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Pneumonitis — one of group of the diseases called intersticial pulmonary diseases. At them there is a chronic inflammation and scarring of alveoluses and the structures (interstitium) supporting them. Hems in alveoluses interfere with adequate transport of oxygen in blood. Sometimes in lungs liquid collects, and breath is at a loss even stronger.

При пневмоните происходит рубцевание альвеол

At a pneumonitis there is a scarring of alveoluses

Pneumonitis symptoms:

The pneumonitis can be acute, fulminating or chronic, leading to development of various disturbances of breath. Symptoms of a pneumonitis include short wind and cough.

Pneumonitis reasons:

The disease often is caused by hit in a human body of various viruses, however in certain cases it is not possible to establish the reason of its development.

Treatment of the Pneumonitis:

Usually the pneumonitis will not give in to treatment by antibiotics, however it is possible to achieve simplification of a condition of the patient by means of corticosteroids.

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