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Cystitis – not a sentence

Statistically cystitis 25-30% of women up to 40 years have. With age this indicator raises, besides many do not get to statistics because do not see a doctor.

Почему возникает цистит?

The most sad that after the regular visits to doctors, long reception of antibiotics and life in the mode "it is necessary to take care" cystitis all the same is returned to a half of women. Symptoms of cystitis are unambiguous and it is impossible to confuse them with anything: bladder pain, burning at an urination, frequent desires to go to a toilet, forcing to rise in the middle of the night.

Often women complain that the exacerbation of cystitis arises after the slightest provocation.

Why there is cystitis?

The most common cause of an inflammation in a bladder are bacteria. To a bowl of all cystitis is caused by colibacillus, staphylococcus is more rare. Getting into a bladder, colibacillus produces protein adhesin which easily contacts receptors of cells mucous and thus the bacterium is attached to a bladder wall. After that bacteria "are equipped" on walls of uric, take away useful substances from cells, breed and form the whole colonies. Besides bacteria emit toxins in cells. From it cells mucous perish, the inflammation begins.

It is known that colibacillus lives also in a healthy organism. Why cause an inflammation in one people of a bacterium, and do not do others harm?

Favorable conditions for development of cystitis in women

1. Urethra structure. The woman's urethra wide and short (only 4-5 cm) unlike men's, which length – at least 15-18 cm. Therefore it is easier for infection to get into a bladder of a female body. It is impossible to correct anatomy, of course, but not to assume that bacteria got into an urethra – in our forces. For this purpose it is necessary to follow rules of hygiene: to have sex with condom, after visit of a toilet to be wiped in front back, and not vice versa, in time to change tampons and laying.

Благоприятные условия для развития цистита у женщин

2. Associated diseases. Infectious diseases of generative organs lead to change of an ecosystem of a vagina. Resilience of mucous falls, and activators feel more comfortably.

3. Rare campaigns in a toilet. Together with urine not only waste of life activity, but also the bacteria which got into a bladder and an urethra are brought out of an organism. People who go to a toilet seldom have cystitis more often. Visit "the ladies' room" of at least 4-5 times a day, do not ignore desires to an urination – the organism does not give signals just like that. That, how often you empty a bladder, it is possible to determine by color of urine. If it dark, perhaps, you need to drink more liquid that the urination became more frequent.

Whether it is possible to cure cystitis completely?

People with chronic cystitis know about its reasons, risk factors and precautionary measures. But very few people manage to create conditions that the disease receded forever. Moreover, sometimes even observance of all precautionary measures does not save from emergence of symptoms of cystitis.

And then for prevention it is necessary to take antibiotics and other medicine again. The course of reception of antibiotics for prevention of cystitis makes half a year, and effects of such long reception can longer remain.

Можно ли полностью вылечить цистит?

How to do without antibiotics?

The European association of urologists recommends to use not antibiotics, but a cranberry for prevention of cystitis. But just to eat a cranberry insufficiently, it is necessary that it contained a certain amount of useful substances - proantotsianidin!

Infusions from a cranberry accepted at cystitis still our grandmothers, is frequent in combination with bearberry broth (bear ears). But it appears, these plants are useful not only at cystitis, but also to its prevention.

Народные средства для профилактики цистита

Today it is possible to choose more modern way to receive useful substances from plants, than to cook broths. Drug Tsistenium consists of extract of a cranberry, extract of a bearberry and vitamin C, and therefore provides triple action in prevention of cystitis.

Extract of a cranberry contains proantotsianidina substances which protect receptors mucous a bladder from adhesin, and do not allow bacteria to be fixed on bladder walls. 36 mg of the proantotsianidin accepted daily will help to prevent repetition of cystitis. And so many these substances contain in 1 sachet of Tsistenium.

Растительный препарат Цистениум

The ptarmigan-berry or bear ear oppresses life activity of bacteria and accelerates their removal from an organism with urine.

Ascorbic acid increases the general immunity and creates acid medium at the expense of what bacteria perish quicker.

Drug Tsistenium consists of plant extracts which are manufactured in France. In each sachet the effective content of active ingredients is guaranteed.

Vegetable components do not cause stability of bacteria. It means that Tsistenium will be effective for prevention of cystitis even at long reception.

Tsistenium is issued in the form of a sachet. Contents of a sachet need to be parted in a glass of water of room temperature. At you drink with pleasant berry taste will turn out. Accept 1 sachet 1-2 times a day during food within 14 days, and you protect yourself from a cystitis recurrence. Also drug is advised to accept if there were risk factors: after overcooling, sex, visit of the pool, etc.

Any doctor will tell you that it is easier to prevent a disease, than to treat. Cystitis – not an exception. Think of the health in advance while cystitis has not an effect again!

Профилактика – лучшее средство лечения хронического цистита

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