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Children's enuresis: at what age it is worth sounding the alarm?

All parents are ready to what the baby often and pisat much. Since then, as the absorbing diapers strongly became current, keeping of the kid in dryness does not represent any problems. But if the grown-up kid continues to urinate in panties, parents begin to feel concern – whether it is normal, or the kid has an urine incontience? Let's try to understand what is enuresis why it arises at children and at what age it is necessary to begin it to treat.

Детский энурез: что это такое и почему возникает?

The opinion of doctors is in this respect certain: the diagnosis enuresis is made if the urine incontience at the child remains after 5 years. The term comes from the Greek word "enureo" – to urinate. It is necessary to distinguish day and night enuresis: in the first case the child cannot control an urination during the day, in the second – at night. The day incontience of urine is quite exceptional case, and here night occurs at 14% of 5-year-old children, at 7% 7-year-old and at 2% of teenagers at the age of 14 years. Before achievement of 5-year age every fourth family faces a problem of wet sheets during sleep of the child. The statistics is quite alarming.

Why there is enuresis?

Malformations, diseases of urinogenital system, various infections transferred the child can be the reasons of his emergence. But in most cases enuresis appears from behind immaturity of the central nervous system and a bladder of the child. It means that the signal of overflow of a bladder and need of its emptying just does not come to a brain.

The diagnosis is made after 5 years as to this age formation of a vesical reflex comes to an end. Distinguish several forms of enuresis:

  • Simple form – an involuntary urination in a phase of a deep sleep;
  • Neurotic form – its manifestations depend on psychological state of the child;
  • The epileptic form is an incontience of urine at epilepsy attacks;
  • The Endokrinopatichesky form - arises at diseases of endocrine system, for example, diabetes or obesity;
  • The dysplastic form - is a consequence of organic disturbances of an urinary system and the calla can be followed by an incontience.

Certain features and manifestations are inherent to each form. Respectively, and treatment is appointed taking into account enuresis origins. The simple form of enuresis quite often happens hereditary, and at the same time is transferred by the child in the psychological plan easier if parents do not abuse it.

Whether it is necessary to wait up to 5 years to see a doctor?

The problem of an incontience of urine is very serious – very few people from children do not attend kindergartens to 5-year age. And if parents at trips or walks can use diapers, then in kindergarten of the kid can wait for a sneer and the note of peers and tutors. Meanwhile the stress is the factor provoking enuresis.

Therefore it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as parents notice that the kid too often wakes up in a wet bed. If it is about age 3-4 years, then such episodes can happen not more often than 1 time in 3 weeks. It is necessary to undergo inspection if the kid was more senior than one and a half-two years it is already accustomed to the mode and controlled itself, however started suddenly over again writing to panties and a bed. Inspection is necessary to exclude existence of pathologies and infections of urinogenital system of the child.

Whether there is a communication between schooling to a pot and enuresis?

Many mothers face opinion of people around that it is necessary to accustom to a pot of the child as soon as possible. Unfortunately, modern researches prove that it is not simply inefficient, but also it is quite dangerous to unripe mentality of the child. Each kid develops individually, and violent schooling to a pot does it only harm.

The American specialists on the basis of observations of group of children aged from 3 up to 10 years drew the following conclusions: optimum age of schooling to a pot – the period from 2 to 3 years. Too early and vice versa, late schooling increases risks of development of enuresis. For example, day enuresis was recorded at 60% of "early" kids and at 70% "late". Conclusions are obvious.

Methods of treatment of enuresis

What specialist it is necessary to address? It is necessary to begin with visit of the pediatrician who if necessary will direct the child to consultation to the urologist and the children's neurologist. Respectively, the scheme of treatment will depend on enuresis origins. There are very many ways of treatment of this disease including medicamentous. Hormones (Adiuretin of SD), psychostimulants, antidepressants are most often applied. Remember, only the doctor has to carry out all appointments!

Методы лечения детского энуреза

In addition to drug treatment the physical therapy, acupuncture and phytotherapy is widely applied. Huge value has a psychological spirit of the child and parents, and also observance of simple rules:

  1. First of all, the child can never be abused for the made slip. Strangely enough, but this requirement is not fulfilled by many parents, only aggravating, thus, psychological discomfort of the kid. The child has to know that this problem occurs not only at him, otherwise he can begin to hide that he peed the pants;
  2. It is necessary to observe an accurate daily routine and to put the child to bed at the same time, having tracked that it descended before going to bed in a toilet. In 2-3 hours prior to a dream it is necessary to limit consumption of liquid by it. Before going to bed it is necessary to avoid the raised emotional loadings, including active games. If the child is afraid of the dark, it is necessary to include to him a night lamp;
  3. To awake or not to awake the child at night? Opinion of doctors in this respect variously, however if parents after all aim to avoid night flaws, then the child needs to be seated on a pot not in a light slumber but only having completely woken;
  4. To children 3 years are more senior it is not necessary to put on diapers for the night even if to parents is so quieter – it will only slow down process of formation of a reflex of the correct urination;
  5. Children of preschool and younger school age can be engaged in auto-training, and also do the exercise strengthening an urethra sphincter: during an urination for a short time to try to interrupt it. If during exercise the child feels pain, it is necessary to tell about it to the doctor.

Children's enuresis is successfully treated today. And we wish you and your child of health and patience!

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