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Exudative diathesis


Exudative diathesis is a peculiar condition of small children which is characterized by damage of skin and mucous membranes of the child. The most dangerous that diathesis promotes development of allergic reactions of a weak organism, the long course of inflammatory processes, a lymphoid hyperplasia and disturbance of a water salt metabolism.

Symptoms of Exudative diathesis:

Most often diathesis is shown at kids up to two years. Throughout this time 40-60 percent of children have repeating symptoms of exudative diathesis.

However at most of peanuts by the end of the second year "krasnoshchekost" gradually passes, and only at 15-25 percent of children eczema, atonic dermatitis, bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases can develop.
Initial and easy display of diathesis is:

    * the easily arising heat rash;
    * a resistant intertrigo since the first months of life;
    * pallor, xeroderma;
    * exfoliating of an epithelium in language;
    * seborrheal scales on the head
    * reddening and a peeling of skin of cheeks (a milk scab) which directly depends on ambient temperature. Therefore on the street of a cheek especially "redden";
    * "geographical" language.

At more expressed exudative diathesis on a face and a body can appear:

    * melkopapulezny rash;
    * pruritic small knots;
    * cracks;
    * crusts.

Diathesis wavy proceeds. Most often aggravations are connected with disturbance of food, but can be caused also by other diseases (for example dizbakteriozy).

The children suffering from diathesis often have rhinitises (long cold), conjunctivitis, pharyngitises, bronchitis with an obstructive syndrome, does not seldom note an unstable chair. Children with allergic diseases "catch" various viruses quicker.

Diathesis influences not only the state of health of the baby, but also his behavior. The child can become sluggish, uneasy, excessively irritable, the sleep can be interrupted, worsen the general state. The kid can lose weight.

Reasons of Exudative diathesis:

Most of pediatricians agree that the main reason of diathesis – food allergy. That is hypersensitivity to specific food stuffs. At kids of the first year of life food allergy is, as a rule, caused by partial or full intolerance of proteins of cow's milk. Also such products as eggs, a citrus, a wild strawberry, strawberry, bananas, chocolate, fish, semolina and other porridges are capable to cause an allergy. At children who are on breastfeeding cheeks can redden after the use of these products by mother.

At the heavy course of diathesis parents quite often speak: "We do not know, than to feed the child. It has an allergy to everything, even on "bad" water and "dirty" air.

It is long the keeping and irrationally treated exudative diathesis is complicated by inflammatory processes. Quite often these processes promotes emergence of gastroenterological problems: gastritises, cholecystitises, enterit, colitis and secondary allergy.

Treatment of Exudative diathesis:

In treatment the main place is taken by the correct diet. Of course, mother's milk was always and will an optimum product for peanuts of the first year of life. Diathesis at the child on breastfeeding happens extremely seldom, but suddenly it nevertheless appeared, it is possible to recommend early introduction of a vegetable feeding up. If so it happened that mother cannot nurse further, it is necessary to approach the choice of substitutes seriously. As on proteins of cow's milk many kids have an inadequate reaction, it is the best of all to use the dry adapted milk mixes.

At the senior children who eat more "adult" food the diet assumes a complete elimination of a "guilty" product from a diet of the kid. In order that to find it parents need to create the food diary, where to bring everything that the child eats and in what quantities. Mother needs to pay special attention to the products introduced in a diet of the kid for the first time. Therefore a new product, whether it be apple juice or banal semolina porridge, it is necessary to give in small amounts to check reaction of an organism.

At skin manifestations to kids appoint topical treatment: lotions from broths of tannic herbs. It is also possible to allow to drink collecting officinal herbs. Also medical bathtubs are useful to the baby (from herbs, starch or bran). For processing of the reddened skin special ointments and creams are used.

At diathesis to small children appoint antihistaminic drugs, enzymes, gepatoprotektor etc.

In the future to reduce risk of developing of diathesis at the baby, even during pregnancy it is necessary to exclude contact of mother with all possible allergens: food, household etc.;

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Exudative diathesis:

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