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7 myths about fitness

For the city dweller the fitness is the most convenient sport. It is enough to acquire the subscription to the gym to get access to various apparatuses and an opportunity to train under the leadership of the experienced consultant. Many consider fitness the best way of maintenance of physical shape and receiving dynamic loads which the people occupied preferential with brainwork so need. Nevertheless, ideas of most of consumers of similar services of specifics of this sport often not absolutely are true. Here only the most famous myths about fitness occurring among our compatriots.

1. Power loadings save from fat in problem zones

This very popular belief doing a lot of harm. Many women exhaust themselves in gyms, hoping to get rid by means of power exercises of the ugly fatty "traps" located in hips and buttocks. Actually these efforts are absolutely useless. Power loadings are intended for strengthening of muscles and creation of beautiful muscular "corset", but are inapplicable in fight against the deposits of subcutaneous fat arising owing to hormonal failure and disbolism.

Силовые нагрузки избавляют от жира в проблемных зонах

2. Stomach exercises promote creation of a beautiful waist

To reduce the volume of a waist and to develop a slim figure by means of special exercises for a rating of a press it is impossible. Such occupations promote development of belly muscles, but cannot save the person from the extra kilos which collected because of an unhealthy way of life and improper feeding. The problem of improvement of a figure demands the integrated approach including a reasonable diet and regular (at least three weekly) classes in the gym in the individual program.

Упражнения для пресса способствуют созданию красивой талии

3. The fitness helps to correct a shape of a breast

By means of exercises it is possible to strengthen muscles and to achieve small lifting of a breast. At the same time loadings have to be dosed strictly as any overstrain of muscles of this part of a body can do harm to health. The definitive repair of a shape of a breast is possible only by surgical intervention.

Фитнес помогает скорректировать форму груди

4. Going in for fitness, it is possible to lose weight without food restrictions

To show, this statement is how incorrect, we will give a simple example: for burning of 500 kcal which are contained in one small cake it is necessary to be engaged actively on the exercise bike or a racetrack within 4-5 hours. It is obvious that at regular trainings by fitness the rigid diet is not necessary (and it is even harmful), but in food in this case nevertheless not to do without restrictions.

During the training a lot of energy is spent, and appetite is played. That nutrients were acquired by an organism optimum, doctors advise to eat food not later than in one or one and a half hours after classes.

Занимаясь фитнесом, можно похудеть без пищевых ограничений

5. Alternating exercises, you grow thin quicker

For a warming up before major activities often use special trainings which are called interval. They are intended for short-term loading of all groups of muscles, and really consist of the alternating exercises.

Interval trainings are very useful to increase in the general tone of an organism, but they almost do not influence intensity of process of weight loss.

Чередуя упражнения, худеешь быстрее

6. Morning occupations are much more effective than evening

For most of people this is true, but only provided that, starting occupations, the person will be vigorous and well slept. Besides, for one or one and a half hours prior to a training it is necessary to have breakfast fully, and after the gym to take rest a little before to get to work. For the modern citizen these conditions are exigeant, in any case, on weekdays. It is much simpler to train after day of work. That the fitness brought the expected effect, occupations have to be planned taking into account this circumstance.

Утренние занятия гораздо эффективнее вечерних

7. After the training of a muscle have to be ill

Many consider that if after the training the body does not hurt, then loadings were insufficient. Actually truly opposite: muscle pain is felt as a result of accumulation of lactic acid or emergence of microtraumas. In the first case the mode of occupations needs to be corrected towards decrease in their intensity, and in the second – to see a doctor. If loadings are planned optimum, after performance of a set of exercises of people should not feel anything, except easy pleasant fatigue.

После тренировки мышцы должны болеть

Fitness – successful option of occupations for the people aiming to avoid hypodynamia effects, to achieve the general improvement of an organism, increase in a tone of muscles and maintenance of sportswear. Such trainings have to be combined with a reasonable diet, refusal of addictions, observance of a sleep pattern and wakefulness. It is optimum to add a recreational complex with swimming and easy exercise stresses in the fresh air (for example, run or foot walks). The professional coach considering specific features of the ward and the recommendation of his attending physician has to be engaged in selection of exercises which the person carries out in the gym.

Whether you know that:

The weight of a human brain makes about 2% of all body weight, however it consumes about 20% of the oxygen coming to blood. This fact does a human brain extremely susceptible to the damages caused by shortage of oxygen.