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5 symptoms at which it is necessary to address the endocrinologist

The endocrine system carries out extremely important role in a human body, practically all processes of life activity are regulated by it. Closed glands (hemadens) produce special biologically active agents – hormones which then get to a blood channel and are transferred to bodies addressees, or as they are called still, to target organs. Frustration of this mechanism are fraught with development of serious chronic pathologies.

Когда стоит обратиться к эндокринологу: важные симптомы

Meanwhile, deficit or excess of any hormone is shown by painful symptoms not always. Signs of malfunctions in work of endocrine system often confuse to an easy indisposition. In such situations people often self-medicate, or in general ignore small deteriorations in health, thereby starting a disease and reducing chances of recovery. We decided to acquaint readers with those symptoms which demand immediate consultation of the endocrinologist.

Irritation in a throat

Unpleasant feelings when swallowing, burning or irritation in a throat, most of us got used to connect change of a timbre of a voice with cold or seasonal viral infections. If malfunctions such are not followed by strong fervescence, we often do not even address the therapist, assured that we will be able to cope with an indisposition by means of the lollipops "from a throat" or rinsings. Meanwhile, regular emergence of these symptoms can demonstrate failure in work of a thyroid gland. For example, defeat of phonatory bands and hoarseness of a voice sometimes develop as a result of a hypothyroidism, and regeneration of fabrics of gland with the advent of small knots leads to irritation in a throat.

Active loss or rapid growth of hair

Growth rate of hair on the head and body is closely connected with a hormonal background. So, excessive pilosis of the person and a hair loss in a forehead at women demonstrates disturbance of work of female gonads and shift of balance towards dominance of men's hormones.

Signs of pathological process should not be confused to the natural phenomenon: daily loss of a small amount of hair.

Sharp change of body weight

Metabolic rate is regulated by harmonious work of a hypophysis, adrenal glands and a pancreas. When these bodies function normally, the body weight of the person remains to a constant, or changes for a long time. A Bystry set of weight or sudden weight loss can demonstrate existence of endocrine pathologies. If at the same time there are unjustified changes of appetite, feeling of dryness in a mouth and constant thirst, the speeded-up urination, a skin itch, burning and pain in calves of legs, visual acuity falling is observed, this complex of symptoms speaks about disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism and possible development of a diabetes mellitus.

Hyperfunction of a thyroid gland usually is followed by sharp increase in appetite in combination with increase of a chair and weight loss. Signs of a hypothyroidism are the puffiness and a set of excess weight connected with delay of metabolic processes.


The nervous system of the person sensitively reacts to hormonal failures. Hormonal frustration can be shown by irritability, hyperexcitability, inexplicable changeability of mood (sudden tearfulness, sensitivity or uncontrollable, a little hysterical gaiety).

Such phenomena very seldom become the reason of visits to the doctor: most of people are inclined to explain them with usual overfatigue, stresses, household or office disorders.

Першение в горле: симптом, при котором стоит обратиться к эндокринологу

Problems with concentration of attention

It is a frequent symptom of a hypothyroidism. Patients complain of impossibility to concentrate even on usual things, complexity with switching of attention, the slowed-down perception of information. They have a feeling of constant drowsiness, unwillingness to be engaged in usual things, uneasiness, constant fears something not to be in time in combination with low working capacity.

Other symptoms

At endocrine disturbances the increased perspiration, causeless attacks with alternation of increase and fall of temperature of a body (the patient "goes hot, during cold"), headaches, failures of a cordial rhythm can be observed. Women often complain of instability of a menstrual cycle. Symptoms are usually shown in a complex.

Symptoms of pathologies of hemadens, as a rule, first not really strongly reduce quality of life of the patient, rather they are shown as an easy, but persuasive indisposition. It is indifferently extremely dangerous to treat a similar situation: if the disease takes the chronic form, it will be extremely difficult to recover. Therefore, having noticed at itself the described signs, it is necessary to consult with the endocrinologist.

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