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The erosion is interdigital


One of types of the fungal infection localized in interdigital area.

Reasons of an interdigital erosion:

Activators — most often drozhzhepodobny fungi from the sort Candida, are more rare red эпидермофитон and plaster трихофитон. The large role is played: frequent maceration of skin (at house hovyaek, laundresses), an injury, work with fruit, vegetables, and also the products of their processing representing favorable circumstances for development and reproduction of drozhzhepodobny fungi; narrowness of interdigital intervals, metabolism diseases — obesity, diabetes.

Symptoms of an interdigital erosion:

Superficial erosion meat - red color with sharp borders and the hanging peripheral rim of matseriro-bathing epidermis. Localization on transitional folds in interdigital intervals of hands, is more rare than legs, most often in the third and fourth interdigital intervals. All interdigital folds can be standing struck. Subjectively itch.

The current is usually chronic, recurrent.

Эрозия межпальцевая

The erosion is interdigital

Treatment of an interdigital erosion:

Elimination of the external contributing factors. Treatment of a basic disease (exchange disturbances). Locally — imposing (sometimes repeated) a compresseal bandage from 10% of pirogal-lovy ointment or salicylic and milk ointment for 48 hours (a cm amotio method. Deprive cutting); at the same time the first line of a palm (or soles), adjacent to an erosion has to be taken. Further greasings of 2% iodic tincture or 2% spirit solution of a metilviolet or gentsianvioleg, diamond greens, a megilenovy blue, malakhitgryun, rubbing in of sulfur-tar and salicylic ointments within 2 — 3 weeks.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Erosion interdigital:

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