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10 folk remedies for treatment of myoma

The hysteromyoma is diagnosed more than at a third of women 35 years are more senior. This high-quality new growth which at early stages successfully resolves by means of medicines. It is necessary to resort to an operative measure only when patients too late address specialists, or therapeutic methods do not give the expected effect because of specific features of an organism. Besides, there is a large amount of quite effective folk remedies helping to reduce thoroughly within several months the sizes of a new growth and even completely to get rid of it.

1. Tincture of a shell of pine nuts

The glass скорлупок pine nuts is filled in by 500 ml of vodka and insist 7 days without light access. Accept within half a year on one tablespoon a day. Then do a break for two months and repeat treatment. Reduction or a full rassasyvaniye of a tumor occurs usually after two courses of such therapy.

Настойка скорлупы кедровых орехов

2. Potato juice

To get rid of myoma, it is necessary to drink daily on an empty stomach 100 ml of freshly squeezed potato juice. For its receiving choose only qualitative tubers with completely issued peel (freshly dug potato does not suit for this purpose). Tubers carefully wash out, cut out from them "eyes" (the place of future growth of escapes) and squeeze out juice in any convenient way. Accept within a month and repeat courses repeatedly, alternating them ten-day breaks. The positive effect is swept usually up after half a year of treatment.

Reception of this means can negatively affect work of a stomach. If potato juice is badly perceived by an organism, it is possible to try to accept mix of potato and carrot juice in the ratio 1:1.

Картофельный сок

3. Stone oil

So solution of alum is called (3 g on one liter of boiled water). It is drunk on one glass by three times a day, in 20 minutes prior to food. Reception of means inside can be combined with introduction of the vulval pads impregnated with solution twice of bigger concentration (3 g of alum on 500 ml of water). Packing is done for the night.

4. Tincture of cepes

For preparation of this means fresh cepes crush, fill with them a one-liter jar and add vodka to a neck. Densely closed capacity is drawn in the dark place within two weeks, and then filtered. Accept on twice a day, parting one teaspoon of tincture in 50 ml of water.

Настойка белых грибов

5. Drug from mix of officinal herbs

Mix of petals of a calendula, grass of a plantain, yarrow and camomile (on one tablespoon) fill in 400 ml of boiled water and insist within 8 hours. Accept on one tablespoon of 4-5 times a day. The effect of treatment begins to be shown in half a year.

Препарат из смеси лекарственных трав

6. Hempy seed

These vegetable raw materials are widely applied to treatment of diseases of a female genital. Infusion from a teaspoon of seeds and 200 ml of boiled water helps to struggle with myoma. Means is prepared since evening, in the morning potsezhivat and accept 3 tablespoons 3-4 times during the day (one portion lasts for days).

Конопляное семя

7. Tampons with aloe juice

For preparation of medical solution it is necessary to take 2 teaspoons of juice of a plant and to add to previously warmed mix consisting of honey and propolis (on one teaspoon). The tampon impregnated with the received means is placed in a vagina cavity for the night. It is possible to carry out procedures and in the afternoon, but tampons in this case should be changed every 3-4 hour.

The way is very labor-consuming, but effective – as a rule, the new growth begins to decrease in two months.

Тампоны с соком алоэ

8. Calendula infusion

The myoma diagnosed on the early term of development can try to be liquidated, daily accepting on an empty stomach on a glass of water infusion of a calendula. For preparation of medicine the tablespoon of petals is filled in by 200 ml of boiled water and leave for the night.

Настойка календулы

9. Maryin root

Spirit tincture prepares so: 50 g of the crushed grass of the peony evading (differently, Maryino of a root) fill in 500 ml of vodka and 10-12 days maintain in the dark place. The filtered solution is accepted on 1 tablespoon by 3 times a day within a month. After a week break the course of treatment can be repeated.

Марьин корень

10. Pine-forest uterus

The grass of a pine-forest uterus and burnet medicinal is mixed in equal shares. One tablespoon of medicinal raw materials is filled in with a glass of hot water, insisted 5 minutes and filtered. Means is accepted on one tablespoon by 3 times a day.

Women for whom the hysteromyoma is diagnosed need to know that this new growth is not malignant and will quite respond to treatment. Many cases when myoma disappeared itself, owing to change of a hormonal background with age are known. From this, however, does not follow that the situation can be neglected. Patients with a hysteromyoma have to be under constant observation of the gynecologist who chooses the optimum mode of treatment for each patient (including with use of national methods). Besides, it is important to consider the fact that many means of a plant origin can cause allergic reactions or individual intolerance.

Whether you know that:

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