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Rise and go: about advantage of walking for health

Ходьба укрепляет здоровье
Walking strengthens health
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During foot walks blood moves on vessels more actively and one and all bodies are supplied with a large amount of oxygen. It affects the state of health of the person very positively.
Польза для всего организма
Advantage for all organism
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Foot walks, strengthening all organism, help to cope with the illnesses of cardiovascular system, promote decrease in level of cholesterol, favorably influence a respiratory organs, reduce risk of emergence of a diabetes mellitus. In addition, walking is useful to joints, bones and a backbone, increases endurance of muscles and slows down aging processes.
Польза для пищеварения
Advantage for digestion
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Walking well influences a digestive tract, forcing it quicker and better to digest food; promotes removal of slags and toxins from an organism. Not for nothing foot walks are recommended by nutritionists at fight against excess weight.
Закаливающий эффект
The tempering effect
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Walking is useful to immunity, it renders the tempering effect on an organism, helping it to resist catarrhal and infectious diseases. Walks in the fresh air, in any weather, do us less susceptible to viral diseases.
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Walking has no contraindications and suits people of all age. For some elderly people this occupation is the only possible way of physical activity which helps to prolong life and to keep health.
Как правильно ходить?
How it is correct to go?
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The main rule which needs to be observed concerning foot walks is a regularity, regardless of weather and season. It is at first hard to force to go every day on foot. However afterwards such pastime will begin to bring pleasure, and it will be already impossible to imagine day without walk.
Быстрый темп
Bystry speed
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Foot walks at bystry speed are more effective. It is not necessary to pass to run, certainly, it is, enough, if walking is quite intensive, but without an asthma and pain. At the same time useful will alternate high speed to moderate. The only thing that you should not do, so it to stop and to have a rest long.
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Observe the principle of gradualness, especially if you a long time did not play sports. For this purpose increase loading and time of walking systematically that your organism could get used and be reconstructed.
Следите за походкой
You watch gait
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During walking the head has to be raised, shoulders are weakened and lowered, a foot have to fall by a heel, and it is necessary make a start a sock. Choosing the place for walk, give preference to the hilly area.
Длительность прогулки
Walk duration
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The optimum duration of foot walk makes 30-40 minutes. But the unprepared person can begin and from shorter walks, gradually bringing their duration to half an hour. After adaptation of muscles and respiratory system to the received loadings it is possible to walk on an hour and even more.
Лучшее время для ходьбы
The best time for walking
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There are no special recommendations about an occasion of the choice of time for foot walks. The main thing that at this moment distracted nothing. It is the is best of all for most of people evening is suitable for this purpose. Besides, evening walks favorably influence quality of a night dream.
Сколько калорий сжигается при ходьбе?
How many calories are burned when walking?
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If to go at bystry speed, then in one minute about 10 calories are burned. It is a pleasant bonus for all who wish to get rid of extra kilos, and it should be used.
Комплексный подход
Integrated approach
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Walking is the easiest and available way to strengthen health and to put a figure in order. However you should not forget about other aspects of a healthy lifestyle – healthy nutrition, a healthy sleep and hygiene.

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