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10 reasons to include butter in a diet

Within several decades of our compatriots convinced that the use of butter nasty affects a condition of coronary vessels. As a result the reputation of a product was impaired thoroughly a little, and many almost ceased to include it in the diet, having given preference "to safer" to vegetable fats. Meanwhile, the last researches showed that harm of butter for health is strongly exaggerated. But the product has a number of unique properties which do it necessary for the person.

Полезные вещества в составе сливочного масла

Vitamin A source

Retinolum (vitamin A) has to come to an organism daily. This substance supports normal functioning of hemadens (in particular, a thyroid gland and adrenal glands), provides health of eyes, skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails. Deficit of vitamin is shown by decrease in immunity, metabolism disturbance, loss of sight and acceleration of processes of aging.

In butter vitamin A contains in a form, the most convenient for bystry absorption and uses by an organism.

Well of fatty acids

Butter almost for 40% consists of oleic acid. According to the most modern data, this substance helps to fight against cancer cells, improves a lipometabolism, normalizes amount of cholesterol in blood.

The fatty acids which are a part of a product actively participate in processes of cell renewal (including brain cells). Besides, without fats digestion of some substances necessary for normal life activity is impossible (for example, fat-soluble A, E vitamins and D) which the person receives from food.

Reduction of feeling of hunger and protection from an overeating

Butter is very caloric. The small piece quickly causes feeling of saturation and helps to avoid an overeating.

The fatty acids which are contained in a product have one more interesting property: they are quickly soaked up in intestines and immediately used by an organism as an energy source. In cold season of people freezes less if before an exit to the street eats a little butter. It is an irreplaceable product for those who do hard manual work. The fact that moderate consumption of a product does not provoke formation of fatty deposits is especially important for the people aiming to lose weight.

Saturation antioxidants

Oil is rich with antioxidants (especially much in it selenium) which are recognized means of fight against processes of aging of an organism, atherosclerosis of vessels and malignant new growths.

Curative properties for treatment of diseases of joints

The oil made of not pasteurized cream contains specific substance – an anti-rigidity factor (differently, Wulzen a factor). It contributes to normalization of a condition of joints at patients with arthritises and arthroses. Besides, the factor of anti-rigidity increases elasticity of walls of vessels that is very important for the patients having a varicosis.

Iodine source

Butter shall appear regularly in a diet of people who live in the distance from the sea coast and infrequently eat seafood. The similar situation is fraught with development of an iodine deficiency in an organism, and the diseases connected with it (in particular, a hypothyroidism and other pathologies of a thyroid gland).

Normalization of work of a GIT

Fatty acids (glycosphingolipids) with which butter abounds possess antibacterial and antiinflammatory action. They do not allow the causative organisms getting into a stomach and intestines to breed and injure mucous membranes actively.

It is established that the use of butter stabilizes work of a large intestine, interfering with development of locks and ponos.

High content of vitamin K

This vitamin is necessary for hemopoiesis process. At its deficit process of coagulability of blood is broken. Besides, vitamin K participates in creation of a bone tissue and reduces risk of development of osteoporosis and caries.

The enveloping influence

Experienced doctors advise the patients suffering from a peptic ulcer of a stomach to drink in the morning on an empty stomach the mix consisting of strong, sweet black tea with addition of a tablespoon of butter. Means provides triple positive effect: tea contains the tannins disinfecting a gastric cavity, sugar delivers glucose necessary for an organism, and oil forms the thin layer having protective and wound healing properties on a cover mucosal surface. At initial stages of development of an illness daily reception of mix helps to heal the small sores located on stomach walls.

Полезные свойства сливочного масла

Existence in composition of butyrate

Sodium butyrate – salt of butyric acid which small amounts, getting to an organism, strengthen its susceptibility to insulin and contributes to normalization of cholesteric exchange. It is proved that consumers of butter which is almost only food source of this substance become more rare victims of heart attacks, strokes and a diabetes mellitus of the second type.

The need for butter depends on age and a sex of the person. It is vital to children, teenagers, pregnant women and the feeding women. For the athletes experiencing heavy exercise stresses, oil is an irreplaceable energy source.

Upon purchase of a product it is very important to pay attention to conditions in which it is made. Consumer and curative qualities of the oil made of milk of pasturable cows are considered as the highest. Fat content has to make not less than 82,5%, and the content of water not to exceed 0,016%. The high-quality product is made only from natural cream and does not contain any additives.

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