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10 reasons of an exacerbation of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – extremely widespread disease. Periodically arising inflammations and bleeding of hemorrhoidal nodes cause serious discomfort to nearly fifteen percent of adults. Meanwhile, having a clear idea of the reasons of an exacerbation of an illness and following rules of precaution, it is possible to reduce substantially sharpness of unpleasant feelings and to reduce progressing of a disease.

Обострение геморроя: возможные причины

Today we will tell about those factors which promote development of exacerbations of hemorrhoids.

1. Sedentary work

To the person having tendency to hemorrhoids to reside very harmfully in a sitting position. In such situation there are premises for stagnation of blood in the vessels located in the field of a basin. Disturbances of a blood-groove quite often lead to an inflammation and loss of external and internal nodes. Especially strongly the patients having the excess weight or too high rates of coagulability of blood risk.

Those who is engaged in preferential sedentary work (office employee, to secretaries, seamstresses, etc.) need suit several times a day breaks in office activity to warm up and change position of a body. Carrying out production gymnastics or walking are welcomed.

2. Heavy lifting

At hemorrhoids loadings are shown physically, but too the patient should not be fond of sports activities. Power exercises are especially dangerous. At heavy lifting (for example, squats with a bar), supertension on internal hemorrhoidal nodes is created that can lead to their loss.

The patients having hemorrhoids have to be careful and in life. In any case, the excess loadings connected with apartment renovation or work on the seasonal dacha, to them precisely to anything.

Except weightlifting, such occupations as riding are contraindicated, and also conducted - and motorcycle sport.

3. Insufficient attention to disturbances of work of intestines

Intestines of the patient with hemorrhoids, as a rule, work incorrectly: locks often are replaced by diarrhea that leads to an aggravation. The alimentary system in such situation sharply reacts to any changes of a diet.

For the patient it is very important to have exact information on how his organism answers the use of specific products. It is easy to find out it, keeping the food diary within several weeks. Having approached a problem with due gravity, it is possible to understand what food provokes defecation disturbances, to correct the diet and to optimize process of digestion and bowel emptying.

4. Non-compliance with hygienic norms

Patients with hemorrhoids have to follow especially carefully rules of personal hygiene, in order to avoid infection of anal fissures and injuries of a mucous membrane of a rectum. To them recommend to refuse whenever possible use of usual toilet paper in favor of special wet towel wipes, or to carry out an intimate toilet by means of a bidet.

5. Stresses

Stressful situations are fraught with development of emotional instability and increase in arterial pressure that increases risk of an inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes. The patients having hemorrhoids need to avoid sudden disorders and long nervous tension.

6. Abuse of purgatives

Lock – one of the most unpleasant states which are making the life miserable to the patient with hemorrhoids. At a natuzhivaniye external nodes quite often drop out, and internal – bleed and inflame. Therefore such patients are inclined to abuse of purgatives.

Actually, similar drugs give only temporary relief. At long reception they cause failures in work of intestines that aggravates a problem. Doctors, appointing sick hemorrhoids purgatives, usually warn that duration of a course should not exceed weeks.

7. Long sitting in a toilet

Normal process of bowel emptying should not continue longer than 10-15 minutes. A habit to sit on a toilet bowl for hours, reading or working with the tablet, can do harm even to the healthy person. At tendency to formation of hemorrhoidal nodes in a similar situation the exacerbation of an illness is inevitable.

Длительное сидение в туалете - одна из причин обострения геморроя

8. Addiction to coffee

Strong coffee contains the substances promoting dehydration and irritation of a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines. Abuse of this drink provokes exacerbations of hemorrhoids. Alcohol and the concentrated black tea possess similar action. These products have to be or are completely excluded from the patient's diet, or to be present at it in the minimum quantities.

9. Ignoring of desires to defecation

To long suffer desires to defecation and it is very dangerous to postpone visit of a toilet at hemorrhoids. Excessive pressure upon the muscles surrounding an anus can provoke a heavy exacerbation of a disease.

10. Refusal to follow medical recommendations

Any patient with hemorrhoids prefers to struggle with an illness therapeutic means, supporting an organism in an acceptable state by means of candles, gels, ointments and other dosage forms. Unfortunately, it not always results in positive dynamics. Sometimes the illness proceeds so hard that doctors are forced to insist on surgical intervention.

In a similar situation it is necessary to approach soberly a problem and to agree to operation especially as today "to lay down under a knife" in most cases optional. There are low-invasive methods of disposal of hemorrhoidal nodes (a dearterilization, a latex alloying, infrared coagulation, etc.) which minimum injure the patient. To refuse the intervention recommended by the doctor and to try to endure very dangerously: it can lead to a nekrotization (dying off) of the struck fabrics and blood poisoning.

Hemorrhoids not a fatal disease, however it is capable to reduce quality of life of the patient thoroughly. Observing a work-rest schedule, reasonably eating and following a number of simple rules, it is possible to minimize displays of an illness and not to allow development of complications.

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