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5 effective national recipes from adjournment of salts

Let's begin with the fact that a separate illness which is called "adjournment of salts", just does not exist. In practice this household name of disbolism leading to development of a number of diseases. Pathological process consists that in an organism there is an accumulation of salts of uric acid (as a rule, owing to failure of a water salt metabolism or insufficiently effective work of secretory system). As a result of salt or form stones in a bladder or renal channels, or are postponed in joints in the form of so-called osteophytes (the crystals collecting in joint bags and forming growths of edges of bones). In the latter case normal functioning of a musculoskeletal system becomes impossible: because of thinning of the cartilages covering heads of bones in joints friction increases, there is a short circuit of nerve terminations, inflammatory processes develop. Patients complain of a crunch in joints, constraint, an oxycinesia and "on weather". Certainly, there are medicamentous and physiotherapeutic methods of removal of pain and delay of process of growth of osteophytes. However you should not neglect also public recipes of traditional medicine: they are acquired and tested for centuries and can be good help in fight for improvement of health of patients.

1. Honey and raisin

This way is designed to stabilize a water salt metabolism and to reduce accumulation of salts in joints. About one kilogram of raisin will need without stones and the fresh honey (received in the current year and which was not in time to become candied yet). The patient's breakfasts within 20 days will consist of these products, at the same time raisin and honey meals have to alternate.

The method perfectly proved: pain at most of patients becomes weaker after the first week of its use. Such course of treatment can be conducted not more often than once a year. It should be noted that this way is contraindicated to the people suffering from a diabetes mellitus.

Мед и изюм

2. Bay leaf

Popular spice not only improves taste of food, but also helps to bring excess salts out of an organism. The effect is reached due to effect of the substances capable to tone up small vessels and to increase blood-groove speed.

For preparation of broth it is necessary to take 4-5 laurel leaflets of average size, to fill in them with one and a half glasses of boiled water, to boil thoroughly within 3 minutes and to fill in all mix in a thermos for the night. It is necessary to filter and begin to accept liquid on 2 teaspoons between meals in the morning (on 3-4 times a day). That drug began to work, urine discoloration (it will get a pinkish shade) and increase of desires to an urination will demonstrate. The course of treatment has to make 3 days. In the absence of negative effects it should be repeated after a week break. Further this method of clarification from salts can be used not earlier than in half a year.

Use of broth of bay leaf demands strict control of a diet: for the period of treatment it is necessary to limit as much as possible reception of greasy, spicy and fried food, to give preferences to vegetable and milk dishes, to refuse completely alcohol. Non-performance of these conditions can lead to deterioration in health. Besides, it is necessary to remember that drug has strong diuretic and tonic effect therefore such treatment has many contraindications. Broth of bay leaf cannot be accepted:

  • To pregnant women and the feeding mothers;
  • To the patients suffering from a diabetes mellitus;
  • To the people having a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, and also tendency to frequent locks.

Лавровый лист

3. Cowberry

The unique Siberian plant which berries and leaves possess powerful antiinflammatory and diuretic action is used also for normalization of process of removal of salts from an organism. For the purpose of weakening of growth of osteophytes it is possible to accept one of two drugs:

  • Tea from cowberry leaves. For preparation take 10 g of dry raw materials, fill in 100 ml of boiled water and allow to infuse within 2 hours. It is necessary to accept infusion on 2-3 tablespoons twice a day – in 30 minutes prior to a breakfast and before going to bed. A course of treatment – 2 months;
  • Infusion of fruits. To place ripe berries in glass or faience ware, having filled it on one third and to add to top cold boiled water. After a week of insisting water can begin to be drunk practically without restrictions. It is only necessary to remember, as berry, and cowberry water contain a large amount of organic acids that can negatively affect the state of health of the people having a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice.

For improvement of an organism and simplification of various painful states apply both crude berry of cowberry, and the juice which is squeezed out of it, and cowberry jam. Tea from leaves of a plant and cowberry water really kill the pains arising at adjournment of salts: not without reason the representatives of peoples of the North since ancient times taking these drinks are practically not familiar with illnesses such.


4. Rice

Grains of this cereal are capable to work as the sorbent connecting salts and bringing them out of an organism. The truth for this purpose rice is prepared in a special way (usual porridge has no medical effect). To receive drug, it is necessary:

  • To fill in 3 tablespoons of rice with one liter of water and to leave for the night;
  • In the morning water to decant, fill in rice again and to boil thoroughly within 5 minutes;
  • To wash out grain and to boil it in fresh water of 5 minutes;
  • To repeat the last action two more times.

The grain which is boiled thoroughly 4 times needs to be eaten for breakfast in a warm look and to refrain from meal within three next hours. The ten-day course of such treatment thoroughly facilitates a condition of patients: kills pains, eliminates a crunch, increases mobility of joints.


5. Pharmaceutical phytodrugs

Today on sale there is a set of the drugs made on the basis of medicinal plants and intended both for normalization of a water salt metabolism, and for reduction of intensity of the symptoms arising because of its disturbance. These are dosage forms for intake, and also various pulverizing, ointments and gels. Drugs which part they are a sabelnik, a comfrey, berries of elder red, a St. John's Wort, barberry bark, birch kidneys are especially popular.

Аптечные фитопрепараты

Preventive action also many foodstuff possesses. It is necessary to include in the menu of the person suffering from failures of a water salt metabolism melons and water-melons, a persimmon, plums, fresh greens (parsley and fennel).

Use of national ways of treatment of adjournment of salts demands competent approach. In particular, it is necessary:

  • To include a large number of dried fruits in a diet of patients to fill potassium losses. The matter is that the majority of the used drugs cause strengthening of a diuresis, and, as a result, washing away from an organism of this microelement;
  • To control the correct alternation of work and rest, to avoid the raised loadings. Many folk remedies are strong, their use becomes a stress for an organism;
  • In accuracy to follow the recommended dosages, not to break frequency of reception, not to allow exceeding of duration of courses, not to use several methods at the same time. Otherwise treatment not only will not help, but also will do harm.

The majority of national ways of relief of symptoms of adjournment of salts can be combined with traditional medicamentous therapy, but as to make it competently, specialists know. Therefore before use of similar methods it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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