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8 effective folk remedies of fight against a peptic ulcer

The main role in development of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum the bacterium Helikobakter plays pilor. Activity and the strengthened reproduction of this microorganism lead to weakening of protection of mucous membranes and their erosive damage. Displays of an illness seriously reduce quality of life: patients regularly test attacks of severe pain, heartburn, nausea. On this background also psychoemotional malfunctions develop: a kidney-vetch, as a rule, shows an acrimony, often has sleep disorders, sharp differences of mood, increased fatigue, a depression. Existence of a peptic ulcer demands very noticeable correction of a way of life (introduction of dietary food, decrease in usual loadings, etc.). It is dangerous to neglect such restrictions: disturbances of the mode repeatedly increase risk of development of heavy complications.

The majority of a kidney-vetch are forced to accept constantly medicines, but there are many effective national recipes helping to facilitate illness symptoms, and sometimes even to promote full treatment of the patient. The most reliable of these means we bring to attention readers.

1. Oat kissel

Oats contain a large amount of starchy substances which at preparation of grain pass into broth. The liquid which is turning out at the same time has a viscous, sticky consistence. The drunk broth envelops stomach walls, creating a protective film which removes irritation and reduces acidity of internal environment. This means quickly enough saves from heartburn, eliminates an eructation and nausea.

For preparation of house kissel the glass of the washed-out oats is filled in with water liter, brought to boiling and cooked on weak fire of 30 minutes. Then the boiled-away broth is brought boiled water to former volume, boiled some more minutes, cooled and filtered. It is necessary to drink kissel three times a day, on a half of a glass for half an hour to food. Means is extremely effective: in the period of an aggravation of a peptic ulcer attacks of pain stop already in a day after the beginning of reception.

Овсяный кисель

2. Potato juice, sea-buckthorn and propolis

Widely known method of course therapy of a peptic ulcer. Treatment consists of three stages:

  • Reception of crude potato juice on 100 ml twice a day. For preparation of one portion of 2-3 well washed up healthy tubers of average size rub on a small grater together with a peel ("eyes" need to be cut out as they contain a lot of solanine). The received gruel is wrung out through a gauze. Juice should be drunk right after preparation, it is impossible to store it. The greatest number of substances, useful to a stomach, can be taken from those grades of potatoes which have tubers of red color. Their juice rich with biologically active components has the antiinflammatory and enveloping effect, optimizes acidity of internal contents of a stomach. Treatment has to continue 7 days;
  • Therapy by means of propolis tincture. The teaspoon, full with a hill, of "bee glue", istolchenny in powder, is drawn within a week in 100 ml of medical alcohol, and then filtered. Accept a medicine on three times a day in an hour after food, parting 25 drops of tincture in a glass of water. Propolis successfully removes an inflammation and promotes bystry healing of ulcerated sites of a mucous membrane. The stage proceeds three weeks;
  • Reception of sea-buckthorn oil on one teaspoon three times a day within a month. Remedy can be made independently of sea-buckthorn seeds, or to use pharmaceutical drug. Sea-buckthorn oil possesses the powerful healing action. Its reception completes process of scarring of ulcerated sites of a wall of a stomach.

The course of treatment consisting of three stages allows to improve a condition of ulcer patients considerably. In the most difficult cases two times a year recommend to carry out it.

Картофельный сок, облепиха и прополис

3. Clay

The white or blue clay which is on sale in drugstores as means for treatment of joints or for use in the cosmetic purposes is successfully applied also at aggravations of a peptic ulcer. Parts of clay help to heal a mucosal surface of a cover and bring toxics out of a stomach.

Curative drug represents solution which is accepted on 200 ml twice a day for an hour to food. In an initiation of treatment he is trained from a third of a teaspoon of clay and a glass of water. The amount of clay is gradually increased, bringing it to a full teaspoon. The course proceeds 30 days and can be repeated after a ten-day break.


4. Honey with walnuts

Not only curative, but also tasty means. He is trained from flower honey, small ground kernels of walnuts and butter taken in equal shares (on 300 g). Components place in the enameled ware and warm up within 20 minutes in an oven at a temperature about 100 degrees. Well mixed weight is taken on a tablespoon by three times a day for half an hour to food.

If the peptic ulcer is not started yet, medicine helps to get rid of an illness in the shortest terms.

Мед с грецкими орехами

5. Aloe

The bactericidal, antiinflammatory and anesthetizing properties of this houseplant are widely known. It is applied also in therapy of a peptic ulcer as the aloe contributes to normalization of acidity of a gastric juice and the accelerated regeneration of cells of a mucous membrane.

For preparation of medicine use a plant not more young than three years. It is not watered within 2 weeks before processing. Leaves cut off, wash, turn in cotton fabric and maintain in the refrigerator several days. Then 500 g of vegetable raw materials pass via the meat grinder, mix with the same amount of natural honey, warm up on the water bath before achievement of temperature of 60 degrees and fill in 500 ml of good red wine. Medicine is drawn within a week in glasswares in the dark place. The course of treatment is expected three weeks (on three times a day for an hour to food), and in the first week the teaspoon, in the second – a tablespoon, and in the third – two tablespoons of mix is the share of one reception.


6. Plantain

Efficiency of a plantain at therapy of gastric diseases is known from an extreme antiquity. There are several pharmaceutical drugs of industrial production made on the basis of this plant.

In house conditions a peptic ulcer treat tea from dry leaves of a plantain. One teaspoon of raw materials is filled in with a glass of boiled water. The received infusion is accepted in 30 minutes prior to food three times a day. Also fresh juice of a plantain which can be wrung out from fresh-gathered leaves is very useful. It is drunk too for half an hour to a meal by three times a day, gradually increasing a dose from a half of a teaspoon to a tablespoon by reception.


7. Chaga

The substances which are contained in a tinder fungus body (differently, a dry birch mushroom or a chaga) are capable to render the healing, regenerating, styptic and antiinflammatory action. For treatment of a peptic ulcer use water infusion of a chaga.

Medicine is prepared so: the tinder fungus is soaked in water within 5 hours and passed via the meat grinder. Then the glass of the received weight is filled in with liter of the water which is warmed up (not more hotly) and draw two days in the warm place. The filtered solution is taken on a third of a glass by three times a day for half an hour to food. Duration of a course of treatment – one month.


8. Calendula

Infusion of a grass of this widely known garden plant perfectly removes heartburn, nausea and pain at the patients suffering from a peptic ulcer, promoting simplification of the heaviest attacks. Besides, the calendula possesses strong bactericidal and antiinflammatory action.

For receiving house means of 5 tablespoons of a grass and flowers of a calendula insist in a thermos within 5 hours, having filled in with two liters of the boiling water. The filtered liquid is drunk on a half of a glass by 4 times a day at regular intervals.


Each of the folk remedies applied to therapy of a peptic ulcer has the contraindications and side effects. Therefore concerning their use and a possibility of combination with drug treatment it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.