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5 councils how to save itself from the milkwoman

Such trouble as the milkwoman's attack, at least once in life happened almost to each woman. Prevalence of a disease is explained by the fact that the causative agent of an illness belongs to the so-called opportunistic microflora living on mucous membranes of any human body and which is becoming more active only under favorable conditions. If you had curdled allocations from a vagina, the itch and burning in external genitals disturb, or painful feelings at sexual contacts, so this time it is reliable to resist to the milkwoman to you it was not possible. Let's try to understand what for this purpose is necessary.

Молочница: симптомы, причины

Observance of precautionary measures at treatment by antibiotics

The majority of antibacterial drugs has no selectivity. It means that they work with identical activity both against causative organisms, and against the useful fungi and bacteria living in an organism and constraining reproduction of opportunistic microflora. At any antibacterial treatment there is a risk of development of the milkwoman. In order to avoid negative effect in parallel with long reception of antibiotics usually appoint also antifungal means.

Competent choice of linen

The shorts made of synthetic materials limit access of air to intimate zones of a body. There is an increased temperature and the humidity provoking active reproduction of pathogenic fungi on mucous membranes. Similar problems are created also by wearing too close linen, and also shorts thongs. From this does not follow that synthetic linen, pleasant or suitable to clothes, absolutely cannot be used. It can be done, but only occasionally, and for constant carrying it is necessary to buy the cotton shorts of a classical style which are picked up for the size.

Balanced diet

Surplus of sweet and farinaceous food in a diet promotes activity of opportunistic microflora. The matter is that the bystry carbohydrates which are not processed by an organism at once get to blood and begin to be emitted, getting also on mucous vaginas. As a result the fungi living in a genital tract easily find to themselves food, and have an opportunity to breed. Certainly, one piece of cake or a chocolate will not create such effect, but constant abuse of similar products increases risk of development of the milkwoman.

In a healthy diet the quantity of the products saturated with bystry carbohydrates has to be limited. Necessary caloric content should be supported by means of useful proteins and fats, and also fresh vegetables and fruit which not only are rich with cellulose, but also deliver the vitamins and microelements necessary for preservation of health of immune system in an organism.

At the time of the milkwoman's attack also recommend to exclude from the menu acute, salty, fried dishes and smoked products as all these products create excessive load of digestive tract and prevent bystry treatment.

Рациональное питание как профилактика молочницы

Avoiding of stresses

The increased nervousness and overfatigue nasty affect a condition of immune system. It is established that the people who are constantly experiencing exercise or intellectual stresses are inclined to development of allergic reactions and catarrhal diseases. It concerns also to the milkwoman whose attacks often turn out to be consequence of the endured stresses.

Use of condoms

The milkwoman is not reported sexually, but those diseases which can catch from the sexual partner, negatively influence immunity and promote change of acidity of contents of a vagina. It creates favorable conditions for activity of opportunistic microflora. For this reason use of condoms reduces probability of development of attacks of the milkwoman.

Treatment of the milkwoman assumes use of antifungal drugs as the general, and local action. Modern medicines destroy displays of an illness literally during couple of days, but, unfortunately, do not guarantee against development of a recurrence as the activator continues to live in an organism. Therefore it is necessary to follow a professional advice and to behave carefully in order to avoid repetition of attacks of disease.

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