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Useful properties of a quince

Fruits of a quince contain PP, A, C vitamins, E, B6, B2, B1, potassium, copper, lemon and apple, hydroxy-malonic acids, pectin. In 100 g of a ripe quince 8,9 g of carbohydrates among which 7 g are a fructose, and all the rest – sucrose and glucose contain.

Such useful properties of a quince are known: knitting, diuretic, antiseptic, fortifying, styptic. Thanks to the content of cellulose and lack of cholesterol the quince is useful to weight loss and clarification of an organism.

To treatment and strengthening of an organism apply seeds, juice and fresh fruits of a quince.


Useful properties of a quince use for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular system, a digestive tract, kidneys of an anemia, bronchial asthma, for a stop of uterine bleedings, elimination of a dry and loose cough, healing of anal fissures, burns and skin irritations, inflammations in an oral cavity (a paradontosis, an ulitis).

For improvement of appetite, a stop of uterine bleedings cook broth from a dry ripe quince: 10 g of fruits fill in 100 ml of the boiling water. Accept on one tablespoon to food.

At pathologies of a liver and for elimination of vomiting use the boiled and wiped quince.

Fresh fruits, juice are useful at the disturbances of digestion which are followed by bleeding and diarrhea. The fresh quince is effective as diuretic in complex treatment of heart diseases and as the means preventing anemia after a long disease.

Syrup of a quince is drunk at an anemia. That to prepare it, the ripe quince is cut, filled in with water and boiled to a softening of pieces. Later from them wring out juice and well uvarivat it.

The knitting properties of a quince apply at diarrhea, a blood spitting - prepare and drink quince seeds decoction. It is possible to apply broth and outwardly: grease skin for its mitigation, rinse a throat at an inflammation, foment for eyes.

For healing of anal fissures do local poultices of juice of fruits of a quince.

At inflammations of gums foment from slime of seeds of a quince. That it to prepare 10 g of seeds fill in 200 ml of warm water and stir up 7-9 minutes. Seeds have to be whole, it is impossible to crush them since because of it the toxic agent dl-mandelonitrile gentiobioside turning in a stomach into cyanide is emitted.

The prepared slime thanks to the enveloping, expectorant properties of a quince can be applied at bronchitis, diarrhea, GIT ulcers, colitis. Accept slime on a tablespoon 3-4 times daily in 30 minutes after meal. Slime it is possible to process burns and irritations on skin.

Leaves of a quince are capable to weaken and stop attacks of bronchial asthma. Prepare infusion from leaves: 5 g of leaves fill in 250 ml of hot water and boil 15 more minutes on the water bath. Drink infusion on two spoons table 3-4 times every day to food. No more than three days, store it in the refrigerator.

Джем из айвы

From seeds, leaves of fruit it is possible to do tea which has diuretic effect and therefore it is effective at pathologies of kidneys. For its preparation 250 ml of boiled water fill in dry leaves (1 tablespoon), boil 5-6 more minutes, cool, filter. It is necessary to take medical drink every day 3 times on a tablespoon.

Contraindications to use of a quince

The quince is harmful at a lock, pleurisy. It is necessary to know also that down on a thin skin of fruit is harmful to a throat, the voice and therefore is not recommended to the use to singers. Therefore before the use down from quince fruits is carefully removed a sponge.

To buy really useful quince, buy the big and dense, evenly painted in yellow or orange color fruits without dents. Fruits badly transfer a shake-up therefore to keep useful properties of a quince it carefully get home, and put in the refrigerator where it can be stored in the whole look 2 months.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.