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Hypomenstrual molimina


Hypomenstrual molimina call the disturbance of a menstrual cycle which is expressed weakening of periods. There are following kinds of a hypomenstrual molimina: a hypomenorrhea (reduction of amount of menstrual blood to 25 ml and less); an oligomenorrhea  (duration of periods is reduced up to two and less days); an opsomenorrhea, or брадименорея (the late periods with the extended interval - 5 - 8 weeks) and спаниоменорея (extremely rare periods -  2-4 times a year).

Most often the combination of various forms of a hypomenstrual molimina meets: hypo - and an oligomenorrhea; hypo - and an opsomenorrhea, etc. Quite often hypomenstrual molimina precedes an amenorrhea.

Symptoms of the Gipomenstrualny syndrome:

Rare periods are, as a rule, connected with an urezheniye of process of maturing of follicles in an ovary. Maturing of a new follicle begins after periods only after a while.

Quite often above-stated types of a hypomenstrual molimina are combined.

After more or less long pause there are a new ovarian cycle (maturing of a follicle, an ovulation, maturing of a yellow body) and the corresponding cyclic changes in an endometria. At the same time the main phases of ovarian and uterine cycles can be changed: the first phase of a cycle is stretched, the second — is shortened as quite often there occurs bystry regress of a defective yellow body.
Lead all unfavorable conditions lowering function of ovaries to easing and an urezheniye of periods.

The hypomenstrual molimina which is a consequence of gipotalamo-pituitary and ovarian insufficiency arises in connection with the same reasons which cause an amenorrhea, i.e. all adverse factors promoting emergence of a hypo-ovaria. Depending on different conditions (a condition of an organism, environmental factors, etc.) the same reason in one women causes weakening of periods, and in others — more or less long amenorrhea. The hypomenstrual molimina is quite often observed during puberty and during a climax.

Distinguish primary and secondary hypomenstrual molimina. Primary hypomenstrual molimina – arises since the beginning of emergence of periods. Secondary — there is an easing, shortening and an urezheniye of earlier normal periods.

Reasons of the Gipomenstrualny syndrome:

The main reasons of a hypomenstrual molimina — scanty, short and rare periods are hypofunction of an adenohypophysis and ovaries, an adrenogenital syndrome, a sclerocystosis of ovaries. Changes in an endometria matter also (tuberculosis, unions after a rough scraping). Insufficient products of sex hormones become the reason insufficient blood supply of a uterus and inferiority of cyclic transformations of an endometria.

Treatment of the Gipomenstrualny syndrome:

At a hypomenstrual molimina treatment of a basic disease is carried out. In case of need the hormones, physical therapy and other methods directed to recovery of a menstrual cycle are in addition appointed.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Gipomenstrualny syndrome:

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