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Period of refusal of smoking: 10 ways to cope with effects

Deciding to get rid of an addiction, not all imagine what effects it is necessary to face. Process of refusal of smoking causes quite essential discomfort in most of people: differences of mood, a sleep disorder, fatigue, decrease in physical and intellectual activity and a number of other symptoms reducing quality of life. Abstinence can be strong: an essential part of attempts comes to an end leaving off smoking failure, and people are returned to the use of cigarettes.

Период отказа от курения: как справиться с последствиями?

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to minimize discomfort. This article is devoted to ways which facilitate process of transition to healthy life.

Control of food

The human body, refused smoking, has a considerable stress. Not to strengthen the arisen overloads, it is desirable to refrain from the use of greasy, fried, spicy and smoked food. For the fastest disposal of the collected toxins it is necessary to include a large amount of liquid in a diet: herbal teas, fruit compotes and fruit drinks, juice, mineral and just pure.

The habit to smoking is at the same time physiological and psychological. Cancellation of a dose of nicotine often is followed by the strengthened consumption of products - "comforters": candies, cakes, the fast food abounding with flavoring additives. As an alternative to a cigarette which the smoker holds a considerable part of time in a mouth use sunflower seeds, nutlets, chips, chewing gum. The person "jams" the discomfort, changing one addiction for another.

Idea that the refusal of smoking provokes a bystry set of body weight is connected with this factor. Actually the reason here not in influence of nicotine or other components of tobacco smoke, and in increase in consumption of high-calorific products.

The problem has the decision. If the yesterday's smoker has insuperable desire something to gnaw or to chew, it is necessary to give preference to fruit, vegetables and greens. Apple, a cucumber, carrot or a stalk of a celery will reduce sharpness of abstinence signs, without doing harm to an organism.

Temporary refusal of alcohol, strong coffee and tea

Nicotine is a strong stimulator. Cancellation of a daily dose is followed by deficit of influence such, and the aspiration to gain similar effect from other sources. Usually former smokers begin to abuse strong tea or coffee, at worst – alcohol.

It is obvious that it only aggravates a problem. The caffeine which is contained in coffee and strong tea strengthens excitement, uneasiness and emotional instability, often causes sleep disorders. Alcohol reduces self-checking that, as a rule, promotes return to a usual cigarette.

Saturation of an organism vitamins

Many vitamins are the antioxidants optimizing processes of a metabolism and helping to bring decomposition products out of an organism. Doctors recommend to accept polyvitaminic complexes within one or one and a half months after smoking cancellation.

Is more effective, than synthetic vitamins, work vegetables, fruit and berries – useful and tasty sources of vitamins and microelements which of products are acquired better, than from pharmaceutical drugs. There is a sense to begin to wean from cigarettes during the summer period when the available range of such products is especially wide.


Use of mint lollipops or chewing gum really helps to lower discomfort during refusal of smoking. These means need to be chosen so that they did not do harm to health. The elastic band and lollipops should not contain sugar and flavoring additives, and it is better to buy them in drugstores.

Some people are helped by the homeopathic tablets intended for yesterday's smokers. It is necessary to apply such means with care: they are capable to provoke allergic reactions and to aggravate abstinence signs.

Nicotine replacement therapy

Pharmacy chains offer a wide choice of the dosage forms facilitating symptoms of nicotinic abstinence today. These means (plasters, chewing gum) contain nicotine in the minimum doses. Their use helps to make to smooth unpleasant manifestations, to make them less acute.

It is important to understand that reaction of an organism to similar means is very individual and to expect them as on a panacea, is not necessary.

Deep breath

Strong desire to light, followed by irritability attacks, it is possible to remove, using practice of a relaxation "breath by a stomach". It does not do harm to health and is actively applied in the yogi, east meditative technicians and trainings of the athletes who are going in for single combats.

Technology of deep breath is eurysynusic. It is simple to learn it, descriptions of exercises can be found in the Internet.


The person who refused cigarettes has to understand that emotional instability which he tests – the temporary phenomenon having the objective reasons. Uneasiness and differences of mood can be minimized, accepting calmatives of a plant origin (Tinctura Valerianae or a motherwort, herbal teas, etc.). The choice of similar means should be entrusted the doctor who will consider specific features and will recommend the most effective drug.

Correct day regimen and physical activity

For the person enduring the difficult period of recent refusal of smoking there is nothing more harmful, than a sleep debt and overfatigue. In a tired state it is very easy to give in to temptation to receive a usual dose of nicotine to get rid of physical and intellectual block. Therefore in this situation it is necessary to take care of the correct alternation of work and rest.

At the same time, aiming at rest, it is impossible to refuse sports activities. Exercise stresses activate development by an organism of so-called hormones of joy – endorphines. They lighten the mood and stabilize an emotional background. Walks and active games in the fresh air, swimming, occupations run are necessary for the yesterday's smoker. It is very good to go skiing, combining exercise stresses with beneficial influence of clean frosty air.

Период отказа от курения: правильный режим дня и физическая активность

Psychological spirit and environment

It is very important for the person who leaves off smoking that nothing reminded him of an addiction. Therefore around it there should not be no subject which type would be associated with a cigarette. It is necessary to remove from the apartment of a lighter, an ashtray, cigarette cases, etc.

It is not less important to refresh air indoors and to save it from smoke. Aromalampa and houseplants can help with it. All clothes impregnated with tobacco smells should be washed carefully or to air at least.

Organization of space, free from smoking

The former smokers quite often complain that people around do not understand their state and not only do not help during a difficult period of life, but also provoke to refuse good intentions by the fact that they smoke nearby. This situation can be corrected, but only partly.

It is possible for the closest and it is necessary to tell about the attempts to leave off smoking, and to ask assistance. If they help to organize a zone, free from smoking, it will be big help for the yesterday's consumer of tobacco. At the same time he should not forget that he tries to change own life, but not a moral appearance of people around. Refusal of smoking – the personal choice of each person, his own work and a victory.

To leave off smoking not so difficult. The sequence and persistence is in this case important. Certainly, without efforts of the patient to achieve a positive take it is impossible, but success depends also on that help which relatives will be able to render it. Besides, there are free narcological centers in which each smoker can get the qualified anonymous advice.

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