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3 main reasons for male infertility

Impossibility to conceive the child – a trouble of many Russian families. During quite long time was considered that main "culprits" of troubles such are women. Modern physicians claim that the situation is different: about a half of failures in attempts of reproduction are connected with male infertility. At the same time it is not about potentiality problems. Disturbances of a spermatogenesis and release of sperm in the course of normal sexual contact are considered only. Not today specialists allocate three types of the reasons of male infertility which we also will consider.

Секреторный фактор - одна из причин мужского бесплодия

Secretory factor

The pathologies which are expressed in reduction of quantity, quality and mobility of spermatozoa are so designated. They can arise because of:

  • Hormonal failures. Most often the spermatogenesis problems connected with a diabetes mellitus or disturbances of work of a thyroid gland meet. Also obesity and reception of hormonal medicines not in the best way affect function of a producing spermatozoa;
  • Inflammatory and infectious diseases. For example, the epidemic parotitis (mumps) postponed in the childhood leads to male infertility. Besides, many illnesses, sexually transmitted, provoke development of chronic inflammatory processes in a prostate;
  • The wrong temperature condition in a scrotum. It is necessary for a producing active spermatozoa that around testicles temperature about 35 degrees was maintained. There are several diseases at which this condition is not met. Hernia and dropsy of testicles, a cryptorchism (not omission of one of testicles in a scrotum), to the varikotsela (a scrotum phlebectasia) concern to them, for example. Besides, disturbance of temperature condition is promoted too by frequentation of a bath or a sauna, excessive hobby for power trainings or, on the contrary, a sedentary life;
  • Unhealthy way of life. Both the quantity, and quality of spermatozoa suffer at the uncontrolled use of fast food, sweets or fat food. Alcohol and nicotine have pernicious effect. Risk to receive problems with a spermatogenesis and the men working at a harmful factory (in hot workshops or in the industry connected with use of radiation or toxics);
  • Reception of some drugs. Treatment by anticonvulsants, and also the drugs applied in oncology badly is reflected in a spermatogenesis.

The general improvement of an organism, refusal of addictions and antiinflammatory therapy, as a rule, help to increase quality of sperm. Such illnesses as hernia of testicles and to the varikotsela, are treated in the surgical way. On a complete recovery after operation from 3 to 6 months usually leave.

Immunological factor

About 10% of cases of infertility are explained by the fact that the organism of the man begins to allocate antibodies to own sperm. The reasons of such reaction manage to be found not always. Under the influence of antibodies spermatozoa agglutinate (stick together) and lose ability to fertilization. The situation can be revealed by so-called MAR test. If its result is more than 50%, it is possible to speak about immunological infertility. It is impossible to eliminate agglutination of spermatozoa, as a rule. At test result about 100% conception is possible only by means of the EKO procedure with use of donor sperm.

Obturatsionny factor

This general name of the cases of infertility connected with emergence of barriers in semyavyvodyashchy ways. Can be the reasons of their emergence:

  • Inborn pathologies;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • Injuries of generative organs;
  • Cysts;
  • Tumors of various origin.

Травмы половых органов и опухоли - возможные причины мужского бесплодия

In any of these cases the question is not in quality of sperm, and that it cannot freely move to time of sexual contact. As a rule, it is possible to remove an obstacle in the surgical way and to recover a possibility of conception.

The problem when the married couple wants for a long time, but cannot bring the child, is not solved without full inspection of the man. It needs to be done at the initial stages of studying of a condition of couple as diagnosis of male infertility simpler and quicker, than studying of disturbances of the most difficult process of the conception happening in the woman's organism.

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