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Dietary supplements: real harm and doubtful advantage

Dietary supplements (dietary supplements) for the last decades were so thoroughly included into our life that, apparently, it is already impossible to find the person who at least once did not try them.

Действительно ли биологически активные добавки полезны?

At the same time, most of our compatriots have a vague idea of what dietary supplements as they affect a human body consist of and what differ from the real medicines in. Let's try to understand these questions, and at the same time and to understand, such additives are how necessary for us.

History of emergence of dietary supplements, their structure and appointment

Already in an extreme antiquity people knew that extracts from some plants, and also powders from minerals and the dried-up parts of bodies of animals make positive impact on an organism (take off fatigue, increase mood and vitality, eliminate unpleasant symptoms and t. д). In old times of medicine represented mixes, sometimes quite difficult, extracts and extracts such. Used these drugs for therapy of various illnesses before emergence of synthetic drugs. At the end of the 19th century the world turned facing drugs of a natural origin, mainly for the purpose of the general improvement, extension of life and disposal of existence effects in the developed industrial society (obesity, depressions, neurosises) again.

The enthusiasts who addressed experience of east doctors, and checking effect of the chosen substances on themselves were authors of the first dietary supplements. They created drugs of fortifying action which extended among the relatives (first even for nothing). The real boom happened in the second half of the last century when the additives which were allegedly helping to lose weight, and dispersing on system of network marketing were invented. In the late nineties hobby for Dietary supplements came to Russia and became mass that was promoted much by aggressive advertizing and quite high level of mistrust to official medicine. Today our drugstores and shops offer hundreds of names of additives, the majority they of which, at very high price, can not only be useless, but also do harm to health.

Dietary supplements are the products consisting of extracts of a plant, animal or mineral origin, and intended for optimization of amount of the vitamins, microelements and some other components necessary for normal life activity of an organism. According to specialists, at the balanced food of people has to consume more than 600 various substances daily. The diet of people who do not follow the rules of healthy food does not conform to such requirements. Therefore there is a sense in that to receive some components in the concentrated view from the certain drugs which are correctly made safe and available at cost. Ideally, dietary supplements also have to carry out a role of these drugs.

Why the use of dietary supplements can be dangerous?

If the composition of dietary supplement completely corresponds declared on packaging, drug is produced with observance of all production and sanitary and hygienic requirements, similar parameters were not broken at its storage and implementation, need of these substances for the specific person is precisely established, dietary supplement, undoubtedly, will bring real benefit. The trouble is that coincidence of all these conditions – it is rather an exception, than the rule. In reality dietary supplements do more harm, than advantage.

Main reasons for it following:

  • Requirements imposed by the state to dietary supplements are much softer, than to medicines. Dietary supplements should not pass obligatory clinical tests, their quality and structure are just declared by the producer. It means that the firm producing additive makes the statement for what it consists of and as the product works, and compliance of these statements of reality remains on her conscience;
  • In programs of medical educational institutions courses in specifics of use of dietary supplements are absent. It turns out that not only consumers of additives, but also doctors have no sufficient knowledge of influence of similar products on a human body, its compatibility with medicines, side effect and other major nuances;
  • Dietary supplements very often are implemented by the organizations and persons who do not have any right to carry out similar activity;
  • Advertizing dietary supplements in most cases does not correspond to their real qualities, it is unfair and incorrect;
  • Considerable part of the additives which are available in the market is produced from low-quality raw materials or contains components hazardous to health.

When the person is going to improve the health by means of dietary supplements, to dissuade him is difficult. As a rule, such decision is preceded disappointment in treatment, by fear of surgical intervention, heavy state of mind. However some care is possible even in such situation. Before buying, as a rule, expensive drug, it is necessary to consider the following: dietary supplements can be never and under no circumstances used as drugs. Everyone who approves the return breaks the law (even if it is the practicing doctor). Besides, reliable information about action of the majority of dietary supplements on a human body simply does not exist. Therefore recommendations of the people who were allegedly influenced "miracle cure" cannot be credible: what helped them can damage to you. Anyway, it is better to find the conscientious doctor for the same money and to follow his recommendations, than to add effect of not studied drug to the illness.

Good luck, and if ached – are treated competently!

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