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Problems with health? Begin with intestines!

Not without reason doctors say that 90% of diseases begin or develop because of misoperation of intestines. Disturbance of its functions is connected with various factors among which the important place belongs to excessive "clutter" of an intestinal path. In an organism not only the remains of food, but also mass of harmful substances which we with food accepted accumulate. Accepted to accept, and about that to remove them, did not take care. And in it a problem.

Почему состояние кишечника так важно для здоровья?

Why the condition of intestines is so important for health?

In intestines there is an absorption of the majority of useful substances, including vitamins and microelements which we receive with food. Because of big loading intestines do not cope with this task, receptors cannot just identify and "readdress" useful components of food in the necessary direction. Many products oppress useful microflora which is necessary for full digestion. Splitting of others requires a lot of gastric juice or bile acids, and the organism not always manages to produce them in enough. As a result deficit of many useful substances develops. The nervous system, immunity, skin, hair, sight suffers …

If the person eats low-quality products, is fond of junk foods and semi-finished products, "indulges" himself smoked products and sausages of industrial production, factory "confectionary", food with abundance of amplifiers of taste and preservatives, inevitably there is an accumulation of harmful substances. And it leads to chronic intoxication which is shown by the general feeling sick. That intestines cannot fully perform the functions, tell the following complaints:

  • Headache, weakness;
  • Frustration of a chair;
  • Decrease in immunity and frequent colds;
  • Skin diseases (eczemas, acne rash, psoriasis);
  • Food allergy;
  • Meteorism, abdominal distention;
  • Unpleasant smell from a mouth;
  • Unhealthy smell of a body;
  • The increased nervousness;
  • Decrease in working capacity.
Симптомы нарушения работы кишечника

Sometimes normalization of work of intestines allows to solve completely a problem, complex therapy sometimes is required (if intoxication lasts too long ago and became the reason of development of gastrointestinal diseases), but anyway return of intestines to a normal operating mode includes reception of sorbents and recovery of intestinal microflora.

What sorbent to choose?

The most popular sorbent which all of us know – absorbent carbon. However specialists recommend it only for a long time as the drug "as a last resort" – absorbent carbon "absorbs" toxic substances at acute gastrointestinal poisoning, but at the same time quite often damages and irritates mucous with a GIT, causes locks. That its reception brought effect, it is necessary to take a lot of pill for once – their quantity depends on your weight. In other words, to modern standards to traditional coal it is far. Therefore we will leave it for emergencies, and for full cleaning of an organism of toxins and harmful substances we will choose more progressive means – "Liquid coal". With coal it is made related only by one: belonging to sorbents: to means of absorption and removal of harmful substances from organism. In "Liquid coal" the occluding component - pectin, natural substance which is received from apples. Pectin effectively and quickly absorbs the elements, undesirable to an organism, which are in intestines. One of features of pectin – it positively affects an intestines peristaltics that promotes easy and bystry removal of the adsorbed substances from an organism.

Природный сорбент Жидкий уголь

One more component of "Liquid coal" – inulin, polysaccharide which is not acquired by an organism however is necessary for normal work of digestive organs as ballast substance with pro-biotic action. It means that inulin promotes growth of the useful intestinal microflora necessary for full work of digestive tract, maintenance of immunity, absorption of useful substances from food stuffs.

Not sorbent uniform...

Reception of any, even the most effective remedy, such as "Liquid coal", does not solve completely a problem of toxic load of intestines. To keep the achieved result, it is necessary to help an organism and to pass gradually to healthy nutrition.

Очищение кишечника: как сохранить результат?
Whether you know that:

The most high temperature of a body was recorded at Uilli Jones (USA) who came to hospital with a temperature of 46,5 °C.