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Basil: 6 curative properties

Several decades ago the basil (the district khan, реан, Reagan) was considered as a part of the Caucasian or east cuisine, but today it strongly took the place on tables of Russians. Greens of this plant possess a strong, pleasant smell and specific fresh taste because of which it is included almost in all dry mixes of spicy herbs, and also give to meat and fresh fish dishes.

Полезные свойства базилика

In India and the countries of the East of basilicas it was since ancient times esteemed as the plant storing the family center and protecting family members from diseases and troubles. Spice was appreciated not only tastes, but also curative properties which were widely used by national doctors. We will tell about therapeutic impact of a basil on a human body in this article.

The help at cold and respiratory diseases

The fresh grass of a basil has powerful antimicrobic, antiviral and antifungal activity. At many east people the daily use of several pedicles of the district khan is considered an excellent way of protection from catarrhal diseases and seasonal infections.

For decrease in sharpness of symptoms of flu or a SARS it is recommended to accept broth of a dry grass – it reduces body temperature, strengthens sweating, helping to bring toxins out of an organism. Similar action also essential oil of a basil possesses. At high temperature it is applied to light massage of an upper back of the patient, and in the absence of heat add several drops to warm water for a curative bathtub.

Improvement of breath at pulmonary diseases

Are a part of a grass of the district khan цимвол, camphene and эвенгол. These substances purify air and help to facilitate breath, promoting disposal of lungs of a phlegm and slime. Besides, they possess strong antiinflammatory action.

Recommend to the patients having respiratory diseases, bronchitis, tracheitises inhalations with basil oil. At cultivation of this spice in room culture, pots with plants are advised to place in rooms of patients with bronchial asthma for reduction of quantity and duration of attacks.

Simplification of a course of cardiovascular illnesses

Leaves and stalks of the district khan contain a large amount of vitamin C. In combination with evengoly it promotes optimization of level of cholesterol in blood. Besides, the basil possesses the calming action, reducing uneasiness, and normalizes arterial pressure. These qualities do spice by irreplaceable means for improvement of a condition of patients with cardiovascular pathologies.

Rescue from caries and periodontosis

Antiinflammatory and antibacterial action of a basil gives the chance to use it for maintenance of health of an oral cavity. Chewing fresh leaves it is possible to clear effectively the surface of teeth of pathogenic microflora and a dental plaque, to strengthen gingivas and to reduce their bleeding. Acute and gentle aroma of the district khan long remains in a mouth, refreshing breath.

Целебные свойства базилика

The help at damages of skin

Fresh leaves of a basil heal wounds, facilitate a skin itch, remove reddening. They help at bruises and hematomas. Besides, the juice or oil of a reykhan applied on the surface of skin frighten off blood-sicking insects.

Way to reach longevity

The grass of a reykhan stabilizes a condition of immune system and contains the antioxidants contributing to normalization of composition of blood and a conclusion of toxins from an organism. In the Caucasus the basil is considered a product which regular use tones up, helps to keep physical and intellectual activity long. Really, among the people who are constantly including this spice in the menu the long-livers who stepped a centenary boundary are frequent.

That there is regularly a fresh basil, it is not obligatory to have the seasonal dacha or to buy a grass in shop. Reykhan perfectly grows in a pot, and its seeds are on sale in any specialized shop. At cultivation in basilicas usually "forgets" about what in our climate is an annual plant. He is unpretentious, well feels even at low illumination, and forms magnificent bushes which leaves can be broken and eaten daily, enriching a family diet with tasty and extremely useful spicy greens.

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