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7 councils for prevention of a stroke

Stroke (acute disorder of cerebral circulation) – one of the most widespread neurologic diseases. Annually in the world more than 6 million people die of this illness. From the survived patients about 80% become disabled people, and nearly a third from them needs afterwards permanent care. In fact, the stroke creates a situation at which a part of cells of a brain loses blood access, loses an opportunity to receive oxygen and nutrients, and perishes. As a result disturbances of the speech, sight, motive functions, memory and thinking develop. In the absence of urgent medical care the probability of death is very high.

Risk factors of development of a stroke are the idiopathic hypertensia, a diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, heart troubles, disturbances of composition of blood (too big viscosity), addictions (an overeating, smoking, alcohol intake), advanced age. All methods of prevention are connected with minimization of influence of each of these factors on health.

1. Control of arterial pressure

The people having an arterial hypertension become victims of strokes especially often. They have hematencephalons (hemorrhagic strokes). At the same time two options of succession of events are possible: or one of brain vessels is broken off, or blood filters through its wall into surrounding fabrics for some time. Anyway, high pressure (or pressure-jumps) plays the main role in this process. Therefore for the hypertensive person it is very important to keep a situation under control and to regularly take the medicine appointed by the doctor helping to support pressure at optimum level.

At an initial stage the hypertension often develops almost asymptomatically, or is shown by a number of signs (a headache, dizziness, drowsiness) which young people are inclined to consider a consequence of usual fatigue. The neglect the health and ignoring of need of the address to doctors can lead to a hemorrhagic stroke at young age.

Контроль артериального давления

2. Decrease in level of cholesterol

The majority of strokes happen because of narrowing of a gleam of arteries of a brain or their full obstruction (an ischemic stroke). Responsible for a problem in this case are the cholesteric plaques settling on walls of vessels. To minimize probability of development of a disease, it is necessary to adhere to the diet assuming restriction of amount of fats. Besides, it is necessary to consider that not all substances of this kind are harmful to an organism: many of them not only are useful, but also are simply necessary (for example, a polyunsaturated omega-3 and an omega-6 fatty acids). Their receiving with food has to be provided in full.

To people 50 years are more senior it is necessary to take periodically a blood test on a cholesterol level research, and if it does not manage to be lowered by means of a diet, to accept the medicines recommended by the specialist.

Снижение уровня холестерина

3. Regular checks of a condition of heart

Any disturbance of cordial activity (failure of a rhythm, tachycardia, ischemia etc.) creates the raised load of walls of vessels of a brain and increases probability of development of a stroke. It is very important that it was remembered by people who consider that they have no problems with cardiovascular system, and forget about need to check its state. There is a sense regularly to do an ECG, especially after the postponed seasonal diseases (flu and a SARS). At a heavy and long current these illnesses sometimes give complications as a result of which health of heart can significantly worsen. It is not less dangerous "to perekhazhivat" such diseases, without seeing doctors: many serious problems with health begin with such imprudent acts.

Регулярные проверки состояния сердца

4. Maintenance of normal body weight

For the people inclined to a set of excess weight, the risk of disbolism is very high. As a rule, emergence of a diabetes mellitus, sclerotization of vessels, change of rheological properties of blood turns out to be consequence of it. If the person constantly overeats, does not try to reduce body weight, the situation favorable for development of disturbance of cerebral circulation is created.

Поддержание нормальной массы тела

5. Prevention of diabetes

Statistically, existence of a diabetes mellitus increases risk of a stroke by 2,5 times. There is no wonder: at diabetics malfunctions in cardiac performance, the excess weight and a state of disrepair of walls of vessels are practically always observed. Besides, leads disturbances of exchange of glucose to increase in speed of removal of water from an organism. Because of it at patients with diabetes blood often happens too dense.

In order to avoid emergence of the whole complex of premises of development of a stroke, it is necessary to watch a diet, to limit consumption of bystry carbohydrates and to control glucose level in blood, periodically making the corresponding tests.

Профилактика диабета

6. Management of a stress

At the time of nervous tension there is a throw in a blood channel of a large amount of adrenaline. Glucose level sharply increases, heart begins to work more actively, arterial pressure increases. There is single-step load of vessels which can lead to a stroke.

Certainly, completely it is impossible to exclude stresses from our life, but it is worth learning to control at least somewhat the reactions to minimize probability of unpleasant effects. To the people inclined to nervousness, the help of the doctor who will recommend reception of soothing medicines for this purpose can be necessary.

Управление стрессом

7. Organization of a work-rest schedule

It is established that with approach of a garden-garden season the quantity of strokes increases. It occurs because the summer residents who are hundred-held down on the sites begin to potter with the trebled energy with landing and weeding, forgetting that their organisms which weaned from loadings during the winter can not sustain so sharp change.

The risk of development of a stroke increases every time when the person experiences physical overfatigue, does not get enough sleep, without due preparation sharply changes circumstances of the life. It should be considered and to try not to create similar situations.

Организация режима труда и отдыха

For prevention of a stroke it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and an alcohol abuse, lack of physical activity, work without days off and issues in this sense are not less dangerous, than real-life problems with pressure or a metabolism.

The stroke is quite capable to kill the person or it is essential to reduce quality of life, and not only the most sick, but also all his family. It is necessary to remember it and to behave responsibly, without creating excess risk and seeing doctors in case of an indisposition.

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