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Amiksin: an efficient way to quickly cure cold

Cold is such painful that each sigh becomes a victory, heat "knocks" down, and the ache in joints forces to think only of pain. Some people with approach of the first symptoms of cold make the self-sacrificing decision to have a disease standing, and at best to rest in bed with a cup of hot tea. There is an opinion that if not to treat cold, then the organism itself, sooner or later, will overcome an illness. Whether so it? It is known that if in time not to begin treatment, apparently, of harmless cold, it can evolve. For a small period the infection will freely cover the distance from a nasal cavity to a cavity of an ear and will award the self-sacrificing patient with otitis. Or will choose shorter way to a throat and will bring undesirable quinsy. And from quinsy nearby to the neuritis which is followed by distortion of the person not to mention such complications as bronchitis and pneumonia. All of you still think that cold a harmless disease?

Быстрые способы лечения простуды

Any person, even young and healthy, annually catches a cold, has flu and a SARS. On average, we catch a cold from 5 to 10 times a year. Considering that even cold without complications lasts not less than a week whether you are ready to eliminate from the life 70 days in a year and to spend them for painful symptoms? And if cold overtakes on a travel, on the eve of the important event, or you have a small child - it is necessary to start treatment immediately. Quickly it is possible to cure cold, as well as to reduce quantity of diseases in a year. The science continues to serve those who is not ready to put experiments with the health, and health of the family, and wants to lead full-fledged life!

Quickly it is possible to cure cold!

Praparat Amiksin – the safest and effective antiviral and immunomodulator. Active agent of Amiksin is Tiloron who promotes development in an interferon organism. In other words, it helps to be formed to squirrels who struggle in our organism with the viruses interfering in it. Amiksin's safety is caused by the fact that drug is the most studied and already a decade successfully helps with fight against flu and SARS to Russians. Let's consider in what the main advantages of Amiksin before other drugs and as he acts.

Таблетки Амиксин

What indications to Amiksin's use?

Amiksin is irreplaceable for treatment and prevention of flu and a SARS. Drug can be accepted at any stage: after contact with an infection source, during the seasonal outbreaks of infections, at the first symptoms of cold and at complications. Unlike other drugs, it helps development of 4 types of interferon at once, as promotes quickly to cure cold.

If you have indications to Amiksin's reception, it is not necessary to worry about compatibility of medicine with other means applied at viral infections as Amiksin's reception with antibacterial, etiotropic, and symptomatic drugs is absolutely safe.

Medicine Amiksin helps quickly and reduces disease time

Amiksin's action does not "dull" symptoms, and only 4 hours later after reception, drug "awakes" and activates proteins for fight against an infection virus. Amiksin has effect on immunity and increases the general body resistance. At the same time, drug does not introduce alien components in an organism, you are treated at the expense of own resources. Taking medicine Amiksin, you with guarantee, already the first days later, will lighten in symptoms. According to the conducted researches, use of drug reduces fever duration by days, and such unpleasant phenomena as cough, cold, dacryagogue and perspiration - for 3 days.

Amiksin's action at prevention of flu and SARS

Medicine Amiksin will help not only to cure quickly cold, but also not to allow it. We live in a lack of a sunlight and often we face overcooling. Will not be exaggeration to tell that we are ideal victims of flu and SARS. Therefore it is twice important to inhabitants of our latitudes to strengthen immunity: to properly eat, accept vitamins, to have a rest more and to walk in the fresh air. But in beat lives of the modern person are not always the place to rest and walks. Amiksin is immunomodulatory drug, its reception not only reduces time of a disease of flu and SARS, but also prevents their emergence. It is proved that accepting Amiksin have flu and a SARS 3,4 times smaller. You are subject to colds? Had contact with sick flu and SARS? You feel how during the autumn and winter period immunity decreases? Then you should think of prevention of flu and SARS immunomodulatory drug Amiksin!

You should not take medicine Amiksin "on an alarm clock"

How often you forgot to take a medicine? Big advantage at Amiksin's reception is also that it is not necessary to put an alarm clock not to miss the next reception. Amiksin of 125 mg has effect within 24 hours and 1 time a day - the first two days, and on 1 tablet each next 48 hours is accepted. For prevention of flu and a SARS Amiksin it is necessary to accept 6 weeks on 1 tablet weekly. What aim you would not pursue: treatment or prevention - all course makes 6 tablets, and it is only one packaging – economy on the person!

Способ применения Амиксина

High performance of medicine Amiksin in the absence of side reactions

Lack of serious side reactions - feature of drug Amiksin. And such side effects as a fever, nausea, a loss of appetite and frustration of a chair are registered rather seldom and do not demand drug withdrawal. Only at individual sensitivity to Amiksin it is worth stopping drug intake and to see a doctor.

Cold and flu develop in our life unexpectedly therefore it is better to be prepared in advance. Having Amiksin's pack in the home first-aid kit, you protect yourself and the relatives from diseases and increase quality of your life. You will be able quickly to cure unexpected cold where it reached you. It is so valuable: when you are healthy and full of vital forces! Be not ill together with drug Amiksin!

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