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Baggies lower eyelids: 12 origins of a problem

Zone hypostases under eyes – very widespread problem giving to people is a lot of inconvenience. Hypodermic fabric in these parts has very loose structure and almost does not contain collagenic fibers. Besides, the skin covering подглазья constantly is exposed to compression and stretching when the person blinks, blinks, etc. These features also create premises for emergence of the so-called bags which are giving to the face a tired and sickly look, and also visually adding age.

Мешки под глазами: основные причины появления

Proximate causes of accumulation of liquid under eyes can be the most various, from easily removable flaws of a day regimen to serious diseases of internals.

Food errors

The people suffering from puffiness of podglaziya often explain this phenomenon with the excessive use of liquid. So really happens, but not always. In an organism only that excess liquid which was drunk just before a dream is late. In this case kidneys just do not manage to remove water. However puffiness of okologlazny zones is observed not only at "water bread", but also opposite, at those people which to limit liquid consumption. Restrictions such lead to the fact that the organism begins to reduce activity of work of kidneys to create a deposit of moisture in fabrics.

The liquid delay in an organism is promoted by also excessive hobby for smoked, spicy and salty dishes, and also alcoholic beverages.

Household reasons

Puffiness of podglaziya often arises as a result of the most widespread vital phenomena. It can be provoked:

  • Fatigue of eye muscles after long work at the computer, readings, sewing, performance of small amateur works, driving of the car;
  • Sleep debt or the interrupted night rest;
  • Long crying (especially against the background of a heavy nerve strain);
  • Wrong pose during sleep. Especially formation of baggies lower eyelids is promoted by a habit to sleep without pillow;
  • Stay in the smoke-filled room (including active or passive smoking);
  • Hit in an eye of a foreign body or contact with the aggressive agent (acid, hot fat, caustic couples).

The bag under an eye can be a consequence of an injury of the head (most often, areas of a forehead, a nose bridge or a temple). At the same time hypostasis sometimes plays a role of the protective pillow preserving an eye against power influence. However, you should not consider this phenomenon positive as the hypodermic fabric oversaturated by liquid easily can be infected.

Excessive hobby for cosmetics

Abuse of women of cosmetics creates the accessory factors promoting emergence of baggies lower eyelids. Can be the cause of this phenomenon:

  • Excess imposing on eyelids and area around eyes of foundations, powder or shadows, and also insufficiently careful removal of decorative cosmetics before going to bed;
  • Use of unsuccessfully picked up or low-quality cosmetics;
  • The wrong use of the moisturizing creams. Each such means contains from 80 to 90% of water. When overlaying it is available too thick layer of cream a part of liquid can be absorbed in skin and create hypostases;
  • Holding cosmetic procedures. So-called pricks of beauty on the basis of botulotoxin (Botox, Disport) create temporary failures in system of lymphatic outflow and promote emergence of hypodermic accumulations of liquid.

Hypostases under eyes can arise at women at the end of a menstrual cycle, against the background of excess of estrogen. At future mothers puffiness is often observed on late durations of gestation when kidneys hardly cope with the increased loading and insufficiently quickly bring water out of an organism.

Physiological features

Some people have hereditary features which are shown the excess content of fat in hypodermic cellulose. Because of this their eye constantly look slightly swelled up a little. It does not affect the state of health in any way.

Puffiness of a zone under eyes can appear also in the presence of excess weight, and also in old age, because of senile changes of structure of skin and falling of a tone of eye muscles.


If puffiness of podglaziya is followed by dacryagogue, gripes in eyes, a nose congestion, sneezing, a photophobia and reddening a century, allergic reaction can be the cause. Tap water, wool of domestic animals, pollen of plants, foodstuff, medicines and many other things often act as the aggressive agent.

Unpleasant feelings and baggies lower eyelids disappear at the termination of contact with allergen. Antihistaminic drugs and creams or gels removing an itch help to accelerate recovery. The doctor has to appoint medicines.

Pathologies of eyes

Hypostases often arise against the background of eye diseases, such as blepharites, conjunctivitis, sclerites, a ptosis, an ectropion of a century and malignant new growths.

Inflammatory processes in an oral cavity or bosoms of a nose

Sometimes the ugly bag is formed only under one eye. This consequence of infection of nearby fabrics is frequent. Hypostasis arises in the presence of abscess in an oral cavity, gumboil, a gingiva inflammation, purulent process in a nasal bosom, an inflammation of a facial nerve or the lacrimal gland.

Intervertebral hernia of cervical department

When hernia of an intervertebral disk is the reason of puffiness, cosmetic defect is followed:

  • Lack of coordination of movements;
  • Weakness;
  • Head and other persistent pains;
  • Feeling of "goosebumps" on a body;
  • Pain in cervical department of a backbone;
  • Constraint;
  • Disturbance of work of a peripheral nervous system. It is shown by change of sensitivity of certain body parts.

The listed symptoms appear gradually, and at initial stages of a disease puffiness under eyes can be the only symptom of pathology.

Diseases of kidneys

The hypostases arising at dysfunction of bodies of an urinary system sometimes call freely floating because of their ability to move from one zone of a body to another. In this situation baggies lower eyelids arise regularly in the mornings. Except them uniform puffiness of all person is observed (patients after a dream notice prints of folds of bed linen on skin).

When progressing an illness also other symptoms develop: reduction of quantity and discoloration of urine, dysuria, increase in arterial pressure. Renal hypostases are considered especially persuasive and difficult giving in to treatment.

Liver pathologies

Diseases of a liver are shown not only accumulations of liquid under eyes, but also hypostases of hands (especially fingers). Besides, patients complain on:

  • Nausea, eructation
  • Feeling of bitterness in a mouth;
  • Pain in hypochondrium on the right.

At the people having liver pathologies change of coloring of skin and scleras can be observed (yellowness), and also urine also the calla (darkens) (becomes light). Such states are dangerous that brightly they are shown when the disease is already thoroughly started.

Heart troubles and vessels

Cardiovascular pathologies are shown by cyanosis or pallor of integuments, unilateral face edemas, instability of arterial pressure, tachycardia, short wind, weakness, dizziness, pain in heart, a cryesthesia in extremities.

If baggies lower eyelids are followed by evening puffiness of the lower parts of legs (shins, anklebones and a foot), and also the listed symptoms, it is the alarming sign demanding the immediate address to the doctor.

Переутомление - одна из причин появления мешков под глазами

Vitamin deficiency

Hypostases of podglaziya can speak about a lack of B5 vitamin of an organism. Head and muscular pains, fatigue, numbness by a foot, sleeplessness, dejectedness are in passing observed.

In this case reception of vitamin drugs or beer yeast, and also inclusion in a diet of milk, eggs, green vegetables, buckwheat and a filbert which are natural sources of this vitamin is required.

Origins of hypostases of podglaziya are not always harmless. This cosmetic defect can be a consequence of serious malfunctions in an organism. If baggies lower eyelids are observed regularly, it has to become the reason of performing medical examination.

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