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Myelipathy — damage of a spinal cord which can arise at various diseases.

Myelipathy symptoms:

The disease usually develops gradually. At many patients pains and restriction of movements in cervical department of a backbone are noted. Spastic paresis and disturbance of deep sensitivity in legs in combination with peripheral paresis in hands are typical. Lermitt's symptom is quite often observed: feeling of passing of electric current along a backbone with irradiation in hands and/or legs during the bending or extension of a neck. In rare instances there are dysfunctions of pelvic bodies. At many patients the myelipathy is combined with a cervical radiculopathy. At inspection of the patient results of a spondilografiya and MRT which allow not only to reveal a spondylosis and/or hernias of intervertebral disks at the cervical level with deformation of a spinal cord are important, but also to exclude other possible reasons of a compression of a spinal cord (a tumor of a spinal cord, kraniovertebralny anomaly, etc.). Unlike a side amyotrophic sclerosis at a spondilogenny myelipathy there are no bulbar frustration (a dysphagy, a dysphonia, a dysarthtia), diffusion fastsikulyation and characteristic changes at a needle electromyography, but sensitive frustration, typically slow progressing of a disease often meet.

Myelipathy reasons:

if others the cervical department of a spinal cord owing to osteochondrosis and/or a spondylosis (a vertebrogenny cervical myelipathy) is surprised. The myelipathy can develop at an inborn stenosis of the vertebral channel, kraniovertebralny anomaly, an injury or a prelum of a spinal cord a tumor, and also at cirrhosis, a vitamin deficiency In, E, Lyme's diseases (borreliosis), a pseudorheumatism, after chemotherapy (adriamycin, a methotrexate, tsitoziny, Vincristinum), radiation therapy, epidural anesthesia or as a paraneoplastic syndrome.
The Vertebrogenny cervical myelipathy arises preferential at persons of middle and advanced age. At most of people changes (a spondylosis and/or osteochondrosis) in cervical department of a backbone develop with age, however only in isolated cases there is a myelipathy in which genesis the compression of a spinal cord or its vessels is supposed back osteophytes, a reinforced yellow sheaf, hernias of intervertebral disks.

Treatment of the Myelipathy:

Treatment of a vertebrogenny myelipathy is based on an immobilization of cervical department of a backbone (carrying a cervical corset), physiotherapeutic procedures (an electrophoresis, ultrasound, massage, etc.), use of NPVS at pains, and also vasoactive and metabolic drugs. When conservative therapy is inefficient and increase of symptoms of a disease with considerable motive and sensitive frustration is observed, surgical treatment — decompressive operation at the cervical level is recommended.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Myelipathy:

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