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6 useful alternatives of coffee

Coffee – the tonic loved by many for the invigorating aroma and deep taste. Having the stimulating effect, coffee increases working capacity, promotes concentration of attention, fights against drowsiness and improves mood. Statistically, about 30% of inhabitants of the planet regularly use coffee, from them more than 8% are "coffee-achievers" − the persons using more than 3 cups of drink a day.

Nevertheless, influence of coffee on an organism is ambiguous. According to doctors, abuse of drink results in opposite effect: to a nervous breakdown, failure of cardiac performance, vessels, physical fatigue, and also organism dehydration. It is strictly forbidden to have coffee to the people having atherosclerosis of vessels, glaucoma, a renal failure, a hypertension and some other diseases. To lower load of cardiovascular system, doctors recommend to pass to coffee without caffeine or to replace it with the drinks similar in properties, but not exerting harmful impact on an organism. Their use will allow to avoid the psychological discomfort connected with usual "coffee breaks" and, besides, will enrich an organism with useful substances. We bring a top of such drinks to your attention.

1. Chicory

The popularity drink from the fried roots of chicory is obliged to the taste, closest to coffee, from all substitutes. In processing chicory forms the aromatic connections similar on structure with kofeoly − the substance allocating coffee with its aroma. At the same time chicory does not contain caffeine and does not cause hyper stimulation nervous and cardiovascular systems. So, cheerfulness and vigor after reception of drink of people receives thanks to rich contents in its composition of vitamins and useful substances.

Chicory safely joins in a diet at an iron deficiency anemia, pancreatitis (during remission), cholelithiasis, dysbacteriosis and even a neurasthenia. Unlike coffee, chicory is recommended to be made with milk that, according to doctors, has the calming and fortifying effect on an organism.


2. Cocoa

Cocoa advantage as alternatives of coffee is that cocoa after all contains caffeine (about 0,2%) that provides not the sharp, but gradual, more sparing for an organism transition from coffee to other drinks. Taste of cocoa is a little similar to coffee, but it softer, as well as its influence on mucous a stomach. It is considered that the use of cocoa, as well as coffee, stimulates production of the endorphines increasing mood and giving to cheerfulness at the expense of what replacement is perceived by an organism more loyally. Besides the regular use of drink will allow to reduce risk of emergence of a diabetes mellitus, stomach ulcer, diseases of vessels and heart.


3. Barley coffee

As well as traditional coffee, barley prepares from the fried grains crushed and made in the Turk. The main difference of drink from original is lack of caffeine. As well as barley grains, barley coffee bears for an organism only advantage, it is applied at treatment of diseases of kidneys, the alimentary system, mammary glands. In spite of the fact that barley coffee differs from natural both to taste, and on aroma, its use – thanks to high nutritious properties − also loads an organism with energy and cheerfulness. To make transition from natural coffee to barley is psychologically more comfortable, consults to combine drink with chicory (0,5 h l. chicory on 1 tablespoon of ground barley).

Ячменный кофе

4. Mattya-latte

Mattya – drink from the tea leaves crushed in powder, the content of antioxidants and in which is ten times higher than useful microelements, than in usual green tea. Thanks to curative properties the Japanese tea маття is capable to warn heart troubles, disbolism, tumoral diseases, but the main feature of drink as possible alternative of coffee, its positive influence on thought processes is considered. So, the L-teanin amino acid which is contained in tea leaves in a large number softly promotes increase in working capacity (both intellectual, and physical), without oppressing, but weakening a nervous system.

Addition in маття the made foam milk and sugar to taste will allow to receive more nourishing and tasty drink (latte) which is not conceding some coffee neither on flavoring nor on tonic properties.


5. Latte from ginger and a turmeric

For preparation of useful latte 2 of h l. ground turmeric, 1 h l. cinnamon and fresh ginger are boiled in 400 ml of water before obtaining dark orange color then are added to it the shaken-up soy milk and sweetener (maple syrup, honey). Hot drink with fragrant spices, as well as coffee, will encourage and will warm in cold day. It is considered that latte it is salutary for a digestive tract and strengthens immunity.

Латте из имбиря и куркумы

6. Acorn coffee

Acorn coffee is considered an effective remedy for treatment of many illnesses. So, at digestive tract diseases drink from the fried acorns is accepted on a half-glass 3 times a day within a month, and at bronchitis, asthma, heart diseases sugar and milk are added to it. The bitterish astringent taste of acorn drink is close to taste of coffee thanks to what acorns are often used as useful replacement to coffee grains. Effect of drink well at poisoning, diseases of urinogenital system, a scrofula, rickets therefore it can be given also to children (in the corresponding dosage). Unlike traditional, acorn coffee well affects dental health, interfering with bleeding of gums, not causing a plaque on enamel, and besides perfectly invigorates.

Желудевый кофе

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