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Top-5 main reasons of obesity

Obesity is called a disease of 21 centuries, for the last 100 years the number of the people suffering from excess body weight considerably increased. Statistically, on Earth already about 1,5 billion corpulent people, and 500 million from them have the extreme degree of completeness negatively affecting quality and duration of their life. What served as the reason of growth of stout persons on the planet? How not to get to their ranks? Let's consider five main premises for increase in body weight in the conditions of the present.

1. Slow-moving way of life

Among the main reasons of obesity the palm belongs to a passive way of life. The modern person is spoiled: transport brings him to the destination, house assistants facilitate life, and online stores save from need to leave the house to make purchase. Technical progress, saving time, deprives of health. The organism created to spend energy begins to accumulate its excesses in fabrics, muscles, vessels. Against the background of lack of exercise stresses the hypodynamia − the disease which is extensively breaking functions of a musculoskeletal system, digestive organs, breath develops, and especially − cardiovascular system, increasing risk of death from a stroke twice. And the reason of so catastrophic effects is quite innocent: the useful benefits of a civilization which abused.

Малоподвижный образ жизни

What is advised by doctors? To remember importance of an exercise stress, using any opportunity to walk on foot, to rise without the elevator, to play with the child. The price of health is small: only 40 minutes of intensive activity a day, and the enemy under the name "obesity" will not have chances.

2. Improper feeding

If the lack of the movement is followed by the unhealthy use of food, we will not avert excess weight. The modern culture of life affected not only a way of life of the person, but also character of its food. Today we have a wide choice of products which process of production the civilization concerned. Our diet is sated with appetizing sweets, flour, smoked products − artificial dishes which litter an organism, are badly acquired and do not give to an organism anything, except short-term flash of pleasure and bystry carbohydrates. Only 20% of a diet of the average person make vegetables, fruit and wholegrain products. Under the pressure of flavoring additives he even more often prefers useful tasty, and long food in preparation − fast food.

Неправильное питание

Disturbances of digestive process are provoked not only by inadequate diet, but also non-compliance with a diet (refusal of a breakfast, rare meals, an overeating for the night), and also the long storage of food destroying nutrients.

Councils of nutritionists are categorical: to reduce risk of obesity, it is necessary to reconsider a power supply system, having refused accustomed excessive use of "vkusnyashka" in favor of gifts of the mother nature. So, the amount of vegetables and fruit in a healthy diet of the person has to make not less than 60%, and these are 4-5 portions a day.

3. Non-compliance with a day regimen

To surprise of many, lack of a day regimen and night rest also is the powerful reason of bystry set of excess weight. The chaotic dream, a chronic sleep debt, laying in a bed after 22 hours cause decrease in blood of a leptin − the hormone which is responsible for content with food. Its absence becomes the serious reason of an overeating: the person eats, but cannot be sated. Besides, the healthy 8-hour sleep without breaks promotes decrease in blood of "stress hormone the" of cortisol stimulating destruction of proteins and accumulation of glucose in blood. The correct day regimen − is a powerful component of normal body weight, and neglect it nullifies all preventive measures, even controlling the appetite, to manage effects of hormones of people not in forces.

Несоблюдение режима дня

4. Addictions

Smoking is often considered an efficient way of decrease in body weight, but it no more than a delusion. Actually the addiction is premises of future problems with excess weight. Muffling appetite for a while, nicotine causes the subsequent explosion of the receptors sending signals to a brain of feeling of hunger. The person or again undertakes a cigarette, or begins to absorb food with the doubled force, filling shortage of narcotic substance with "pleasure hormone".

However on it harmful influence of smoking on an organism does not come to an end. Nicotine reduces amount of the enzymes necessary for digestion of food reduces its nutritional value and causes disturbances in work of digestive tract. Under the pressure of toxins the organism begins "to hand over positions", breaking processes of processing and absorption of fats, and also useful substances. And to what leads the slowed-down metabolism, all know.

Вредные привычки

Besides, It should be noted one more lack of nicotine: the shortage of oxygen provoked by substance in fabrics does any physical exercises from the point of view of fight against excess weight absolutely useless. Here so − at one stroke − smoking pulls out some more bricks from the base under the name "healthy body weight".

5. Stresses

The stress is called the faithful companion of excess weight not accidentally. The dissatisfied, suppressed, grumbling person lacks for serotonin − the "pleasure hormone" answering not only for degree of satisfaction with life, but also for a good dream, a social behavior, memory and many other functions of an organism. Suppliers of serotonin are not only pleasant events in life, but also food − in particular, starch-containing products and sweets. So, the person, choosing the easiest way to lighten the mood, "jams" the depression. However easy − correct does not mean. Starch is split to glucose which level in blood not only quickly falls, provoking the next splash in discontent, but also promotes a set of excess weight.


Specialists advise to fight not against the investigation, and the reason: instead of artificially lightening itself the mood, it is necessary to remove the stress causes. And if that arises, to reduce its manifestation in other ways: to sleep not less than 8 hours a day, to walk under sunshine, and also to be engaged more in the fact that the pleasure brings.

Whether you know that:

During life the average person develops neither more nor less two big pools of saliva.