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Useful properties of beans

The main advantage of beans – an opportunity to receive the phytalbumin which is contained in them in a large number that is especially important for those who for any reason do not eat animal products. Besides, in beans there are PP, C, B vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, carotene, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, pectins, purines, cellulose. Caloric content of beans – 340 kcal on 100 grams.

Зеленые бобы

It is established that beans contain the fibers helping to reduce cholesterol level, and molybdenum thanks to which beans have one more irreplaceable property – they neutralize preservatives which are practically in any product made in industrial conditions now.

Thanks to pectins and cellulose beans remove salts of heavy metals that is vital that who lives in areas with a high radioactive background.

In the therapeutic purposes it is possible to use also seeds of bean. They have the antiinflammatory and knitting effect.

Use of beans

For decrease in level of cholesterol it is enough to eat in day 100-150gr beans. The condition of vessels often improves in 2-3 weeks of the regular use of beans.

It is considered that for maintenance of the health it is desirable for person to eat in a year not less 15-20kg beans.

The boiled and wiped beans help at diarrhea, GIT diseases, strengthen vessels and muscles.

The made stalks and leaves of beans apply at an edema.

Antiinflammatory properties of beans are shown also at their external use. For example, in order that furuncles ripened quicker, the beans boiled in milk put to spots. Also at abscesses the seeds of beans welded in milk help. The beans regenerating properties are shown even in the crushed look: hot bean flour treats inflammations on skin and long not healing wounds.

If on a face there is an irritation, do decoction from flowers of a plant and wipe with it skin. This means well removes an itch from irritation.

The advantage of beans in many respects depends on their preparation. It is impossible to eat the crude and badly boiled thoroughly bean. Therefore it is important to follow some rules:

  • for reduction of duration of cooking it is desirable to wet beans on 4-5ch in cold water. Water for soaking should not be warm, otherwise beans can sour;
  • 3 l of water are the share of 1 kg of beans when cooking. Cook them without salt, at continuous and weak boiling on an extent 1-2ch.;
  • during cooking it is undesirable to add the sauces containing acid, vinegar, it can slow down their razvarivaniye. For the same reason it is impossible to add cold water;
  • it is impossible to add the soda which is allegedly accelerating a razvarivaniye when cooking. It spoils taste of bean and destroys B1 vitamin;
  • for check on readiness through 1-1.5ch it is necessary to try to crush a bean fingers: when it is ready, it easily breaks.

Harm of beans which badly boiled thoroughly that at insufficient thermal treatment in them there are toxic substances which can cause poisoning.

Бобы вареные


Advantage of beans – in the microelements which are contained in them, but at some diseases these components can do much harm. The purine connections which are in beans harm can do at gout, acute nephrite, a circulatory unefficiency in a chronic stage, thrombophlebitis, acute inflammations of intestines, stomach.

With care patients with hepatitis have to use beans, they are not recommended and to those in whom diseases of a pancreas, a gall bladder are found. The suffering meteorism, colitis, frequent locks, it is better to refuse bean in general: they ferment in intestines and can worsen a state at these diseases.

Beans can do harm even to the healthy person if as it was already noticed, they are badly processed. Symptoms of poisoning with beans: a headache, brown color of urine, the turned yellow scleras, vomiting. If the specified symptoms were shown, it is necessary to ask for medical assistance.

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