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Pharmacological properties


Almagelum represents the first antiacid drug. Antacids are intended for treatment of kislotozavisimy diseases of digestive tract by neutralization of the hydrochloric acid which is contained in a gastric juice. The active component which is a part of Almagelum – aluminum hydroxide – became a basis for production of a number of antiacid drugs. Aluminum hydroxide, coming into contact with hydrochloric acid, neutralizes it by formation of aluminum chloride. Also magnesium hydroxide which, in addition to neutralization of hydrochloric acid, eliminates ability of aluminum chloride to provoke locks is a part of Almagelum. Active use of Almagelum in medical practice is caused by the antiacid, enveloping, gastroprotektorny and adsorbing properties of drug. Thanks to the D-sorbite which is a part of Almagelum, drug is capable to perform functions of a purgative and to strengthen bile secretion.

Action of Almagelum is observed during a long period. Drug for the second time does not strengthen release of hydrochloric acid and does not cause a meteorism as regulation of acidity of hydrochloric acid happens evenly without vesiculation of carbon dioxide. Use of Almagelum does not provoke sharp shift of pH of a stomach in the alkaline party, does not cause increase in pH of blood, and also does not break water and electrolytic balance and does not promote a lithogenesis in urinary tract. The structure of Almagelum And includes still benzocaine which has the expressed local anesthetic effect at a pain syndrome.

Almagelum is issued in the form of gel that allows drug to be distributed evenly on a mucous membrane of a stomach, thereby having more effective and long effect. The therapeutic effect begins in 3-5 minutes after reception of a single dose of drug and about 70 minutes last.

Indications to use of Almagelum

This drug is recommended for use at the following diseases:

- acute gastritis with a hyperoxemia;

- peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum (aggravation period);

- esophagitis;

- enteritis, duodenitis;

- food toxicoinfections;

- meteorism;

- hernia of an esophageal opening in a diaphragm;

- abdominal pains or discomfort after excessive reception of nicotine, coffee, alcohol, reception of various medicines, disturbances in a diet.

In case of the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs use of Almagelum in the preventive purposes is reasonable.

Application instruction Almagelum

This drug exclusively inside is accepted, before the use the bottle should be shaken up. According to the instruction to use, Almagelum is appointed the adult on 1-2 teaspoons, at insufficient effect the single dose is increased to 3 teaspoons. The maximum daily dose of drug should not exceed 16 teaspoons. To children up to 10 years it is appointed 1/3 from the adult's dose, and from 10 to 15 years – 1/2 adult doses. It is necessary to accept Almagelum 4 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food and before going to bed. The course of treatment this drug lasts about 14 days.

Duration of use of Almagelum at pregnancy should not exceed three days.

Therapy needs to be begun with Almagelum And if the disease is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and a pain syndrome. After disappearance of these symptoms it is necessary to pass to use of Almagelum.

Side effects

Clinical trials showed that in some cases at use of Almagelum emergence of such side effects as vomiting, nausea, change of flavoring feelings, stomach aches and a lock is possible. At reception of high doses of drug there is a drowsiness.

Long reception of high doses of Almagelum with the simultaneous use of food poor in phosphorus can provoke development of deficit of phosphorus in an organism, strengthening of absorption and release of calcium with urine, emergence of osteomalacy.


According to the instruction to use, it is not necessary to appoint Almagelum in the following cases:

  • at the expressed renal failure;
  • at a disease Alzheimer;
  • to children up to 10 years;
  • at hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • at a hypophosphatemia;
  • at inborn intolerance of fructose.

With care drug is appointed to the feeding women, patients with a heavy lock, ulcer colitis, chronic diarrhea, stomach aches of not clear origin.

Expediency of use of Almagelum at pregnancy is defined by the attending physician.

Additional information

Альмагель НеоAlmagelum period of validity – 5 years. It is necessary to store in well corked container in cool (from 5 to 150C – the optimum temperature of storage) and the place protected from light.

Almagelum Neo is one of types of Almagelum, one of actions of which is directed to decrease in formation of gases in intestines. Adsorption of intestinal gases and absorption by their mucous membrane happens thanks to a simetikon which contains in Almagelum Neo. This drug is recommended at the diseases of digestive tract which are followed by a meteorism.

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