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White currant

White currant – a listopadny bush from family Gooseberry with colourless berries. In height the plant reaches 1-1,5 meters, in especially favorable conditions can grow to 2,5 meters. Has powerful root system, and in the structure and structure it is very similar to currant red.

Белая смородина

Leaves three-blade with gear edges. From the upper party leaves are more dark, than from internal. Blossoms the small green or yellow petals collected in a brush. Preferential blossoming takes place in May, and fructification – in June-July. Fruits have white and slightly yellowish shade, on taste with pleasure - acid, round, with a diameter up to 10 mm, hanging down in trailing clusters.

The most popular and widespread grade of white currant is Versailles white. Also grades Smolyaninovsky, Yuterborgsky and Dutch enjoy popularity.

As well as other types, white currant it is widely applied in cookery. It is added to desserts, pastries and sauces, cook jam and compotes. Do tasty wine and tincture of white currant.

Structure and caloric content of white currant

Berries of white currant contain fats, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, di - and monosaccharides. It is rich with group B vitamins, vitamins A, E, P and such macrocells as phosphorus, potassium, sodium magnesium. It contains and a microelement – iron.

Caloric content of white currant makes about 40 kcal on 100 g of a product.

Useful properties of white currant

In spite of the fact that it is much more difficult to meet white currant on seasonal dachas, than red or black, its fruits are rich with very useful substances – vitamins, organic acids, sugars. Besides, unlike blackcurrant, this berry is rich with the pectins which are favorably influencing blood and bringing out of an organism of salt of heavy metals.

Berries of white currant do not differ in such fragility as at blackcurrant therefore they remain on a bush longer and can not be showered till latest fall. It is much easier to grow up white currant as she is not afraid of a drought and bears good fruits both in hot droughty summer, and in rainy weather.

The phytotherapeutic value of white currant is slightly lower, than black as it contains about 5 times less ascorbic acid. However the content of iron and potassium, so necessary for vessels and heart, in white currant above.

If to speak about useful properties of white currant, then it is very valuable berry culture.

There is even a belief that for itself it is necessary to plant white currant, for children – red, and for grandsons – black. Actually white currant is especially useful to small children as due to the lack of dyes it does not cause an allergy, promotes full-fledged cardiac performance and improves composition of blood.

The ascorbic acid which is contained in berries serves as the biocatalyst of fermental processes in a human body. According to scientific research it was proved that any currant activates process of a metabolism in an organism already later a quarter of hour after it was eaten.

Vitamin A promotes immunity strengthening, stimulates cellular exchange and improves sight. Also vitamin A interferes with a senilism of an organism and prevents formation of tumors. Curative effect of this vitamin saves an organism from a harmful radiation effect and tobacco smoke.

Useful properties of white currant consist also in high concentration in it of vitamin P which clears vessels, does them elastic, normalizes composition of blood, activates biliation, functions of bark of adrenal glands and strengthens liver cells. And the vitamin P combination to ascorbic acid protects an organism from development of atherosclerosis.

High content of vitamin E does white currant practically by a youth elixir. Thanks to this valuable vitamin of berry of currant are excellent anti-sclerous means, slow down process of aging of an organism, protect from a cataract, protect from action of free radicals, and also significantly improve reproductive function.

Пирог с белой смородиной

Vitamins of group B participate in protein synthesis and fats, strengthen a nervous system and vessels of a brain, improve memory and help to transfer better stresses and psychoemotional loadings to which each person is subject presently.

High content of mineral substances does useful the use of white currant for strengthening of immunity and a cardiac muscle. The pectins which are a part of berries bring "bad" cholesterol out of an organism, clear vessels and are fine prevention from cardiovascular diseases. Pectins can be carried to antidotes as they promote removal from an organism of harmful substances safely. And the organic acids which are contained in white currant actively fight against causative agents of intestinal infections and promote digestion.

Thus, if to eat only one tablespoon of these wonderful berries daily, then useful properties of white currant will not be slow to affect an organism. In addition, these white tasty berries perfectly satisfy thirst.


Despite numerous useful properties, white currant has also contraindications. It is not recommended to use, for example, it at gastritis with a hyperoxemia, stomach ulcer and a 12-perstny gut.

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