prepares so: 10 tablespoons of raw materials fill in with a glass of hot water and cook on the water bath of 5-7 minutes. Then mix is infused within 4 hours and filtered.

The broth prepared from two tablespoons of a grass of a wood louse and 500 ml of boiled water is applied to disposal of high-quality new growths of a uterus (myomas and cysts). Mix is cooked on the water bath within 30 minutes, and then filtered and brought boiled water to initial volume. Accept 50 ml 4 times a day before food. The same means is considered useful at the general weakness, dizzinesses and an anemia.

Compresses from a fresh grass

Compresses from a fresh wood louse help at tumors of mammary glands. The crushed grass is put to a sore point on 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes.

The wood louse has no pronounced own taste, but it is quite edible. As a vitamin supplement it can be included in structure of salads from fresh vegetables and summer soups. Reception of this remarkable grass has almost no contraindications. An exception is only hypotonia as the means made of a wood louse reduce arterial pressure. Certainly, the probability of individual intolerance is not excluded therefore to begin to use a wood louse or drugs follows from it carefully, monitoring reaction of an organism.

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